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Satsuki’s Morning

One early morning in the Galarc Castle, shortly after Rio was bestowed his mansion by King Francois...


Kisaragi Satsuki was sleeping soundly in a bedroom on the second floor of the mansion. When she suddenly opened her eyes, she was met with the sight of an unfamiliar ceiling.


She questioned her whereabouts for a second.

Oh, that’s right. I stayed over at Haruto’s mansion yesterday.

She sleepily recalled the reason why she was here.

“Ah... Mmm!”

She let out a cute and unguarded yawn, then sat up and stretched to relax her body.


Satsuki was a morning person. She felt no need to go back to sleep, so she got out of bed and headed for the closet. Once she changed, she left her room and headed for the staircase to the first floor, but...

Hmm... Did I get up too early?

The mansion was completely silent. The lights were on in the corridor, but the living room and kitchen were still dark.

I said I’d train in the morning, and I’ve already changed... Whatever, I’ll just head outside and warm up first.

Waiting patiently in the bedroom or living room for someone to get up wasn’t in her nature. Satsuki headed for the living room window that faced the garden.


The window was unlocked. Someone must have forgotten to lock it.

It’s Haruto.

Rio could be seen swinging his sword in the garden.

It doesn’t seem like anyone else is up yet.

Which meant Satsuki was the second one up. She could head outside to talk to him, but—

His movements are always so clean...

Satsuki stopped to watch Rio. Rio was currently using the wind to move, without applying any of his own muscle strength. That’s why his movements were irregular but efficient. There was barely any waste in his actions, making it impossible to predict how he would move next. Such movements were so beautiful, she couldn’t help but keep watching.

After a while, Satsuki returned to her senses and started wondering if there was anything she could gain from watching him. She began observing him closely.

It’s kind of like I’m observing someone at morning practice in a sports club.

She suddenly thought to herself. It was both a new and nostalgic thought, which made her let out a giggle.

“Satsuki?” Rio had come over to the window while she was lost in her thoughts, calling out to her.


“I could see you in the window... Good morning.”

Satsuki twitched. “Morning. You always appear out of nowhere...”

“I’m sorry if I scared you,” Rio said apologetically.

“No, it’s fine. I think I’ll join you. Oh, but I have to warm up first. Haruto, will you help me stretch?”


“Yay. Then let’s start with some stretching.” Satsuki sat down cheerfully and bent forward.

Thus, Rio and Satsuki spent their morning alone until the others woke up. The first to come across them was Latifa, who made a huge fuss over it, but that’s another story for another day.

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