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597 – Meteor Stamp Hunting
I turn away from the two death carriers stretching their heads out at me, and ascend higher.


Extending their necks out, the death carriers give chase.

『Master-dono, are we escaping?』

The treant questions with a hint of disbelief.

『What are you saying. This is for your sake, you know.』


He tilts his head and stares at me intently. Then, his body starts quivering. He’s apparently used [Telepathy] to read my intentions.

『That’s right, we need to get higher to increase [Meteor Stamp]’s firepower.』

『Ah… yes.』

Treant responds in apparent resignation. I ascend until I’m just shy of breaking through the canopy of giant trees. The death carriers are only seven metres long at best, so they can’t chase me this far. They glare up at us from below.

『Go! Treant!』


Jumping off, he dispels his [Tree Spiritisation], returning to his tyrant guardian form as he falls. His body then erupts in flames with [Fire Sphere], and hardens into metal with [Statue].

Having become a giant plummeting mass of burning metal, he falls towards the death carriers. They stare upwards at him with slack-jawed expressions, clearly shocked by this sudden turn of events. Well, anyone would react like that if something like that suddenly fell from above.

A loud thump resounds. It’s the sound of the treant smashing into the surface of the swamp and the head of one death carrier. [Meteor Stamp] has exploded beautifully. The swamp mud is sent skywards in a column of spray.

The death carrier that took the direct hit falls over limply. It floats sideways in the swamp, its tongue dangling out loosely. It doesn’t look like it was a fatal hit, but most of its HP has been cut down.

The remaining death carrier stares blankly, its mind unable to process what just happened.

For all that [Meteor Stamp] is troublesome to set up and limited in its usability, it’s truly a strong skill. It seems like the base damage will be boosted if I drop the treant from higher up, too. It’s telling that the treant can more or less one-shot a higher ranked death carrier.

『Ah, master-donoo!』

While I’m lost in thought admiring the results, I hear the treant’s anguished cry from below. G-get a hold of yourself, he’s buried in the swamp right now.

The treant floats upwards. He’s become smaller again through the use of [Tree Spiritisation].

From the swampland, another three death carriers peek their heads out, apparently wondering what the sound was. The four death carriers immediately spot the treant, and glare angrily at him together.


He sends out [Telepathy] more desperately than ever before. I hurriedly descend towards the swampland. He’ll end up being eaten at this rate.

“[Darkness Kaleidoscope]!”

On my back, Aro is enveloped in black light. Her silhouette becomes blurry and breaks apart into three separate figures.


The three Aros fire off [Gale] at the same time. Mixing together, the three tornadoes become a giant storm that lays waste to the swampland.

Muddy water flies about. The death carriers’ bodies are thrown up by the violent winds.

『Nice one, Aro!』

I’ll use this chance to recover the treant! I swoop down and hover just above the swamp, catching him with my foreleg and then taking to the air once more.

『Treant! You did some serious damage!』

The death carriers’ defence and maximum HP aren’t that high. Treant’s [Meteor Stamp] is able to deal quite a serious injury to them in one hit. With this we should be able to raise his level smoothly.

『A-am I finally able to evolve, too…?』

『…I don’t know about that but, hmm, we should be able to level you up!』

…Raising levels becomes really tough all of a sudden as one approaches the maximum level. It’s doubtful if I can bring the treant, who’s already struggling in the middle levels, instantly to maximum level with this encounter. I mustn’t get his hopes up high unnecessarily.

『I-is that so… I wonder if I’ll be able to surpass atlach-dono and Aro-dono after I evolve…?』

『…Were you actually having such ambitions all this time?』

W-well, it’s not that I don’t understand how he feels. The atlach-nacha and Aro are both good at dealing with various things. Atlach readily settled on A- rank, and Aro leveraged her ability to take on upper ranks, becoming A+ herself. Compared to them, the treant is always slightly behind.

I look to my back. Aro is gazing intently at the treant.

『That said, I wonder where the one I did serious damage to earlier is at? I want to finish it off before it can heal itself. In addition, it appears that I’ll get allotted much experience if I land the finishing blow.』

He twists his body, checking over in the swamp’s direction. When we fought the kesaran-pasarans earlier, he did indeed use [Heat Ray] to finish off the one that Aro had weakened. It seems like he got a taste for it from there.


Aro speaks up inadvertently.

『What is it, Aro… ah.』

I notice it as well. The death carrier that the treant weakened was caught in the triple [Gale] from [Darkness Kaleidoscope] and died straight away. Or so it seems. Part of its head is floating above the swamp’s surface, but it’s clearly already devoid of life.

“I-I’m sorry, treant-san… I really didn’t do it on purpose,”
“T-that’s right! There’s no way I’d aim for that! It was far away, and I wasn’t able to adjust my aim that finely, so…”

Two of the Aros apologise to him.

“Umm… Is it bad if we hit? I thought it’d be better to defeat it for good… I-it’s no good?”

One of the Aros accidentally lets such a thing slip. The other two stare icily at her.

The one who made the gaffe is seized by the remaining two, returning to black light and going back into Aro’s main body… The clones of [Dark Kaleidoscope], do they think slightly differently from her?

“S-sorry, treant-san.”

The remaining two Aros apologise repeatedly.

『Ah, master-dono! One more time, please drop me one more time! I’ll show you that I’ll take them out in one shot this time!』

…You don’t have to rush, though.


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