Chapter 683.2: 683.2

Chapter 683: I feel like the Death Reaper has its eyes on us (Part Two)

When the M Nation soldiers arrived at the place where they set up the basecamp, there was already no one there and all the ammunition and supplies were gone, the Deviant Corp having robbed the place clean .

All those bodies were gone .

It was as if all the corpses had vaporized from the earth .

After the three generals surveyed the area, they asked the twelve soldiers leading the way, “Where are the corpses?”

John: “They were disposed of by the locals in fear of a plague . I’m certain that everyone was dead; otherwise, the place wouldn’t be so deserted . ”

The three generals: “Since we can’t find the bodies, then we have an obligation to keep looking to see who was the one that got rid of them and fight them . “

The eleven deserters felt that this troop wasn’t thinking of getting out ever since they came in, so one of them suddenly made a scene . “That’s enough, we shouldn’t stay here for long . You also said that you only came to get the bodies back, and now that they’ve all been disposed of, we should just evacuate the area . ”

The strategists said, “No, let’s stay here . It’s good terrain, easy to defend from the front and back . ”

John: “I’d better warn you, we’d better move somewhere else, because this place honestly feels like it’s haunted or something, or else we wouldn’t have suffered what we did before . ”

The scientists: “Come on then, we’d love to see what can happen . We don’t have tanks this time, and we’re all in good spirits . No one is in the habit of taking drugs, so let’s see who’s crazy enough to shoot at their own people?”

The several deserters felt humiliated once again .

Just then, one of the soldiers in charge of setting up the radar said, “Sir, come over here and take a look . ”

The three generals and specialists went over to look at the display on the radar .

They saw that there was a point on the radar that was moving quite fast .

It was just less than a few hundred meters away from them and it was moving fast; it was a living object!

But when everyone looked toward the open space around them, they saw nothing .

That’s when John felt a tingle up his scalp and swallowed his saliva . “I don’t feel right . ”

The deserter looked to a couple of scientists and smirked, “Please explain why we can detect movement of life forms on radar, but we can’t see them . ”

The scientists were still looking at the radar . “It’s 200 meters due North . ”

Everyone looked in that direction, but they saw nothing .

But then, something was clearly moving on the radar .

“It’s going too fast . ” The technician said worriedly, “What the hell is this thing?”

The scientists smacked their lips and looked at the technician as they asked, “Are you sure this device is working okay?”

John was breathing hard as he said, “I suggest we evacuate this place immediately! Otherwise we’ll all be dead . I feel like the Grim Reaper has its eyes on us!”

200 Meters away, Dulson was running so fast that people couldn’t see him at all . He scouted around for the number of men and the inventory of supplies, and when he left the M Nation basecamp, he headed directly to Li Wei .

“There were about two hundred, and they didn’t retreat . They’re bringing in supplies too . ”

Li Wei grinned . “You can go tell Chekhov that he’s got work to do . “

Dulson smiled . “I guess he’s going to cry until the end . We haven’t even cleared up the other supplies and added them to our inventory, yet now, there is even more coming . No wonder the M Nation is really rich . ”

Li Wei: “Let them come . Like Boss said, kill whoever comes to the Land of Mercenaries . They have to fear this place . ”

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