My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 586

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West Mountain City was tens of kilometers to the west of the Ancient Spirit Capital.

This city was built after the apocalypse. The construction area and the residents were all humans of the Fifth Epoch. The architectural style was different from that of the Imperial Capital. Looking at it, it was a modern building with tall buildings.

It was just that… it seemed a little rough in order to catch up to the work period.

At this time,

West Mountain City was in a state of chaos. Cries of alarm and screams rang out continuously.


There was a loud noise.

A building that was twenty to thirty stories tall suffered a heavy blow and collapsed with a loud bang.

Crushed rocks flew everywhere, falling like rain.

Countless survivors and even more than 90 of the low level Awakened ones were accidentally hit by the falling rocks.

There was no Mana Tide, but more ordinary people were trampled to death, just like the fear when the apocalypse first broke out.

Near the city wall, the two Ancient Spirits were Transcendent, staring at the enemies around them with solemn expressions.

Origin Energy burned, and all sorts of spells were blasted out without regard for their lives.

One of them even had a dozen or so centimeters long wound on his abdomen, and blood flowed down continuously.

Around the two of them, the six foreign races ‘Transcendents laughed loudly. Their casual attacks brought them indescribable pressure.

Gu Yun was the City Lord of West Mountain City, one of the direct descendants of the royal family.

His strength was not weak. He was a Transcendent who had condensed two Origin Energy cores. Even if he were to face two Senior Transcendents, he would not be at a disadvantage for a short period of time.


The other Transcendent of West Mountain City had yet to form his Origin Core. His combat strength was much weaker, and the pressure was almost all on the Ancient Luck. If he was careless, he would have to go meet the Imperial Clan’s ancestor.


From time to time, loud sounds could be heard from afar.

Gu Yun gritted his teeth and forced himself not to pay attention.

Apart from the foreign Transcendents that surrounded them, there were also eight other Transcendents that entered West Mountain City.

The city walls were unable to defend against them, and the city guards could only stall one to three of them with the help of the formation.

As for the other scattered Awakened ones… not to mention holding them back, there were almost none who could barely escape from a Transcendent – there were no non-official experts in a satellite city like West Mountain City.

There was no doubt that the non-humankind Transcendents were wreaking havoc in the distance.

Gu Yun’s eyes turned red.

In a moment of distraction, he was caught by the aliens. A grey light flashed, and a long and narrow wound appeared on his shoulder.

The hand holding the sword couldn’t help but tremble. It was even more suppressed by the foreign races, and it was immediately surrounded by danger.

Pfft –

Gu Yun spat out a mouthful of blood, his aura dispirited.

When he looked at the other West Mountain City Transcendent nearby, his entire body was covered in blood, and he was panting heavily.

A wave of heat spread out.

Gu Yun raised his head, and a huge fireball spun and smashed towards him. Gu Yun, who had just been injured and had been circulating his Origin Energy for too long, had no time to move. He could only watch as the blazing red fireball grew larger and larger in his eyes.

Xiu –

A cold light shot out from the horizon and struck the huge fireball.

It was like a needle piercing into a balloon. With a boom, a blazing red fireball exploded. The heat wave swept over, dyeing Gu Yun’s face red.

Gu Yun stared at this scene in a daze.

He was somewhat unable to react.

The foreign Transcendent who had sent out this attack in the sky was also stunned for a moment. Then, his expression changed as he looked around vigilantly.

At this time,

A cold light flashed in Gu Yun’s eyes.

He couldn’t see clearly, but he saw the alien Transcendents who had just forced him into a desperate situation. Their bodies were like broken porcelain, shattering into countless stars.

Dead, dead?

Before Tang Yu could reach West Mountain City, he heard a loud explosion from afar and saw tall buildings fall.

Two sword beams shot out from a distance of more than ten kilometers. They finally approached West Mountain City.

Inside the city,


A veteran Transcendent of the alien race suddenly raised his palms up. The earth seemed to rise up and split open. A huge earth dragon emerged from the ground, and the buildings that it passed collapsed and dust filled the air.

Another alien Transcendent stood high in the sky of West Mountain City, dragging a round ball that emitted a blood-red light. Below, countless survivors who were fleeing suddenly turned red. Some pounced on others, while others stabbed into their companions’ hearts.

The central city of West Mountain City, which had not yet been affected by a large area, immediately became chaotic.

In the distance, the Ancient Spirit Emperor saw this scene and his eyes immediately turned red.

The loss this time was much more serious than the previous harassment of the foreign races.

“Damn it!”

He stared at the senior Transcendent who released the illusion to disturb his mind. A divine weapon longbow appeared in his hand. He pulled the bowstring back and released the aura of a Transcendent level two.

At the same time,

Because of the two sword energies in the air, more than a dozen foreign Transcendents who attacked West Mountain City knew that human reinforcements had arrived. They immediately gave up on the two injured Ancient Spirits and fled in all directions.

More than ten streaks of light flew out from all directions.

The arrows condensed by the Ancient Heavenly Venerate also flew out.


He trembled violently. His old face was twisted together, and his dispirited aura seemed very unstable. He almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

In Tang Yu’s sight, the arrow instantly appeared in front of the escaping Transcendent. It should have been an arrow that could kill the foreign race directly, but it seemed that because the Ancient Spirit Emperor flashed to his waist, only a small part of his body was blown up. The foreign race who was spitting blood still flew away desperately.

The operation was as fierce as a tiger. Tang Yu also wanted to see the Ancient Spirit Emperor’s normal combat strength. He also wondered if he could let the Ancient Spirit Emperor use a holy artifact to shoot a few more times at the world-class demonic beast.

Looking at it now, um…

Tang Yu decisively extinguished his thoughts.

Gu Tianzun was extremely embarrassed. He wanted to shoot another arrow, but he found that the chaotic aura had greatly affected his performance. In the blink of an eye, those foreign Transcendents were about to escape to the horizon.

Even if he was a Second Order, how many could he chase?

He could only look at the city lord of Tree Shade.

Tang Yu felt a chill run down his spine. He was already a few hundred years old. He quickly waved his hand. “Don’t leave a single one alive. Kill them all… No, capture them all.”

Needless to say, Kong and Hui Ren had already caught up to him.

Zhu Shu Li flew to the center of West Mountain City. He waved his little hand, and an invisible power sprinkled down, removing the illusion power that enveloped the survivors.

Nearly twenty of Tree Shade’s experienced Transcendents and two Second Grade Transcendents attacked. In just a few minutes, all of the fleeing foreign races were captured.

Some were alive, some were just corpses.

“A total of fourteen Transcendents from six different foreign races. This guy should be the leader.”

Hui Ren threw away the foreign races that were covered in blood and had their limbs cut off. Their Origin Energy was also sealed.

Tang Yu looked at it. Wasn’t this Transcendent who had been shot by the Ancient Spirit Sovereign and had successfully lived?

“It’s just a second-core and third-core Senior Transcendent.”

Tang Yu frowned.

Not to mention the Devil Race Envoy, there were no traces of the other two second-tier Transcendents.

He called Zhu Shu Li over to cast an illusion and invade the minds of the foreign races, but he did not get any effective information.

There was only one thing – the higher-ups ordered them to harass the Ancient Spirit, and they even abandoned the original strongholds of the various races.

Tang Yu was very helpless. He looked at the sisters Xingling and Xingyue. “Can you find out the other foreign Transcendents that they have been in contact with based on these people?”

“I have been in contact within a day, but… if there is any interference, it is uncertain.”

“Alright, go ahead and cast your spells. If there are any clues, let Kong and Hui Ren lead the team to clear it out.”

Tang Yu ordered, but he didn’t have much hope.

Not to mention anything else, if it was just a Rank 1 Transcendent Xingling and Xingyue, if the target of divination was a Rank 2 Devil Race, it wouldn’t be able to obtain much valuable information.

Gu TIanzun clearly understood this, and he was very sad.

He looked at City Lord Tree Shade and opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything. He knew that it was impossible for Tree Shade and the other Transcendents to stay.

Once City Lord Tang and the others left, even if they asked for help, it would still take some time to get to Ancient Spirit from Tree Shade.

That way, it would be too late.

Gu Tianzun frowned as he thought about it. Then, he heard Tang Yu say,

“How about we build a teleportation formation in Ancient Spirit Empire?”

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