Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Female Soldier Uniform (Part one)

– Night –

The director was talking about the exercises that they would be shooting the next day with the three female celebrities at their dorm . He said in an apologetic tone, “Since it’s your first time settling in the military camp, there are a lot of new things to learn, and I really want to thank you all for cooperating with everything and being as natural as you can . ”

The three female celebrities obviously expressed their understanding . Since they were told the nature of this show at the very beginning , they just treated it as a real military training experience . Lin Chuxue also came here because this show wouldn’t involve any scripts, or she wouldn’t be able to experience the hardship Xu Cheng went through . She did come prepared .

The director also didn’t expect the celebrity queen Lin Chuxue to be so easy to get along with, and everything was going unexpectedly smoothly . The other two female celebrities obviously wouldn’t have the face to be spoiled and act like big shots when Lin Chuxue was so easy-going .

Then, the director also went to the male celebrities and chatted a bit . He found out that Yan Xian had some friction with Instructor Xu, so he expressed his hopes for Yan Xian to cooperate a bit more . No matter how spoiled Yan Xian was, he wasn’t going to offend the director, so he politely responded that he would try his best .

At about 10 at night, the camera crew followed Xu Cheng’s steps to go and perform routine dorm checks .

In the guy dorm, Guo Hao and Yan Xian were smoking, and the other one was a junior at Yan Xian’s company, named Zhou Wenhao . Yan Xian passed a cigarette down, and Zhou Wenhao smiled and accepted it . “Thanks, Senior Brother . ”

He was still a new celebrity and needed a successful senior to boost his popularity, so he was very humble .

The three of them made the dorm room very smokey, and at that moment, footsteps came from down the hall . Xu Cheng came to knock on the door . “It’s time to sleep, turn off the lights . ”

Inside the room, the three men looked at each other but none of them went to turn off the lights, just sitting by their bed sides and continuing to smoke .

Outside the door, Xu Cheng stood for awhile and didn’t see the lights turning off, so he knocked on the door again . “Turn off the lights . ”

The lights were still on . At that moment, Xu Cheng said to the camera crew, “Let’s stop recording for now . ”

The camera men nodded and paused the recording, and then they just watched with shock as Xu Cheng kicked the door lock right off .

When the door opened, he saw the smokey room and the three of them smoking . Those three were also a bit surprised to see that the door wasn’t that strong .

“Smoking is not allowed in the dorm, do you know that? Do you still want to sleep? If not, go down and run 3 kilometers around the field,” Xu Cheng said to those guys in a deep voice .

The three of them were dumbfounded, not knowing whether they should keep on smoking or not . They just sat there with their cigarette butts in their hands .

After awhile, Xu Cheng snorted, “Don’t let there be a next time . ”

Then, he turned off the lights and shut the door .

The three of them swallowed a mouthful of spittle, and Guo Hao asked Zhou Zihao, “Did you lock the door?”

Zhou Zihao immediately nodded and replied, “Yeah, I made sure I locked it…”

Yan Xian: “What do you mean you locked it? How can he still open it if you locked it already?”

Guo Hao: “It’s fine, it’s fine, let’s just go to sleep . Let’s not look for any trouble this deep into the night . ”

Chapter 191: Female Soldier Uniform (Part two)

In the dark, Yan Xian placed his hand between his head and the pillow . How could he fall asleep? He had a stomach-full of anger stacked up .

After a while, he said to Guo Hao, “Guo Hao, can you see that Lin Chuxue knows that instructor from before?”

Guo Hao: “Yeah I could tell, so what?”

Zhou Zihao didn’t know what those two were talking about, so he pretended to be asleep .

Yan Xian: “If he shouts and yells at you like he did to me, can you bear it? Who are we? We are public figures, popular stars with millions of fans, not some no-name celebrities . We would get treated like honorable guests no matter where we go, yet we are here getting scolded by a no-name instructor . I don’t believe that you will take it willingly when that instructor yells at you . ”

Guo Hao: “What do you want to do?”

Yan Xian: “Don’t we have a few training exercises tomorrow? I will lead the crowd to ask the instructor to demonstrate to us first, and I want you to just cheer him on with me . If he doesn’t do well in those exercises, let’s apply pressure to the director to swap him out . ”

Guo Hao: “Alright . ”

Only then was Yan Xian satisfied . He thought about how he would try to humiliate that instructor the next day as he slowly fell asleep .

The next day, Xu Cheng stood on the giant field, and he began using his huge lung capacity to blow his whistle . Right away, the rookies’ dorm became lively, with the soldiers folding their quilts neatly into blocks of tofu before heading out to brush their teeth .

Xu Cheng came to the small building hosting the TV program’s crew and celebrities . He first went to knock on the three girls’ doors . “Get up, it’s time for morning class . ”

Lin Chuxue dizzily kicked off the quilt . Hearing someone knocking, she instinctively put on her slippers and went to open the door . Her eyes were half-closed . “What is it? Why are you not letting me sleep?”

Xu Cheng saw that she was actually wearing thin pajamas, the type that was half see-through and could give a glimpse of the outline of her tank top and underwear .

Lin Chuxue didn’t react at first, as she originally thought it was her agent or assistant . However, after realizing that it was Xu Cheng and seeing how Xu Cheng was looking at her up and down, she immediately pushed Xu Cheng out of the door . “Close your eyes!”

Then, she shut the door right into Xu Cheng’s face, leaving him outside muttering, “It’s not my fault that you came to the door wearing this! This is the military, put on the military vests I gave you guys . ”

Lin Chuxue screamed from inside, “Ahh, don’t come in . We are changing right now, or I’m going to sue you!”

Xu Cheng really wanted to reply, “Sue me all you want . I will just show the judge our marriage certificate . ”

But he couldn’t say it, because there were cameras around and also more people inside that room .

Xu Cheng: “5 minutes, come down to the field to assemble . ”

Then, he left .

After five minutes, the 50 rookies and 6 celebrity soldiers began assembling on the field . It was Xu Cheng’s first time seeing Lin Chuxue in an army uniform, and it looked pretty neat on her . The humbling uniform still couldn’t cover up her innocent elegance . She tied her hair into a pony-tail, and although without makeup, her face was still snow white like a pearl .

She stood up straight in the first row, and because the clothes were a bit tight, her uniform closely followed her body line, revealing a pretty full chest . Seeing Xu Cheng looking at her and admiring how she looked for the first time in the uniform, Lin Chuxue felt that this guy had actually zoned out as his eyes rested on her .

Lin Chuxue coughed, and then she gave a stare at Xu Cheng, as if saying, Perv, did you see enough?

Xu Cheng also came back to his senses by the sound of the cough . Seeing her glaring at him, he immediately laughed briefly . He directly walked up to Lin Chuxue, subconsciously reaching over .

Lin Chuxue instinctively leaned her body back a bit, wondering whether Xu Cheng forget that they were in a public place . But, she realized that Xu Cheng was just caringly brushing off some debris on her shoulder and then walking away .

Although it was just a small action, Lin Chuxue actually felt her heartbeat raising significantly . That feeling reminded her of their highschool days when he would carry her on his bicycle and ride around on the stone path by the river, under the trees .

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