Chapter 546.2: Chapter 546.2 - Eating Beef Doesn’t Make You a Bull (Part Two)

Chapter 546: Eating Beef Doesn’t Make You a Bull (Part Two)

The bodyguard nodded . “Don’t worry, we will go according to plan . This Asian yellow-skinned monkey isn’t famous, just a nobody, so there’s no need to be afraid . Tonight, I don’t need anything, I just want this guy’s life and his woman!”

The burly man: “Deal . But after you are done, remember to save her for me . ”

The bodyguard nodded, looked at Xu Cheng, and said, “How about this, if you are struggling to make a choice between you and your wife, you can also pay a million dollars to free your wife as well . But!”

He suddenly changed his tone, and he began looking at Lin Chuxue teasingly and said, “I need you to kneel down and beg me to forgive what you did earlier . And also… I want to have this woman for one night . Don’t worry, I will give her back to you . ”

Endless murderous intent suddenly burst out from Xu Cheng’s eyes . He already heard those two guys’ conversation earlier .

“You guys are playing with fire, you know that?” he lowered his voice and said .

The bodyguard raised his gun and pointed at him . “You want to put out the fire?”

“Yeah . ” Xu Cheng stared right at him fiercely . “What’s there to be proud of carrying a gun? I dare to look down on you, and are you just going to hold a gun to my face?”

“You want to fight me?” The bodyguard seemed to have heard the funniest joke . “Alright, you can come out with me . I don’t even need a gun to deal with you!”

Xu Cheng patted Lin Chuxue’s hand and said in a low voice, “Wait for me . It’s not convenient to do it here, I will be right back . ”

Then, he looked at Haber and said, “Help me keep an eye on her . ”

Haber nodded . “Don’t worry, they wouldn’t dare to touch us, and I will try my best to shield Nicole . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Didn’t you want to see how the Shanling Financial Group died? You are in luck tonight . ”

Haber smiled . “Then the ticket tonight was worth it . ”

Then, Xu Cheng followed that Young Master Lee’s bodyguard out of the casino . The two of them and several other mercenaries came out onto the deck at the front of the boat . There was a strong ocean breeze blowing outside in the night .

The bodyguard put his pistole back into his holster and looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “If I’m not wrong, you should also be a veteran, because only us fellow soldiers know each other that well . But, you Asians are just a bunch of girly boys . How could someone that grew up eating pork be able to grow muscles?”

“Eating beef doesn’t just turn you into a bull . If I need to use more than one move to deal with the likes of you, I will count it as my defeat . ”

Right after Xu Cheng said that, like the gust of wind, the ocean breeze overshadowed the sound of his attack, and the 50x brutal power mercilessly exploded a big hollow hole from the bodyguard’s chest to his back .

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