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Bonus Short Stories

Not My Problem

Inglis and her friends relaxed in the girls’ baths at the knights’ academy, soaking in the tub before they’d depart for Highland the next day.

“Ahh, tomorrow’s the day. I wonder what Highland’s like?” Rafinha asked.

“Less what it’s like generally, and more specifically what the cuisine is like, surely?” Liselotte asked.

Inglis nodded in agreement. “Got it in one.”

“C’mon, Chris, aren’t you wondering that too?”

“For me, it’s not just the food—I’m also looking forward to what kind of destructive weaponry they might have.” Inglis’s eyes gleamed as her fists clenched.

“That’s nothing to puff yourself up over.”

“Ha ha ha...” Leone chuckled wryly. Rin was perched in her chest, a position she took for granted. With Inglis’s body still that of a child, Leone alone was left to deal with Rin’s claiming of territory. That was one of the advantages Inglis had from her transformation. It was a bit worrisome, though, that only Rafinha had changed back. Inglis wondered whether it was possible she could receive an examination in Highland.

A new voice cut in. “You’re not going there on vacation. You’d better brace yourselves. Perhaps turning in early for the night would be for the best.”


Eris was staying at the knights’ academy that day along with Ripple, who would be seeing Eris off the next day. They, along with Arles, had arrived to bathe.

“Hey there! Inglis, did you already wash your hair? If not, I can get it for you.”

“Ah, Ripple! I want to wash it too!” Arles protested. She was extremely fond of the young Inglis and took every opportunity she could to be with her.

“You two might be taking this too casually too,” Eris muttered.

“Hey, you’re the one who walked right in and sat down next to her!” Ripple said.

“Th-There’s nothing wrong with that! It was just where there was an open spot!”

Eris, as strict as she normally was, loved kids. Inglis remembered the smile on Eris’s face when she’d hugged her and Rafinha during her visit to Ymir recently. “Would you come here?”


Inglis had lived as a girl of the Eucus family for a while now. Being hugged in public by Eris as a child wasn’t something particularly odd for her, but sitting on her lap in the bath made her feel tense—and honestly a bit guilty too. After all, there was her past life to consider. Eris would be embracing her in the nude. And the soft mounds Inglis felt poking her in the back were surprisingly voluminous compared to her mental image of Eris. They were comparable to her normal form, or Leone.


Rin suddenly leaped from Leone’s chest and darted toward Inglis.

“Eek?! Rin, I don’t have—!” I don’t have breasts now!

Inglis reflexively shrank back, but Rin passed her by and jumped onto Eris’s chest.

“Eeeek?! What are you—stop it! Stop it! Eeep!” Eris shrieked.

“Oh, that’s what Rin wanted...” Inglis mumbled.

“Eris, your clothes make you look so much smaller. Guess she’s found a good new home,” Rafinha said.

“This is awful!”

“We’re gonna lose this if we manage to help Rin return back to her original form in Highland... It’ll feel kind of lonely in a way.” Leone, freed of her burden, had room to turn introspective.

“Oh? If you want help with that, I’m here for you!” Rafinha grabbed Leone’s chest from behind.

“Eeek! I never said that!”

After a moment of pause, Inglis gave a quiet murmur. “Not my problem.”

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