Chapter 441.3: 441.3

Chapter 441: Should the Three of Us Find Something to Do? (Part Three)

“Auntie Lan, don’t say that . Since I gave that money to you, those are yours . I said I don’t want things left behind by the Ye Family, and on this issue, Chuxue’s with me . ” Thinking about this, Xu Cheng bitterly smiled . “Sigh, now that I think about it, I don’t have any savings or assets, and even my wife is making more money than me . Sigh, now that I think about it, I’m really like a live-in son-in-law . ”

Li Wei and Luo Yi swore right back in unison, “Fack off! A live-in son-in-law like you is the ultimate dream of all men! Don’t cry about it to brag!”

Xu Cheng waited for Auntie Lan to go into the kitchen and suddenly said, “Us three, should we do something to make some money?”

Li Wei and Luo Yi’s ears both shot up, and then they both floated to Xu Cheng’s side with their food and whispered to Xu Cheng, “What are we doing?”

“My wife’s going to M Nation to study, I obviously have to go as well . I’m thinking that we can do something over there . ”

“Be bodyguards?” Luo Yi instinctively blurted out .

“Can you at least dream bigger?” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at Luo Yi . “Clients would all prefer to hire big white or black guys over us Asians . ”

“But with our skills and body, what else can we do if not bodyguards?” Luo Yi was lost .

At this time, Li Wei looked at Xu Cheng, then looked at Luo Yi, and hesitantly, he said, “Should we… play something bigger?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes met with his, and he faintly smiled .

“Why do you two look funny? My brain can’t connect the dots, what are you guys talking about?” Luo Yi was even more confused now .

Xu Cheng put four cups onto the table and said, “Right now, the domestic situation has just stabilized, but there’s still a factor of instability from outside of the country that could affect our country . To prevent it from becoming a severe problem in the future, we need someone to resolve it . ”

Luo Yi batted his eyes . “What factor?”

Li Wei rolled his eyes at him . “What Big Brother Cheng just said before . ”

Luo Yi exclaimed, “The mercenary group raised by the four behemoth families?”

“Quieter!” Xu Cheng smacked him on the head .

Luo Yi immediately lowered his head and said excitedly, “But why us? Aren’t we already retired?”

Xu Cheng then said to the two of them, “If we can take it over, all of their resources will be ours . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei all rubbed their hands . “Things are getting interesting . Big Brother Cheng, but I heard the water’s very deep in Africa’s mercenary world . Can the three of us really stir up a storm? I heard that even the M Nation had to pay some respect to the Mercenary King there .

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