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Book 2: Academy of Monsters
Chapter 14.4: Skydream Points 

“Then, when is the best time to eat it, in your opinion?”

Wang Dong replied, “Obviously, when we get back to our dorm tonight. You can’t just put a good thing like this away. Furthermore, it’s best to increase your cultivation earlier, so that you can reach rank thirty earlier. If I’d had a third soul ring today, I wouldn’t have been so passive, at the very least. There wouldn’t have been any problems with me flying into the air with you either.”

Huo Yuhao thought about it for a while, before deciding to eat the Soul Advancement Pill once he got back home tonight. The stronger the soulforce he supplied his Mysterious Heaven Skill with, the stronger its nourishing effect would be on his passageways. Hence, increasing his soulforce was naturally a good thing for him. However, he didn’t know how great an increase in soulforce the Soul Advancement Pill would provide. The soulforce needed for one to advance to the thirty-first rank from the thirtieth rank could increase his soulforce by two, or even three ranks at the very minimum. If that was the case, his cultivation would end up around the the fifteenth rank, which meant that it’d be in accordance with the minimum cultivation level normally needed to enter Shrek Academy.

When his train of thought reached this point, Huo Yuhao immediately felt a wave of passion surge through his heart. Even though he didn’t feel inferior his classmates, he was still filled with a sense of danger. With his original level of talent, the first round of assessments for first-years would’ve been extremely hard for him to pass. However, his large increase in cultivation during the past two days had given him some hope. No matter what, he had to stay in Shrek Academy.

Compared to Zhou Yi’s class yesterday, today’s classes were—at least to the students—simply too relaxed. Both their morning and afternoon classes were on theory. The morning class was about the classification of martial souls, while the afternoon class was about distinguishing a soul beast’s age.

Since most of the students were familiar with what was being covered in the two classes already, they didn’t pay them much attention. However, Huo Yuhao was different; he listened to the teacher with rapt attention. What he lacked wasn’t just talent and cultivation, but knowledge too.

Sure enough, Wang Dong treated him to a good meal for lunch. Once he’d finished his afternoon class, Tang Ya came over to him.

“Let’s go, Little Yuhao. I’ve prepared everything for you once again. Don’t worry, Teacher Xiao Ya will stay by your side and protect you today. Let’s see what idiot dares to bully you with me around. Right, your eldest senior brother asked me to give this to you when I saw you. Eat it when you get back to your dorm room tonight.”

Whilst speaking, Tang Ya handed a porcelain bottle to Huo Yuhao.

The onlooking Wang Dong’s eyes immediately widened when he saw this. He’d seen this same porcelain bottle yesterday! It was the same one that Bei Bei had taken a Mysterious Water Pill out of to feed Huo Yuhao before. It was the exact same one!

This… was this a second Mysterious Water Pill?! The Mysterious Water Pill was different from the Soul Advancement Pill; it didn’t have any restrictions on how many times it could be used. However, the first pill’s effects would be the best, while those of any pills taken afterwards would progressively decline. After all, there was still a limit to the impurities each person had within their bodies. The increase in soulforce wouldn’t be as great as a Soul Advancement Pill either.

“Teacher Xiao Ya, have you thought about my issue?” Wang Dong asked Tang Ya, a fervent expression on his face.

Tang Ya giggled and replied, “I talked to Bei Bei about it. Bei Bei said that, if you’re able to obtain first place in the first freshmen assessment, you’ll be qualified to join our Tang Sect.”

“Fine, it’s a deal.” Wang Dong replied without any hesitation at all. The benefits for joining the Tang Sect were simply too good! Huo Yuhao had just received two Mysterious Water Pills in front of him! Although he knew that his talent was exceptional, and that he didn’t have any use for the Mysterious Water Pill, who knew whether or not the Tang Sect had better things? However, the reason that he wanted to join the Tang Sect wasn’t due to its benefits.

Huo Yuhao accepted the porcelain bottle and put it into his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges without asking any questions. Afterwards, he followed Tang Ya out of the academy.

Wang Dong hurriedly caught up to them and said, “I’m going too! Huo Yuhao, no matter how you look at it, we’re roommates. I’ll buy two of your roasted fish to help your business out a bit.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled. “I’ll treat you.”

Wang Dong shook his head and said, “How can I do that? Friends are friends, business is business. I don’t need you to treat me, I can afford to buy them.” As he spoke, he fished out a silver soul coin and forcefully shoved it into Huo Yuhao’s hand.

He originally thought that he was helping Huo Yuhao, but when the three of them walked through the academy’s gates, Wang Dong realised that he’d actually taken advantage of Huo Yuhao.

There were more than thirty people waiting outside for Huo Yuhao to roast fish, of the most eye-catching person of them being Xu Sanshi, who’d lost to Bei Bei yesterday in the Soul Duelling Competition.

Huo Yuhao was stunned for a moment when he saw Xu Sanshi. However, Tang Ya immediately stepped forward bravely. “What, you’re not able to accept your loss? How about I follow you to the Soul Duelling Area today?”

Xu Sanshi unhappily replied, “You? Save it. I don’t hit women. Stop trying to stir up trouble with me. I’m here today to buy some roasted fish, not to cause trouble. Can’t you see that I’m first in the queue?”

When she heard what he had to say, Tang Ya’s expression finally relaxed. She asked, “You’re buying it for Jiang Nannan?”

“Yup.” Xu Sanshi nodded his head.

Tang Ya teasingly said, “I couldn’t tell that you were still so infatuated with her. What a pity that that she doesn’t even like you.”

Xu Sanshi angrily said, “Tang Ya, don’t provoke me! Your Bei Bei swindled me yesterday, yet I haven’t even tried to settle my debts with you guys.”

Tang Ya stuck her tongue out, then turned around and said to Huo Yuhao, “Little Yuhao, you should start now. Since someone gave you something good yesterday, you should sell him two roasted fish today.”

After setting his grill up, Huo Yuhao began to sell his roasted fish at the entrance to Shrek Academy for the second time. However, he didn’t sell the first two roasted fish to Xu Sanshi, as he didn’t have a favourable opinion of this fellow who’d made a move against him yesterday. Furthermore, Wang Dong had paid him first. Hence, the first two fish he roasted went to Wang Dong.

The third and fourth went to Tang Ya.

Only when Xu Sanshi’s expression had turned increasingly dark, did he receive the fifth and sixth roasted fish. He threw his money towards Huo Yuhao and left.

“Delicious, this is really too delicious! Fish can actually be so fragrant?!” As Wang Dong ate, his eyes glowed. Whilst eating the roasted fish, his appearance became completely identical to Tang Ya’s. By the time he’d finished his fish, both his face and hands were dripping with oil.

As Huo Yuhao continued to sell roasted fish by the entrance to Shrek Academy, a certain person in a secret room located on the central island of the Sea God Lake gradually woke up from their comatose state.

“Ugh…” The red-shirted woman’s body moved a bit. She subconsciously covered her chest with her right hand and muttered, “I’m too hot, it’s too unbearable… I feel terrible… huh?”

She gradually opened her eyes, however her pupils were now faintly pink in colour; the bloody colour within her eyes had receded. There was also a trace of doubt in her eyes. “That’s strange, why isn’t it hot anymore?”

She suddenly sat up, subconsciously looking down at herself. Her originally sweat-drenched clothes had already dried. She jumped off the bed she’d been laying on and took off the mask covering her face, revealing a somewhat pale, oval-shaped face. She looked to be about twenty or so, with her facial expression being slightly cold. However, it was still unable to conceal her beauty, which was peerless enough that it could move one’s heart. As she stood there, she exposed her exciting figure which resembled a ripened peach.

“You’re awake.” An aged voice rang out, before letting out a long sigh. “Xiaotao, you almost made a huge mistake this time! I don’t know whether or not it was destiny, but an otherworldly ice-type energy surged into your body, jolting the evil fire within your body. Can you remember anything you saw after you charged out from Sea God Lake?”


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