Date A Live - Volume SS - Chapter 2.7

Case 7

Just as Shidou had sat down on the sofa in the living room, Tohka who was different from usual appeared in front of him.
 "——Thus I have appeared once more." 
"How did this happen!?"
 Shidou widened his eyes and jumped up. Standing before him was Dark Tohka who had appeared in front of him before. 
However Tohka wouldn't change for no reason at all. He recalled that she had changed previously because Shidou was about to be killed. To feel despair on the same level as that——just what had Tohka been through? 
It seems that she had sensed Shidou's thoughts. Dark Tohka nodded her head.
 "Yes. Just now when I was about to drain the hot water from the instant fried noodles, I inverted after feeling endless despair when I accidentally poured the noodles inside the sink as well." 
"Is my life on the same level as instant fried noodles!?" 
"That sort of thing does not matter anymore. I am now hungry. Hurry up and make something."
 "Something to eat......did you want to eat instant fried noodles? No, since you're Tohka you'd prefer soy bread right......?"
 Dark Tohka scoffed at Shidou's words.
 "Soy bread. You think I would want to eat something that only kids would like?"
 "T-then what do you want to eat?"
 "Rice balls."
 "Tuna mayonnaise rice balls."
 "......That's something that kids would like too......"
 "What did you say?" 
"N-nothing at all......but saying that you want to eat rice balls all of a sudden, our house is also——" 
"What's that? You dare say that you can't make them? Then you are no longer of use to me. Disappear from the face of this earth with my [Final Sword](Halvanhelev)!" 
"Eh, that's, wait a second, what's with the finishing move all of a sudden. Eh, listen——" 
After being engulfed by the pitch black darkness, Shidou awoke from his dream. 

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