Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322: Cancer Divine Formation

The overlord responded with a crazed guffaw: “The winner takes all so save me the preaching. I am only using these trash. So long as I can kill you, so what if they will never find peace again? They are already dead, mere skeletons. They only exist to be used one last time.”

The spectators shuddered with chills after hearing this. They thought that his perversion was extraordinary.

“Woo—” The overlord blew the conch again. The skeletons began their attack under his manic laughter: “Li, it’s time to die. These skeletons are impossible to kill, they’ll torture you to death.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Explosions came about while the legion entered the battlefield. The entire place shook under the suppression of their powerful aura. It made people wonder if the battlefield could actually withstand their force once the fight broke out, or would it be torn asunder?

Someone looked at the 100,000 attacking soldiers and murmured: “A dead legion… This overlord is too merciless, he’s going against his ancestors’ will of letting these heroes rest in peace.”

“I wonder if Li Qiye can stop this army of the dead?” People watched in anticipation from a distance.

In the face of this suppressive army, Ruyan chuckled and said: “It’s time for me to play.”

“No, it’s my turn.” Li Qiye smiled and stood before her. A gigantic death chapter emerged as he took one step up. It crazily expanded and drowned the entire battlefield and sea. It imprinted its mark at the bottom of the sea as well as the battlefield itself.

“Boom!” The death seal was activated. A death energy gushed out like a tsunami, making it seem like the greatest of all calamities. It engulfed this world and seemed to be alive. Individual strands from this tsunami poured into these skeletal bodies.

It didn’t stop there. With a clunk, the strands successfully implanted themselves. Strands of laws the size of a hair emerged from the death chapter and instantly locked onto these skeletons. Next, the death chapter returned to Li Qiye’s back and began to rotate. The chapter turned bright as its laws controlled the life and death of countless creatures. All of them were in Li Qiye’s grasp.

Many heard a buzz as soulflames suddenly ignited in the eye sockets of these skeletons. The lit up soulflames were in the color of blood.

After the emergence of the soulflames, the entire legion suddenly stopped. One could hear a massive sound as they all turned at the same time under Li Qiye’s control.

They made a circle around him, turning him into the supreme ruler of a dark kingdom.

“What’s going on?” People were astounded with their eyes wide open.

“Impossible!” The overlord cried out after seeing that his skeletal legion wouldn’t attack Li Qiye.

He regained his wits and blew the conch again. However, despite his offensive signal, the skeletons didn’t move at all.

The conch might have been left behind by the Lithodidae Sea God as a commanding seal for this dead legion, but its power over the dead was far from being comparable to the death chapter from the Death Scripture.

Li Qiye had boundless death energy and great mastery over this particular chapter, allowing him to easily control this legion of the dead.

“Do you know what I mean when I said they will never have peace?” Li Qiye faintly smiled: “It means that because of you, they will become my puppets and lose the chance to enter the cycle of reincarnation!”

The overlord was aghast, he didn’t expect for Li Qiye to have such a move.

“Is this an evil art?” Many had this notion running in their minds.

“Li, you are indeed capable, but my means are beyond your imagination.” The overlord regained his confidence and laughed once more.

With that, he blew the conch to stir the waves.

“Splash!” The seawater soared into the sky. Sea god runes appeared up above and moved around like blinding stars that illuminated the night.

“Zzz!” A sharp cry resounded across the Dragon Demon Sea. All of the water in the sky turned into an incomparable array. This gigantic array emitted a primal aura, causing the spectators to tremble. It was as if a monster from the ancient era had awakened.

At this moment, a monstrous crab appeared in the sky. Its body was made out of water and the runes of a sea god composed its skeleton. Its claws ranged for thousands of miles and could easily crush the earth.

“Damn, what the hell is that thing?” Numerous spectators felt their legs quivering after seeing this giant crab.

A royal lord shouted in horror: “It’s the Cancer Divine Formation, the proudest masterpiece in the Lithodidae Sea God’s life.”

Those who knew about it slightly trembled after hearing this. Legend states that this great formation was extremely flexible and could move accordingly based on its enemy’s movements just like a living crab.

Rumor has it that this formation played a great deal in the sea god’s victory against the other sea demons.

“Li, get ready to die without a grave, my divine formation has already activated.” The overlord laughed boisterously.

Li Qiye looked at the formation in the sky and smiled before he told Ruyan next to him: “Do you know the biggest weakness of this formation? It is too mobile which makes it inferior in space protection. After all, it was meant to protect the souls of the dead in this place.”

With that, he spread out his fingers and an endless amount of spatial runes emerged. Each of them was extremely complex and obscured.

“Buzz!” His hands flashed brightly. Others began to feel a fluctuation in space. In the blink of an eye, the ancient battlefield, skeletal legion, and the divine formation in the sky were removed from this region and put into their own space.

“What is this?” Everyone could clearly see that Li Qiye’s surroundings were separating from the main space, making them seem like an illusion.

Li Qiye explained to Ruyan: “If this divine formation was more static, it would have a much stronger defense so it wouldn’t be this easy to move.”

This was Space Removal, another space control technique. It could remove an item or an entire sphere away from the main space and trap it in a smaller zone.

“Woo—” The overlord blew his conch again in the face of this unfavorable development. He ordered the divine formation in its independent space to attack Li Qiye.

“This is the moment.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his right hand, instantly quarantining the space that the divine formation was located from the main space.

This was the effect of Space Quarantine. Once separated from the main space, if one wasn’t strong enough, they would never be able to make their way back. Even though they looked to be right in front of them, they were in fact quite far away, just like the main space and the separated space.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The divine formation unleashed a strong barrage inside its tiny space. Its gigantic claws could shatter the sky vault. Even the main space began to shake. Everyone felt that if this continued, the gigantic formation would kill its way back to the main space.

At this time, Li Qiye’s left hand pressured the main space. More spatial runes wove together. A huge portal emerged with countless coordinates inside. It seemed as if every coordinate in the nine worlds could be found within this portal.

“Clang!” In the blink of an eye, he locked onto a particular coordinate. With a loud bang, a portal emerged on the other end.

A majestic valley appeared before everyone. It was an island in the shape of a valley with an auspicious and mighty aura.