When Xiong Tianba summoned his true body, he grew to become the size of a mountain, and his rod grew along with him.

“Don’t think that your dragon pressure can subdue me. Having awakened my manifestation, heaven and earth support me! Some insignificant dragon pressure is nothing in front of me. You can die now!” Xiong Tianba’s rod caused the void to explode even before it reached its target. This was his power after being fully supported by the Heavenly Daos.

“You want to kill me? You’ll never be able to achieve that goal in your lifetime.” Long Chen was fearless. His blood was heating up. It had been a long time since he had encountered such immense power.

Evilmoon transformed into a black crescent moon that crashed into Xiong Tianba’s rod. A huge ripple that flattened the surrounding mountains spread.

The experts watching were still blown back despite being so far and activating their defenses. Some people even almost died from the impact.

Evilmoon and the rod shook in the sky. These two powerful divine items were unleashing apocalyptic power. Earthen runes appeared on Xiong Tianba’s rod as he attempted to use brute power to suppress Long Chen.

However, Evilmoon didn’t budge. It was like an immovable boulder. No matter how Xiong Tianba tried, he was unable to shake it. More qi waves surged out, like a tsunami destroying everything around.

“This is your so-called unrivaled power? It seems it’s not as great as you made it out to be,” sneered Long Chen.

Even having awakened his manifestation and merging his Heavenly Dao energy with his world energy, Xiong Tianba was unable to suppress Long Chen. In his bear form, Xiong Tianba’s expression wasn’t so easy to read, but it seemed to be shocked and angry.

With a roar, Xiong Tianba actually began to ignite his essence blood, and a powerful force surged out. Long Chen and Xiong Tianba were both knocked back by each other’s power. Long Chen’s body shook, and a trace of blood flowed out of his mouth.

With the sacrificial move of igniting his essence blood, Xiong Tianba’s power had suddenly doubled. That was a frightening move.

“Long Chen, die!”

Igniting his essence blood was self-mutilation, but the power he obtained with it was immense. The only drawback was that he couldn’t maintain this state for long. He needed to quickly finish this battle before he lost too much of his essence blood.

“If an idiot like you is still living, how could I die?” Long Chen raised Evilmoon. A giant saber-image tore into the sky. “Split the Heavens 7!”

A black crescent moon slashed down, splitting the sky in two.

“Earth Devours the Cosmos!” Xiong Tianba immediately sensed how terrifying this move was. The ground suddenly shook and it turned golden. Ten thousand runes appeared on it.

At the same time, Xiong Tianba’s manifestation also became golden. Endless runes surged toward Xiong Tianba. His rod absorbed all those runes and transformed into a heaven-propping pillar that met Long Chen’s saber.


Golden light mixed with black mist filled the world. In that instant, people felt like time had stopped. Even their souls became blank.

By the time they recovered, they were flying through the air, pain wracking their bodies. The collision of those two attacks had almost blown them to bits.

Black and yellow light filled the world. That light was crushing them painfully. Fortunately, they were far enough away and strong enough to survive.

When the light finally faded, they saw that Long Chen’s chest was bloody, and there was blood leaking out of his mouth. He had clearly been injured. Despite that, his expression was still calm, and he had Evilmoon resting on his shoulder.

On the opposite side was Xiong Tianba. Half his body was soaked in blood, and one of his arms had vanished.

Even though he was in his bear form, he still had hands as it was easier to use weapons. But now, one of those arms was gone, while his other arm was drooping. His rod was stuck in the earth far away.

The current Xiong Tianba was appalled. He had not expected Long Chen to be even more terrifying than the legends said. Even though he had fully awakened his manifestation, he still wasn’t a match for Long Chen. Furthermore, it was a complete defeat. There had been no tricks. His defeat could not be more clear.

“So this is your unrivaled power? Were you playing with me? If True Immortal Jiaoqi hadn’t died, and his manifestation had awakened, he would be able to crush you with a single hand. But even True Immortal Jiaoqi wasn’t qualified to challenge me, yet you blindly charged toward me. Are you an ape?” sneered Long Chen.

When it came to pure power, Xiong Tianba was a far cry from True Immortal Jiaoqi. Furthermore, because he was a Xuan Beast, his control over techniques was lacking. It wasn’t that the power of the earth wasn’t strong, but that Xiong Tianba wasn’t able to use it properly.

After mocking the human race all day, he didn’t deign to learn the human race’s magical arts or techniques for controlling energy. In Long Chen’s eyes, Xiong Tianba was inferior to even True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“Bastard, try taking another one of my attacks!” Xiong Tianba roared, and his arm instantly grew back. Clapping his hands, his rod flew back toward him.

However, before his rod could even reach him, Evilmoon appeared right in front of him. Its sharp point was about to press into his head before Xiong Tianba even reacted.

However, a sharp Sword Qi suddenly shot, striking Long Chen’s saber. Leng Wufeng was actually interfering and saving Xiong TIanba.

“Another awakened manifestation.”

Leng Wufeng’s manifestation was active. It formed a ring of swords that was constantly revolving.

“Long Chen, your life is mine!” Leng Wufeng crossed his hands, and the ring of swords behind him instantly exploded, transforming into millions of flying swords that shot toward Long Chen.

Each one of those swords was incredibly sharp and capable of slaying Netherpassage experts. With millions of them shooting toward him, even Long Chen’s expression changed.

Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he instantly reappeared many miles away, dodging that attack.

“Too immature!” Leng Wufeng sneered, and his hand seals changed. Where the ring of swords behind him had been, a sea of swords appeared, surging out in an even greater number.

Those flying swords were blessed by the Heavenly Daos, making them even sharper. Long Chen was instantly surrounded by the sea of swords. Even from a great distance, people’s hearts shook upon seeing those swords. Their sharpness was incredible.

Leng Wufeng was intent on killing Long Chen in one blow and wresting away the title of the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one junior expert. “Long Chen, weren’t you looking down on me? Today, I’ll show you my Blood Spirit Sword Sect’s peak technique. These spirit swords were nourished by my Spirit blood, and it took almost all the Blood Spirit Sword Sect’s resources to condense so many of them. Now they’re even blessed by the Heavenly Daos. Let’s see just how long you can endure-!”


The sea of swords exploded. Long Chen’s lightning swings blew it apart. “You want to know how long I can last? I can tell you. With your level of power, I can last until next year.”

Strands of lightning came from Long Chen’s wings, protecting him. The swords were unable to pierce through his defenses.

“How is this possible?!” Leng Wufeng couldn’t believe it. These spirit swords were blessed by the Heavenly Daos. They possessed a great destructive power toward any technique in this world.

However, Long Chen was taking them seemingly effortlessly. How could Leng Wufeng not be shocked?

What he didn’t know was that Long Chen’s lightning had been transformed by the dragonization tribulation, and it could be said to be outside the Heavenly Daos. Those spirit swords might be terrifying against others, but if he wished to use them to kill Long Chen, then he was naive.

Nevertheless, Long Chen hadn’t been planning on exposing his new lightning so that others thought that his lightning was still at the previous level.

“I’ve experienced your technique. Now have a taste of mine!”

The lightning around Long Chen suddenly grew explosively. His lightning wings spread out, growing larger and larger before suddenly slashing down.

“Sundering Lightning Heavenly Wings!”

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