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Chapter 933 Virtual Spirit Stone Carving

The color distribution of the house was not very uniform.

In other words, those who obtained the white key and the Bronze Key only had one choice.

Those who obtained the Silver Key had two choices.

Those who obtained the first place had six choices.

Jiang Feng lowered his head and looked at the golden key in his hand. On the key, there was a time: 30 days!

In other words, he had one month to comprehend.

“Kid, you’ve made a fortune this time. You’ve comprehended twice as much time as me.”

Standing beside Jiang Feng, Su Yuheng glanced at the time on the golden key in Jiang Feng’s hand and said with a smile.

Jiang Feng glanced at Su Yuheng’s comprehension time. It was only 15 days.

In that case, the bronze key should be seven or eight days, and the white key should be even less. He had indeed made a fortune.

“Thank you for giving up your seat, senior,”Jiang Feng replied politely.

“Alright, time is of the essence. I’m going to see if there’s any difference between these two rooms.”

As Su Yuheng spoke, he walked into a silver room, opened the door, and began to check the situation inside.

The others also entered their own rooms and began to comprehend the ancient secret technique.

However, Jiang Feng was not in a hurry. He waited outside for Su Yuheng.

Now, he was alone. After Su Yuheng came out, he could ask Su Yuheng some questions.

The reason why he was sure that Su Yuheng would come out was because the other party would definitely check what was in the other room and choose between the two.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Su Yuheng walked out from inside.

“Senior, What’s the situation inside?”Jiang Feng walked up and asked.



Su Yuheng saw that Jiang Feng was still there and raised his eyebrows. He roughly understood why Jiang Feng was waiting for him here. “The one I entered just now was the black devil stone inscription, but only the content of the first stage of comprehension.”

Black Devil Stone inscription?

Thinking about it, he felt relieved. The black devil stone inscription had already appeared once, so it was not a big deal to take it out for everyone to comprehend.

If his guess was correct, the other people would probably see the contents of the black devil stone inscription as well.

Of course, only he, Su Yuheng, and the other person who had also obtained the Silver Key had the right to choose. No one else had the right to choose.

Su Yuheng and the other person had entered together. The other person was from the Black Devil clan, so naturally, he would choose to study the black devil stone inscription inside.

He probably couldn’t even be bothered to look at the second room.

In other words, he and Su Yuheng were the only ones who might be able to see other ancient secret techniques.

“Senior, I have something to ask you. What do you mean by those Old Fellows?”Jiang Feng asked.

“Oh, you mean the strongest group of people from the nine great races.”

“Why didn’t they appear this time?”

“Based on the cautiousness I got, the Heaven’s legacy system must have controlled them.”

After communicating with Su Yuheng, he finally understood.

The strength of those old fellows were probably all extraordinary. The Heaven’s legacy system must have used some means to restrain them to prevent them from participating in battles or other disputes.

It was likely that when the players and aboriginals grew up and were able to fight against them, the Heaven’s legacy system would not continue to pin them down and hand them over to the players to deal with.

After chatting for a few more minutes, the two of them chose to enter their rooms to comprehend. After all, time was of the essence, and they could not waste it.

Jiang Feng walked into the first golden room.

After opening the door, a huge stone tablet appeared before his eyes. The stone tablet was not complete, because the other parts were outside the room and could not be seen.

“The first stage of the profound devil stone carving?”

Looking at the stone tablet’s attributes, what made him speechless was that it was actually the first stage of the profound devil stone carving.

He had already comprehended more than thirty of the one hundred runes on the first stage. There were still sixty or so left. He estimated that he could still comprehend one more move.

He did not choose to start comprehending. Instead, he left the room and walked into the second room.

After leaving the first room, the first room was automatically locked.

He came to the second room, took out the key, and opened the door to enter.

“The second stage of the profound devil stone inscription. I’ll go.”

Glancing at the stone tablet in the second room, Jiang Feng was speechless and immediately left.

He had not finished comprehending the first stage, and there was no way to comprehend the second stage.

He just wanted to see if there were other ancient secret arts, and how powerful they would be if he comprehended them?

After leaving the second room, he walked toward the third room.

After a while, he walked out of the third room, because the third room was the third stage of the profound devil stone inscription.

He sighed and entered the fourth room.

The fourth room was the fourth stage of the Black Devil Stone inscription.

The fifth room was the fifth stage of the Black Devil Stone inscription.

In other words, he had six rooms, and the five rooms added together were the complete black devil stone inscription ancient secret technique.

“Ma Dan, I don’t believe that the sixth room is still the black devil stone inscription.”

Somewhat speechless, Jiang Feng opened the sixth room and walked in.

The sixth room was also a stone tablet, but this stone tablet was different from the profound devil stone inscription.

The profound devil stone inscription was black, and the runes on it were purplish black.

This stone tablet was white, and the stone tablet was emitting a faint white light, and white runes were jumping on it.

In other words, this was a stone tablet that was completely different from the profound devil stone inscription, and the ancient secret arts on it were definitely different.

Curious, he took a look at the stone tablet’s attributes.

( void spirit stone tablet ] : one of the ten great ancient secret arts

Description: unknown stone tablet. There are records of supreme abilities on it. Those who do not have the ability to comprehend are not allowed to comprehend it! By comprehending the basics, one would be able to possess a great divine ability that could penetrate the heavens and earth!

Just like the profound devil stone tablet, there was no information about its attributes.

Curious, he sat cross-legged in front of the stone tablet and looked at the white runes.


In the next moment, half of the runes surged into his head. His head rumbled, and waves of piercing pain came from it.

He hurriedly took out several comprehension pills and consumed them. Only then did the piercing pain become much weaker, and a small golden person appeared before his eyes.

The small golden person sat cross-legged in front of him and formed a seal with both hands. True energy followed the seal and began to shuttle between his hands before entering his body, following a mysterious route.

Not long after, the Golden Imp suddenly opened its eyes. In the next moment, a scene that shocked Jiang Feng appeared.

He saw another golden imp appear on the Golden Imp’s body.

The Golden Imp that appeared was somewhat illusory, as if it was a clone.

Then, the two Golden Imps fought each other. They used the Xingyi fist. Their moves were exactly the same, and their strengths were equally matched.

“Could it be that this stone tablet is imparting the art of cloning? Or is it a secret art that allows a clone to produce a clone of the same strength? If this is successfully cultivated, it would be too abnormal.”

Jiang Feng thought in shock when he saw this scene.

Right now, he could barely defeat a divine soul realm pinnacle expert with the help of the profound devil fist and the rich Zhenqi in his body. If he could comprehend the void spirit stone tablet, his clone would produce a clone with the exact same strength as him.., by then, he wouldn’t have to put in so much effort to deal with a Divine Soul Realm Pinnacle Expert. On the contrary, it would be much easier.

At the thought of this, he became excited and began to comprehend it wholeheartedly. [ PS: Some people say that the update is too slow, and it is indeed very slow. Xiao Ye only wanted to say that it’s not that Xiao Ye doesn’t want to update, but after writing until now, he started to fill in the holes. He really didn’t know how to start, and all of Kavanka’s hair fell out. In order to make up for everyone, he casually wrote a new book with an account called ‘I am a sword in online games’. The new book was still a whimsical one, and Xiao Ye’s style was mainly for everyone to read when they were having fun. At the same time when writing a new book will think a lot, can help saya open some ideas, fill this hole, hope to understand, Saya Sorry Everyone

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