Chapter 537.2: Chapter 537.2 - If You Can’t Take Out the Money, then Bring Your Dog and Get Out of Here (Part Two)

Chapter 537: If You Can’t Take Out the Money, then Bring Your Dog and Get Out of Here (Part Two)

“I’m on vacation with my wife and I are at a casino right now . But someone actually challenged me to a serious gamble, and I don’t have much money here . That guy’s a rich young master, got a lot of money and is very arrogant . All my money is tied up at Wall Street, and I can’t take out too much right now . Can you and the other three bosses talk and let me borrow some? I will pay it back when I get back . ”

“No problem man, how much do you need? Just give us a number . ” Saar was very direct .

Xu Cheng: “I can probably take out about 3 billion from my end, and I need 7 billion more to make up to 10 billion in order for that young master to gamble with me . ”

“Isn’t that basically trying to shove 10 billion into your pocket?” Saar laughed . “But Mr . Fang, you know as well, we just bought several casinos and are a bit tight on cash . But since you asked, we will try our best to get you that 7 billion . Just give us 10 minutes, I will talk to the other three . Send me your account, it’s best if it supports express international transfers . ”

“Alright, hurry up if possible . ” Then, Xu Cheng hung up .

“Who did you call?” Haber asked curiously .

“Some friend, I’m gonna borrow 7 billion from them to have some fun . ”

The other five rich tycoons were in a bit of disbelief . Especially Young Master Lee, he directly snorted, “Especially starting in recent years, borrowing money is like asking for a person’s life . Have you heard of the saying? To check how amazing a person you are, you don’t need to say anything, just try and borrow money from your friends around you . It’s the best way to evaluate your network and charm . The more you can borrow, the more it says about your capabilities . You think you can just borrow 7 billion so casually? You think your family owns a bank or something? Not even a private bank has 7 billion dollars in inventory at hand, and even if you borrow from Bill Gates, he won’t be able to transfer you 7 billion this fast at once . ”

Xu Cheng: “So what you are saying is, you are someone with a net worth of 15 billion, and you can’t take out 10 billion to play? Then what the fack are you doing? Just tell me earlier . You described yourself as this almighty rich man, but in the end, it was just boasting . ”

Xu Cheng then asked a manager of the casino, “Do you have an internal public account to receive transfers here? Send it to me . I will have the funds sent to the account right away and then exchange it into chips . In a bit, the 10 billion that arrives is mine . ”

The manager nodded and said, “Alright, please wait, I will check for you . ”

Xu Cheng nodded and then gave the account to Saar .

Sure enough, after not even 10 minutes, the manager exclaimed and came over and said to Xu Cheng, “Mr . Xu, your 10 billion has arrived!”

Xu Cheng looked at the time . “Pretty punctual . ”

Haber’s mouth was wide open, and the other guests at the table were also a bit surprised .

Young Master Lee’s eyes were wide open . “Impossible! How did you get that much liquid asset lying around?”

“Just cut the nonsense, who was the one that told me to bring out the money, and said that he would match the amount? Hurry up, if you can’t do it, then get the fack out of here . I just hate pretentious d-bags that brag all day but don’t have money and hope to come to this kind of event to win money from other people . Is this the so-called younger son of the head of the Three-Star Corporation? I just see a kid living on an allowance!”

“I dare you to insult Three-Star again!” Young Master Lee scolded loudly .

“It’s useless even if you are Four-Star . Hurry up, don’t use that kind of righteously furious expression to look at me . Where’s the action? I like speaking with actions; if you aren’t competent, then don’t boast like you are the king . Right now, immediately, I want to see you bring over 10 billion . If you can’t, then please take your dog and get out of here . ”

Young Master Lee was furious!

His eyes were about to shoot out flames!

“Okay! You want to gamble with me? Alright, I will bring out 10 billion!”

The manager came over with a little tablet with his account opened, “Then, Young Master Lee, how long do you need?”

Young Master Lee felt a bit awkward . “Give me two hours . ”

“Woah . ” Xu Cheng whistled . “Such a powerful Three-Star Corporation, he needs only two hours! No problem, I will wait . ”

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