The World of the Pirate Consort


She is daughter of a marquis. People only know she is timid and cowardly, yet they don´t know that imperial capital´s famous and awing the world´s “slender gentleman“ is her.

Promised 10 years marriage and painstakingly waited 4 years´ groom, one morning returned to imperial court while holding another woman. In a single evening, from primary spouse she was demoted to secondary spouse.

For love, she supports and assists him. Together they share trials and tribulations., flying side by side. Who would expect all he did was for another woman.

He was born in the top of power, yet he grew up inside the darkness, enduring among conspiracies. Maturing from a weak youngster to a war-god.

For the woman he has once loved, he met her on the battlefield [1]. Every move fierce. He helplessly watched her ripping apart her sleeve, falling into bottomless cliff with a smile….he hurt to the core. After this imperial ancestral temple and jiang hu, sky and sea, are we never to meet?

Coming out of prince´s manor, visiting vast sea, walking on the grassland, maritime power struggle.

The world in chaos, love in troubled times. Palace, jiang hu, power, mutiny, naval battle, four years of silent endurance. She, commanding thousands of pirates, returned, swirling imperial court and jiang hu.

Only, you have once said you have been waiting for a person – a person who you admire, who you adore, a woman who could stand side by side with you.

Now, have you ever regretted?

[1]兵戎相见 – bing rong xian jian referring to using force or war to solve problems


(Taken from Shushengbar)

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