Chapter 665.2: 665.2

Chapter 665: The True Meaning of the Deviant Corp Tattoo (Part Two)

Stenson was taken aback . “So the two of you are the Judges? What does the adjudicator do?”

Chekhov pointed to Mario and teased, “You see, just like him, he’s in charge of being a salesman . ”

Mario glared at Chekhov, then looked at Stenson and said, “The adjudicator is in charge of one thing . ”

Stenson: “What?”

Mario squeezed two words out of his teeth at a time and said, “Kill!”

“Kill… murder? Kill who?”

Hearing those two words, Stenson’s scalp began feeling numb for some reason .

“Anyone, or any organization that tries to get a hand or a foot out of this symbolic earth would be cut off! For instance… if you publicize what we just talked about, then you won’t see the sun the next day!”

Mario saw Stenson gulp and he laughed out loud . “Of course, you’re the man next to the BOSS, so you are one of us and don’t have to be afraid . ”

Stenson nodded his head in relief .

“So can I know what level of membership the Boss belongs to?”

Chekhov asked, “Didn’t the Boss tell you?”

Stenson shook his head, “No, I asked the ambassador and he didn’t say . ”

Chekhov and Mario looked at each other and smiled at him . “You’ll find out later as you get to higher levels . ”

“I know that, I know I’m in charge of taking care of the social parities . If I do this right, I’ll be promoted to a level 5 Angel of Light . I just want to ask the two of you, is it difficult for a level 5 member like me to become a level 6 Devil’s Angel?”

“Not hard . ” Chekhov said, “Didn’t you just say that yourself? You have to look at a dog’s owner before beating them . You’re a level 5 angel and you said you are close to our boss . I guarantee you that all 12-winged angels will kneel down to you in the future . ”

Stenson was smart . “Boss is actually an adjudicator too, right?”

Chekhov: “Did I say that?”

Stenson smiled . “That goes without saying, a guess is enough . ”

Mario smiled as well .

However, he didn’t tell Stenson whose hand it was on the totem, the hand that represented the adjudicators .

There was another highest rank on top of that and that hand was actually Xu Cheng’s hand!

“Umm, so may I ask, how do I become an Adjudicator?” Stenson asked again .

“To become an Adjudicator?” Mario stopped eating and looked at Stenson . “It’s easy . ”

Stenson: “Well, would you see if I can?”

Chekhov took a fruit knife out of his desk drawer and threw it to where Mario was eating as he said, “Cut off your entire hand and you’ll be able to become an Adjudicator . Cutting off the hand means that you’ve given your hand to the Deviant Corp, and therefore you’ll become that hand . ”

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