Zhanxian - Chapter 746

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Gongsun Ling was already at the peak Yuanying stage. For hundreds of years, she had tempered the geographical map of mountains and rivers according to the method instructed by Li Cheng, and her spiritual power was pure. Now, after the conditioning of this third grade qi and blood pill, it was even on the verge of extinction. Between breathing, it seems that it can trigger a tribulation at any time.

Yang Chen didn’t let Gongsun Ling attack the Yin fire tribulation immediately. Sometimes, the more solid the foundation is laid, the easier it is to cultivate after the tribulation. This can be seen from the old tree demon Gui Shanyou.

The old tree demon is not considered a genius with outstanding aptitude, but after he forcibly suppressed more than a dozen tribulations and successfully survived the tribulation, his cultivation base was so strong that the world looked at him differently. Even if it is only the early Dacheng stage, it is enough to compete with other masters in the middle and late Dacheng stage, the strength was evident.

According to the method taught by Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling forcibly suppressed the Yin fire tribulation and continued to cultivate. This is the method summed up by the old tree demon. After Yang Chen’s small improvement, it was successfully used on Gongsun Ling.

Speaking of it, this method can only be used before the Yin fire tribulation, if it can be further applied to the raging wind tribulation, it will definitely arouse the crazy pursuit of the world. The elders of the various sects don’t need to hide in the demon sealing formation at all, as long as they use this method, it would be enough.

Gongsun Ling’s effect was the fastest, and soon all the women’s effects after taking the medicine also appeared. Everyone has more or less discovered the flaws in the flow of qi and blood in their bodies, and after correcting them, their cultivation has improved. However, when used on the few concubines at the Dacheng stage, the effect was not so obvious. Obviously, the third-grade Qi and Blood Pill was no longer enough to have much influence on the masters of the Dacheng stage.

Of course, Yang Chen would not be stingy with the Fourth grade Qi and Blood Pill, and distributed a few pills to Tao Junqi, Shi Wushuang and the Murong sisters. In front of Yang Chen, the girls once again took the Qi and Blood Pill, and this time, the remarkable effect finally appeared.

Tao Junqi also didn’t seem to have expected that since she had reached the peak Dacheng stage, there would still be such subtle deviations in the qi and blood in her body. After correcting them one by one, she just felt indescribably comfortable all over her body. The spiritual power that had been very smooth in the past seemed to become more and more harmonious, and finally there was only one feeling left, that of being at ease.

The changes of the Murong sisters were relatively more obvious, they were originally at the peak of the early Dacheng stage. In just one month, they directly broke through the bottleneck of the early Dacheng stage and entered the ranks of the middle Dacheng stage.

The change of Shi Wushuang was not as direct as breaking through the realm, but the realm in the early Dacheng stage has been completely consolidated, and the hidden wounds accumulated in hundreds of years of cultivation were gone, and her future cultivation will be smooth.

Seeing the changes in the girls, Yang Chen finally felt relieved, this qi and blood pill was successful after all. Strictly speaking, this is the first time Yang Chen has changed a ready-made elixir formula after his rebirth, and completely improved a elixir according to his knowledge of pharmacology. It can be said that this is the embodiment of Yang Chen’s true alchemy level.

Yang Chen himself also benefited from the third grade Qi and Blood Pill. It has to be said that the appearance of the Qi and Blood Pill was too timely. Yang Chen practiced the Yellow Turban Warrior Body Refining Technique to temper his body, and it was inevitable that his body would be damaged during the cultivation. This time, almost all the extremely subtle hidden injuries in the past were discovered and adjusted one by one.

This small adjustment to the dark wounds alone strengthened the effect of the Yellow Turban Warrior’s body refining technique by at least 10%. Although it didn’t bring about an improvement in realm, it also made Yang Chen’s body stronger and stronger.

Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were already used to the natural promotion process when they were cultivating by Yang Chen’s side, and they just felt it was a matter of course. But it was the first time that Tao Junqi, Shi Wushuang and the Murong sisters felt so deeply.

Cultivation, this is something all cultivators have a deep understanding of. No matter how correct the direction is, there will always be more or less problems. At the slightest, it would be a waste of time to make detours, and at the worst, it would affect the cultivation and may even get injured, but following Yang Chen’s side, it seemed that the previous common sense had been overturned, and the cultivation became a matter of course. It was almost the first time for the seven concubines to experience this kind of smooth flow.

Yang Chen doesn’t care about the feelings of the women now, he has already devoted himself to studying the second grade inner sensing pill. Extend the duration of the medicinal effect, and use it to cultivate the Yellow Turban warrior body refining technique, and at the same time, to hone the will.

This change is obviously not that easy. It took Yang Chen three years to carefully analyze the various medicinal materials and refining methods of the inner sensing pill, and Yang Chen discovered some clues.

The change of medicinal materials is not important, what is important is the refining method. Just like the qi seeking pill back then, the medicinal effect was brought out by the unique method, if you want to prolong the time for the inner sensing pill to take effect, you have to change some methods during the refining process.

When it comes to alchemy technique, there is probably nothing in this world more powerful than the technique handed down by the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. There is no elixir prescription or pharmacology in Elderly Lord Pill Scripture, and almost the entire refining techniques. During the three years, Yang Chen pondered over dozens of techniques, and finally decided on three.

The three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the effects they bring may be slightly different, but the specific effect still needs to be practiced. After figuring it out, Yang Chen started to act.

Three batches of improved inner sensing pills were released in a row, each time was the simplest first-grade refinement, but each time the pills obtained were second-grade pills that had been upgraded by the profound spirit Furnace.

Yang Chen took the three kinds of inner sensing pills one by one. For Yang Chen, the second-grade inner sensing pill, there was almost no pain, he just felt the time when the effect of the medicine took effect.

The Elderly Lord Pill Scripture is worthy of being the Elderly Lord Pill Scripture. All three methods have achieved the purpose of prolonging the efficacy of the medicine, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages in the length of time, and at the same time, it will more or less affect the multiple of sensory enhancement.

Yang Chen didn’t directly choose the one with the longest time, but made a compromise, and took the middle method, which was the second longest in terms of time, but the sensory enhancement was slightly weaker than the inner sensing pill. The reason why he chose this one was because after the third grade refining, he needed to make the girls last longer, so as not to faint in pain.

Yang Chen asked Gao Yue to give the new elixir a new name, heart refining pill, as the name suggests, it is for tempering the will. Having obtained a brand new refining method, Yang Chen opened the furnace again, and solidly refined a large number of third grade pills, and at the same time produced a batch of fourth grade and fifth grade pills.

The third grade and fourth grade is for his wives and concubines, and the fifth rank is for Yang Chen himself. As for the fourth grade pills, it would be more difficult to use after the girls got used to it, or they would find opportunities to sell it at a high price. Anyway, the pill refined by Yang Chen, they don’t know how many people would come crying and begging for it.


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