Chapter 473.2: 473.2

Chapter 473: Negotiation (Part Two)

“Not even the pros in-house saw through their tricks?”

“Very difficult . They can do it normally, but for a game like betting big or small for dice rolls, those guys would just join the table nonchalantly after the dice roll is finished and then place down a bet . We went to question a few of them on the spot, but we found that, besides the phone that’s on them, there’s really no possibility for them to cheat . ”

“Then should we ban guests from bringing in their mobile phones?”

“Are you crazy? Do you know how many corporate executives or powerful figures come to Las Vegas to gamble? Without their phone, how are they going to attend to urgent and important businesses? This is definitely not feasible . ”

“I originally thought that these guys would only be able to win at dice gambling, so there had been a period of time when I closed the dice sections to prevent them from coming . But, it didn’t work at all . Rather, they facked me even harder . For instance, they just went to other games where the risk and reward are significantly higher and won even more money! With dice, at most they win double their amount . But, after I banned the dice section, then in one week, my daily loss went from 50 million to 150 million!”

Speaking of this, the boss seemed like he wanted to cry but he was already out of tears .

Those executives that implemented the same “quick fix” all deeply understood his despair and bitterly laughed .

“I’ve done that too, my losses basically quadrupled! After I opened up the dice area, my losses were finally reduced to the original level . ”

The topic seemed to have immediately changed . Now, the casinos do not seek to make money, but rather ask to lose less money .

After sharing their tragic stories, everyone sighed out in unison .

“What did the FBI say?”

“The new guy that’s put on this case said his team is still tracking those gamblers . At present, we have the list of those guys involved, but they came from a big background . ”

“We even dare to go up against the president, tell us, who is it?”

Peel glanced at those guys and said, “Those Mexican mafia guys!”

Everyone’s pupils contracted slightly .

“I’ve already called them over, they are probably on their way . Today, I hope everyone can unite, and let’s negotiate with them . I think what they are doing right now is disrupting the entire market . ”

The others were all outraged and ready for the talk .

After waiting for about an hour, those four bosses of the four gangs came into the meeting room . Their men stood right by the door, and several members directly went to stand in the corner of the meeting room, feeling as if they had just invited wolves into their house .

After Saar and the others sat down, he grinned and said, “Aiyo, you big bosses sure respect us . Mr . Peel even invited us personally to come over . ”

The first wave of harvesters of Las Vegas were Mexicans, and the casinos here all had a bit of Mexican blood in it . Strictly speaking, the bosses here were all Saar and the others’ seniors!

If it was before, Saar and the other three mafia bosses definitely weren’t qualified to sit here to chat with these guys . But today, not only were the four of them here, they were directly facing the descendants of the first wave of harvesters, and they were on the offense too .

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