Chapter 295.2

Chapter 295: Revenge (Part two)

After he quickly packed up and ran to his car, he almost had a heart attack when Xu Cheng casually climbed to the passenger seat from the back seat .

“I-I-I-I didn’t do anything, please! I beg you, don’t kill me!” Fergus was directly scared into crying .

Xu Cheng looked at the frightened Fergus and asked, “You think I killed those three?’

Fergus’s teeth were even shivering, “Didn’t you?”

Xu Cheng: “Are you going to answer like that when the police ask you?”

Fergus didn’t get what Xu Cheng meant at first, but after a brief pause, he began shaking his head left and right like crazy, “No no no no, they died of accidents! I don’t know how they died, nor have I seen you after the banquet!”

Xu Cheng nodded with satisfaction . “You are a smart person, I hope you can continue being smart in future conversations we have . Believe me, those that go against me won’t have a good ending . If you want to live a longer life, you should be smarter . ”

Fergus immediately began nodding like a woodpecker . “Yes yes yes!”

Xu Cheng looked at his big bag and asked in surprise, “Where are you going? Camping?”

“No…” Fergus felt so horrified and nervous that he almost don’t know what to say, scared that saying the wrong thing would result in death . Then, he immediately corrected himself, “Yes…”

“Oh, what a coincidence, just give me a ride then,” Xu Cheng said .

Fergus nodded, and his hands shivered as he held onto the steering wheel and started the car .

Xu Cheng suddenly asked, “Which hospital is Prince Will at right now? Do you know?”

“I-I-I…” Fergus began sweating even harder .

Xu Cheng: “What are you nervous for? As long as you are obedient, I told you, I won’t kill you! Or in other words, the grim reaper won’t patronize you . For instance, your steering wheel or brakes won’t suddenly stop working or something . ”

As Xu Cheng said that, he even went and jokingly swirled the steering wheel, causing the car to swing to another lane, scaring Fergus into tears . He immediately shouted in a panicked voice, “He’s at the First Hospital, fifth floor, Zone B!”

“What a coward . ” Xu Cheng glanced at him in disdain, and he finally let go of the steering wheel and patted him on the shoulder, “Then let’s go to the First Hospital . ”

Fergus swallowed his spittle and obediently drove to the First Hospital .

When Xu Cheng got out of the car, he smiled at Fergus who was too scared to even look at him, “Take a guess, will Prince Will die tonight?”

Fergus’s body was shivering nonstop, and he kind of didn’t dare to answer this question… Will this guy really kill a prince as well?

Seeing him not daring to answer, Xu Cheng walked towards the hospital . But, he turned around half way and said to him, “Don’t leave yet . If I don’t see you when I come out, I will come and look for you . ”

Fergus nodded hard .

When Xu Cheng crossed the road and disappeared, Fergus finally realized that his whole body was drenched in sweat, and his heart finally fell from his throat back to his chest .

Immediately, he grabbed his phone and called Prince Will .

The moment it connected, he was almost whispering and yelling at the same time, “He’s here! He’s at the hospital for you! Hurry, get out of the hospital! Buren’s dead, Jiru’s dead, Tom’s dead as well, you are next! His next target is you! Leave the hospital right now!”

Will, who was on IV, picked up the call and his face immediately changed . He said to his butler right away, “Hurry, we need to leave this place! Get the car ready, let’s go!”

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