My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 581

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The giant black palm covered the sky, and an indescribable pressure enveloped all the Transcendents within a radius of dozens of kilometers.

As if the pause button had been pressed, the space under the giant black palm was like solidified amber. Everyone widened their eyes, unable to struggle.

Tang Yu was the first to bear the brunt of the attack. The pressure… Compared to when he was in the old capital, he could feel the power of a saint from far away. It was countless times stronger.

He also found it difficult to move, and the circulation of his Origin Energy became sluggish, moving bit by bit like a snail.

The shadow shrouded him and gradually spread to the floating island behind him.

The majestic floating island was like a small toy under the black palm. When the giant palm fell, no one doubted whether the floating island would be smashed into pieces.

Hu —

Hu —

A talisman stone that contained a Saint Tier attack was a one-time use item. It was different from a Saint Tier item. After activating it, Moke did not have the power to control it.

The giant palm moved down in a straight line, sweeping away all obstacles in its path.

Its speed was not considered fast.

Compared to him, who was a second stage Transcendent, at least Tang Yu still had the mind to think about other things.

With his speed, it was not difficult for him to escape before the giant palm landed – the premise was that he could move quickly under the pressure of a Saint Rank attack.

It was obviously impossible.

In an instant, he ignited his Origin Energy and increased his speed from a snail to a walking speed. Compared to the Maserati from before, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Unless… he used a Return Scroll, or he used the teleportation permission.

However, behind him was a floating island with millions of people, and it was a foundation that he had built up bit by bit since the apocalypse.

How could he, the Great Lord Tang of Tree Shade, tolerate the abuse of the giant black palm!

Ta ta ta ta –

The giant floating island slowly moved, its speed becoming faster and faster as it moved further away.

However, it was still too late. It was impossible to leave the range of the black palm before it fell.

Tang Yu raised his eyebrows and grabbed at the air with his fingers.


Dark clouds gathered rapidly. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. In an instant, bolts of lightning filled with destructive power fell from the sky.

Lightning bolts flashed on the giant black palm and hundreds of lightning bolts struck the giant palm.

The entire giant black palm seemed to be covered with a layer of lightning net. A moment later, the lightning bolts gradually dissipated and the giant black palm seemed to be in perfect condition.

Moke saw this scene and his laughter became even more arrogant.

He turned around and was about to leave.

From a great advantage, to a slight advantage, and then to a disadvantage…

In a trance, Moke did not quite understand why he had fallen to the point of almost being killed in the blink of an eye.

Although a sage level attack could not be matched, Moke did not expect to turn the tables with this attack.

Just like how many mosquitoes could be killed with a single shot?

Unless the city lord of Tree Shade swore to live and die with the floating island, Moke did not dare to hope that the sage could kill Tang Yu with a single strike. Since the beginning of the war, there had been endless accidents. He had lost confidence in himself.

Moke slapped out with his palm. Puppet Guard Number Two’s chest armor caved in, and his entire body flew several thousand meters backwards.

He took the opportunity to charge out of the encirclement. He raised his head to look at the floating airship fleet. After a slight hesitation, he did not make a move and instead hatefully fled into the distance.

His speed was more or less affected by the pressure of a saint rank. After flying for a few kilometers, he suddenly discovered that Genesis Qi was gathering crazily like a sluice.

Almost tangible Genesis Qi formed colorful clouds visible to the naked eye.

The earth, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, clouds everything in the surroundings seemed to come alive in an instant.

Moke could not help but turn his head to look, his eyes wide open.

“How is this possible…”

Tree Shade, Isle of Sky.

Since noon, the rumbling sound of thunder had never stopped.

The sky was sometimes dark and sometimes bright. This was the first time that a terrifying world-class demonic beast had appeared in the eyes of ordinary people.

From the peak of the awakened realm to the ordinary survivors, dark clouds had always been shrouding their hearts.

They could not see clearly the dazzling battle of the Transcendent realm.

They could only see a world-shaking explosion like a world-destroying disaster, a flash of a great sun…

After a few minutes, despair was broken again and again, and the light of dawn was about to pierce through the darkness.

But at this time,

A huge palm that covered the sky pressed down.

Despair surged up like a tide again.

Thanks to the “Light Protection” that enveloped the entire floating island and the “World Tree” that was rooted in the back mountain, it weakened a lot of pressure. Although many awakened ones were still in the midst of great horror and could not move, at least they did not faint from the shock.

However, in the face of this apocalyptic disaster, the big shots in the eyes of ordinary people, those who had awakened high level and even those who had awakened to the great circle of awakening, were as powerless as ordinary people.

Dragon Slayer Chen Sheng stood on the roof of a tall building, with more than a dozen high-level adventurers around him.

From Lindong to Tree Shade, from the leader of the mercenary team to the current famous adventurer team leader, and even having the strength of the great circle of awakening, his life was successful.

In Tree Shade, he talked and laughed with other ‘big guys’, and he had seen many of Tree Shade’s higher-ups.

He even talked to Tree Shade’s founder!

However, at this moment, Chen Sheng’s eyes were fixed on the top of his head. He clenched his fists tightly, and his nails sank into his palms. As the dark red blood dripped down, he seemed to have not heard it.

Too weak,

It was too weak!

Tree Shade was in a critical situation, and he could only watch helplessly. He did not even have the qualifications to go to the battlefield!

“You must… defend! Please!”

He slowly raised his hand and placed his right fist on his left shoulder.

Behind him, the higher ups of the adventure group also made the same move with great difficulty.

They were unable to enter the battlefield, so they could only use their own methods and their own beliefs to give such insignificant support.

They were also people of Tree Shade!

Human… Will prevail!

Behind him was a large crowd.

Some people couldn’t withstand the pressure and couldn’t stand steadily. They gritted their teeth to support themselves. Some people were half-kneeling, but they were unwilling to fall. Their heads were still raised as they stared at the giant palm that was getting closer and closer. It was getting bigger and bigger.

“We… will win!”

Sun Yu said with a trembling voice. He suddenly raised his hand and closed his fingers until they reached the sky.

More and more martial arts apprentices and students raised their hands. Those who couldn’t lift their heads had to raise their heads desperately. Their lips were already bleeding.

In the square in front of the adventurers’ guild.

At this time, there was complete silence. All the figures stood straight and looked up at the sky.

On the street,

Inside the house,

On the rooftop,

In the mountain forest,

Standing, kneeling, lying, almost unconscious…

Some people put their hands together, some fingers together, the middle finger of their right hand lightly poking their temples, and some clenched their right hand into a fist and pressed it against their hearts…

Invisible spots of light emerged from everyone.

The unyielding belief and the spirit of not abandoning each other merged into one at this moment.

Humans… Will survive!

In a trance, Tang Yu saw a silver pillar of light shoot into the sky.

He was not alone at the moment!

Behind him stood millions of Tree Shade survivors!

He was… the lord of Tree Shade!

Hum –

The spiritual energy pool burned wildly as the World Tree swayed gently.

It had never been like this before. The gathered spiritual energy, world power, and Genesis Qi were like arms and fingers.

Tang Yu raised his hand and opened his fingers, slowly closing them.

It was as if he was holding the entire world.

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