Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 910

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The girl was at a loss. “Why don’t I accompany you to the hospital?”

“That’s not necessary, that’s not necessary.” He looked away, blushing. “Just stay away from me.”

“How can that do? Are you having a fever?” She then put her hand on his forehead.

Gu Yimo couldn’t help shivering. He wanted to push her away, but… he couldn’t bear to.

‘She smells so good, and she’s so good-looking…’

He continued to stare at the girl’s face.

“It’s very warm…” The girl frowned. “Are you really having a fever?”

“No,” Gu Yimo blurted out. “My forehead is burning because of you.”

The girl was stunned, and she suddenly blushed.

She retracted her hand and grabbed Gu Yimo’s shirt. “Then… Let’s go to bed…”

Gu Yimo didn’t push her away, as if he had had a hex put on him.

Most importantly, he realized that women weren’t that scary after he got to know them. Besides, the girl in front of him was very kind, and she wouldn’t laugh at him like the girls in school.

He swallowed several times, feeling a sense of pride.

It was just sleeping with a woman! What was there to be afraid of?

If he backed down tonight, he would definitely be laughed at by Ji Shiting and Qiao Yanze tomorrow! It wasn’t like he couldn’t do it!

He nodded firmly.

The girl smiled shyly, dragged him to the bed and lay down.

Gu Yimo took a deep breath, plucked up his courage, climbed onto the bed and bent down.

The girl’s almond-shaped eyes were still filled with shyness and anxiety. Her lips were like petals, and Gu Yimo’s mind suddenly went blank, as if she couldn’t figure out why a beautiful girl was lying under her.

This was the plot from the movies he usually watched.

The girl couldn’t help smiling upon seeing his dazed expression.

Her mother was seriously ill, and she couldn’t raise enough money for the medical fees. She had chosen to sell her body, but she hadn’t expected to be so lucky to meet such a guest.

Not only was she not afraid of him, but she also felt that he was a bit cute. In fact, what was about to happen made her feel more shy than afraid.

She raised her arms, hugged him carefully and kissed the corner of his lips.

Gu Yimo shuddered and his eyes widened.

The girl suddenly felt embarrassed and turned her face away. However, Gu Yimo suddenly grabbed her face and kissed it hard. Then, he kissed her continuously as if he had been bewitched. In the end, he was panting and blushing.

The girl shivered from his kiss. She closed her eyes, blushed, and let him do whatever he wanted. Soon, she felt her clothes being lifted, and the man kissed her chest roughly. His breathing became heavier. Just as the girl thought he was about to take the final step, he shivered and leaned against her body, panting.

The girl opened her eyes in surprise and met the man’s eyes.

“I… I…” Gu Yimo blushed. Seeing the girl’s shocked gaze, he suddenly got up from her. “I’ll sleep on the sofa!”

“Mr. Gu!” The girl sounded aggrieved and confused.

However, Gu Yimo ran even faster and almost fled in a panic.

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