Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257: Cemetery

This scene of carnage was simply too shocking. Hong Yujiao and the disciples from the lake all felt the urge to puke.

They had heard of the phrase “torn body and crushed bones.” However, they had never actually witnessed bones breaking into powder until today. This was truly the embodiment of “torn body and crushed bones.”

They quivered after seeing this bloody display, only Jian Xiaotie stood there coolly. This was within his expectations.

Li Qiye lifted his head and coldly stared at Shangguan Feilong without taking action just yet.

Feilong’s legs were trembling. He wasn’t that much stronger than the scion. No, the scion was actually stronger than him, and yet he was annihilated in just one move. This result left him pissing his pants in horror.

“You… you… don’t come over here! Don’t come over here!” After seeing Li Qiye inching closer, he stumbled several steps back with a pale countenance. He was truly scared out of his mind this time.

However, Li Qiye continued to take one step after another while glaring at him.

“You… don’t do anything foolish!” Feilong kept on stumbling backward while shouting: “I, I am the crown prince of Wyvern, my sister is the mistress of the Roaring Conch while my brother-in-law is the Seashield Prince. If, if you dare to touch a hair of mine, my, my sister will not spare you! My Wyvern will root out your nine clans!”

Li Qiye continued his stride without replying.

“Young Noble Jian, hurry and save me!” After noticing that Li Qiye had no intention of stopping, Feilong had to shout at Jian Xiaotie to try to grab onto him as a life-saving straw.

Jian Xiaotie wanted to say something, but after seeing Li Qiye’s cold expression and determined steps, he knew that it would be a futile endeavor.

“Brother Shangguan, this is your personal feud, I’m afraid it is not my place to intervene.” Jian Xiaotie realized that those who try to stop Li Qiye would only be seeking their own destruction. He didn’t want to be someone else’s cannon fodder.

“Stop, stop!” Feilong screamed louder as Li Qiye approached: “I, I won’t marry Hong Yujiao then! You can have her, okay?!”

In the face of death, Feilong desperately said everything he could; he would do anything just to survive.

Hong Yujiao immediately looked at him with disdain after hearing this. The disciples of the lake gave him the same glance.

Li Qiye stopped and coldly told Feilong: “I will give you a chance to attack.”

Feilong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said: “If, if you stand still, I’ll do it.”

“Very well, I will give you a chance and stand still.” Li Qiye flatly replied while looking at the weak-legged Feilong.

Feilong went on: “You, you must keep your word and not move at all or, or else I’ll be the winner.”

Li Qiye indifferently said: “Quickly, I won’t move…”

However, Li Qiye couldn’t even finish his sentence before Feilong began to desperately run away with all of his strength. At this moment, he wished his mother had given him two more legs to allow him to flee even faster.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but shake his head disapprovingly after seeing the frantic escape. His eyes turned cold with a flash that shot out as fast as a divine arrow.

“No…” Right when the next enclosure was within his sight, Feilong suddenly felt a jolt of pain and had to scream. Next, his corpse fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Li Qiye nonchalantly murmured after killing Feilong with his glare: “Daring to cultivate with such a dao heart.”

Even the lake’s disciples looked down on him at this moment. Even though the Bloodshark Scion was loathful, at least he was still a fierce character. Feilong gave up his own marriage and showed that he would hand over his fiancee to someone else just to survive.

After disposing of the two, Li Qiye acted as if nothing had happened. He ordered Xiaotie before entering the old courtyard again: “Xiaotie, I’ll leave them to you.”

“Squeak.” After his entry, the wooden doors to the courtyard suddenly shut tight.

Xiaotie wanted to speak, but Li Qiye had already locked himself inside. In the end, he could only sigh.

A disciple from the lake said with admiration: “Young Noble Li is so powerful.”

Another one added: “He is the disciple of an ancestral tree, how could he not be powerful?”

Hong Yujiao watched as his shadow disappeared into the courtyard and lamented with a sigh as well. This person was a dragon shrouded in clouds and mists; no one could truly see through him.

Miss Lin was temporarily frozen while recalling Li Qiye’s invincible demeanor and style when he stood up for her. A long time passed before she calmed down as her face inadvertently blushed.

After going inside, Li Qiye sat down before the chess board again to look at the statue in a daze. After a while, he lamented: “I didn’t want to come back here after all this time due to the burden I feel whenever I’m here, but I have to leave in this generation so let me see you one more time.”

With that, he raised a chess piece and placed it down on the board again. The whole scheme of the board suddenly changed; the movement of one piece could stabilize the universe.

“Buzz!” The atmosphere of the board resembled an ocean of stars. It was vast and endless as it slowly swirled like a vortex.

Li Qiye stepped inside this starry vortex and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

When he regained his sight, he found himself in a place with beautiful mountains and rivers. In this place was the warm sunlight accompanied by a pleasant spring breeze. The sunlight was very gentle like the sweet embrace of a woman.

There was a small hillside. The entire hill was spread like a palm to hug someone. It was covered with grassy plains, and one would smell a comfortable fragrance if they were to rest here.

Two rows of treasure bamboos were planted to the left and right sides of this hill. These extremely precious trees exuded purple glows; each one was priceless.

At the same time, there was an old well on one side that emitted an ethereal mist. A purple hue could be found within, and the plumes of this mist continued to emanate throughout the entire hill. This well that was engulfed in a purple mist resembled an immortal land while its wondrous brilliance made it seem as if there was an incredible item buried at the bottom.

Upon a careful inspection, one would find a tablet within the mist-filled land. It had the appearance of an antique, indicating that it was made from the legendary Celestial Violet Stone.

It was truly extravagant to carve a tombstone out of this celestial stone. Fewer than few people in this world were able to enjoy such treatment. Not even a Godking was eligible for this grand gesture.

In Memory of Jian Wenxin — this was written on the tablet. Just these five words alone could last for an eternity. The withering of time failed to erode it.

Li Qiye was petrified while standing before the tablet. He eventually lied down on the grass in front of it.

He slowly closed his eyes as if he wanted to sleep here. Everything became incredibly quiet and peaceful — a state of gentle repose.

After a long time, he opened his eyes to look at the well as he spoke with a faint smile: “You know, when I took the dragonwell in order to bring a spirit vein to this place, the geezer from the Giant Dragon Mountain was very unhappy. After so many years, that old man is still so stingy. His greedy nature probably won’t ever change.”

The world remained silent. No one could talk or respond in this serenity.

“So much time has passed that I have let go of what should be let go of. I have made peace with the past.” Li Qiye looked at the blue sky and chuckled: “But, that girl, Hong Tian, will not let it go. She won’t admit her mistake back then and refuses to stand down. Alas, being right or wrong doesn’t matter to me since I have lived for so long. Both of you did what you did for my sake.”

The world remained still; no response could be found.

“Among the winding distant years, not too many people have understood me and know of my desire.” Li Qiye heaved a sentimental sigh and continued: “It is a pity that you wanted an ordinary life.”

“Perhaps your endless wisdom allowed you to see through the prosperity of this world. In your eyes, a mundane life was the most precious thing. After experiencing the pains in life, you wanted to pursue an ordinary happiness and hoped to have a warm home.”

“Alas, I am destined to go on a long journey and you couldn’t hold me back. Of course, I didn’t force you to follow me into endless wars, an endless cycle of murder!” Li Qiye sighed softly.