Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 30

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Volume 3: Chapter 30 – Visiting Shan Yun

After I returned to my room, I sat on the bed, thinking about all that happened during my time in Xiuda. Not only did I meet Big Brother Zhan Hu there, but my magic power had also reached a new level. I also learned a few simple martial skills. My Ascending Dragon’s Judgement had nearly reached the realm of purification. I should roughly have a knight’s strength. Everyone was amazed at the rate of my battle spirit advancement. Only I knew that my battle spirit and powerful spirit power were inseparable.

Now I will depart. Oh, that’s right… speaking of Big Brother Zhan Hu, I still hadn’t looked for his father on his behalf.  I’ll take a trip to the Prince’s Mansion.

I casually heard that the Prince’s Mansion was in the southeast of Xiuda city. What name would I have to use so that the Prince would see me? As I was thinking of this, I recalled someone, Shan Yun Xiuda. He’s Big Brother Zhan Hu’s elder brother and we had exchanged hands before. Requesting to see him should be fine. I’ll see how the situation is first and whether or not I can see the Prince.

I arrived at the Prince’s Mansion gate and asked for a servant to help me request an audience with the young Prince Shan Yun. Not a formal meeting, but to personally meet with Shan Yun. Seeing my happy appearance, Shan Yun had also smiled, “Ah, Zhang Gong it’s you! A rare visitor, indeed. Come quickly. Let’s go in and have a chat.”

I courteously said, “This is truly embarrassing. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“Don’t mention it. In all my life, those I had admired the most were the strong. Only those stronger than me can accompany me and be my friend. Regardless of what you think, I already regard you as my friend. Haha.” He was truly forthright. Hearing his words, I was secretly happy.

Smiling, I said, “I am also very happy to have you as my friend. The match the other day was because of good luck, we won by a fluke.  Had you fused with your magic beast at the start, I fear we would have been finished.”  While we were talking, we entered the Prince’s Mansion. It was very large. The mansion’s architecture was extremely grand, encasing the courtyard. Although it wasn’t as large as the Imperial Palace, it can also be said to be a small maze.

Shan Yun said, “About that, your magical beast is very formidable too. What kind of magical beast is it?”

Xiao Jin was currently still lying dormant inside my body. I scratched my head, and embarrassingly said, “It’s a snake type magic beast. It grew relatively big, that’s all. Although its might is not small, it spends far too much of my magic power. After that match, it fell dormant, absorbing my magic power. In fact, on that day had you persevered a moment longer, it would no longer have had any power. That’s why I said winning was just as result of luck.”

Shan Yun brought me to his room then we chatted about all sorts of things for a bit. From our chat, I could tell that Shan Yun and big brother Zhan Hu had very similiar natures.

Clenching my teeth, I resolved myself.

“Big brother Shan Yun, I have a matter to discuss with you. Don’t you have a younger brother?”

Hearing my words, Shan Yun excitedly asked me, “Do you have news of Jing Yun?”

“Wa! Settle down a bit. I can’t endure the strength of a Radiant Knight.” Embarrassed, Shan Yun released his hands.

I continued speaking, “Actually, I came to Xiuda City as his replacement to tell you all that he is well. I’m also here to see how his home is for him.”

Shan Yun emotionally said, “Then why didn’t he come himself? Where is he right now?”

I humbly shook my head and said, “I can only tell you that he is well right now. I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone about where he is right now. He still hasn’t settled his previous matter. Wait until I help him settle it, then he will definitely return.”

Shan Yun said with a sigh, “Ah, it’s all because of his Earth Dragon Xiao Zhan. Jing Yun truly is too foolish. At that time we weren’t any good either. We didn’t show enough care for him to the extent that he left a message and ran away. Actually, father didn’t blame him at all. Who could possibly never make a mistake? Jing Yun was the most gifted of us three brothers, but it’s sad that he’s now like this. Since you promised to not reveal his whereabouts, I won’t force you. When you see him you must tell him to hurry home and that everyone misses him.”

I nodded and said, “I’m relieved then. I’ll go back and explain this to big brother Zhan Hu. I forgot to tell you, me and him have already become sworn brothers. You’re my big brother’s elder brother so you’re also my elder brother. Haha! Wait until big brother Zhan Hu reaches the level of Radiant Knight, then he will definitely return. That day isn’t too far off either. His Highness the Prince, how is he? Is his body healthy?”

Shan Yun said, “Father’s body is outstandingly robust. It’s just that he’s aged a lot. Although he hasn’t said it, I know that he really misses Jing Yun.”

I said, “That’s right! Big brother Shan Yun, don’t tell the Prince about Big Brother Zhang Hu yet. Give me one years’ time after I depart from here, I will definitely help you bring back big brother Zhan Hu.”

“Alright. You’ve convinced me. I’m extremely grateful to you that you worried so much about our family’s matters. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything in the future. I will support you with all my strength. This is the token of my second legion. Within Xiuda it has a lot of influence. Hold on to it and use it properly in the future.”

I also dropped formalities and extended my arm toward him, “Right, Big Brother Shan Yun, I will be leaving first. I am leaving tomorrow. I still have to tell everyone else.

Shan Yun accompanied me to the gates then I returned to the academy on the same road from which I came.

The wooden room had one more person, Hong Xue Hua Lun. Last time, it was because of her that we were stirred to compete. Here she comes again. Hopefully she won’t cause any trouble this time.

Not waiting for me to say anything, she called out to me first, “Zhang Gong, you returned. I heard you are leaving tomorrow. I am truly sorry for what happened previously.”

Aside her, Teacher Wen smiled and said, “Today you’ve already apologized many times. You aren’t to blame for this.”

I indifferently replied, “Hello Miss Hua Lun. Dong Ri is my good brother. You ought to know his temperament, so if you truly like him, then you must properly take care of him in the future. I don’t want my brother to suffer any grievances. I’ll be going in to rest then. I still have to set off tomorrow.”

My playful words caused Dong Ri and Hong Xue blush a deep red. Even the taciturn Xiu Si smiled, saying, “Zhang Gong’s words are truly straightforward, I’m impressed. Haha.” Even Xing Ao and Gao De were loudly jeering.

Hong Xue said with a red face, “There’s no one else here so you’re all bullying me.” Although her mouth said these words, my profound words have already been printed within her heart. Hong Xue secretly resolved herself that from now on, she must make Dong Ri accept her and quickly make him stop feeling inferior. She will fearlessly confront the future.

However, Dong Ri was thinking of something entirely different and that was to escape.

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