Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1601

Ancestor Yu calmed down and ordered the disciples inside the mansion: “No one goes outside for now. I will be going to see the forefather.”

The disciples present were moved after hearing this for they understood the significance.

The ancestor traveled deeper into the mansion until he reached a shabby house. He tidied his clothes without any slight and prostrated before the door: “Your grandson greets you, forefather.”

“Come in.” A powerful sound came from within.

The ancestor took a deep breath and entered the building. It was very neat with nothing else but a straw mat with an old man meditating on top.

He had a large stature and wore a hemp garment without any adornments. His gray hair was shining as he sat straight like a rock.

This was Forefather Yu. Descendants no longer knew his real name. They only knew that he was Yu Taijun’s only son.

This was the second Godking from the clan, a very powerful Nine Worlds’ Godking.

The clan once had five Godkings. Outside of Taijun who was an Emperor Assailant, her husband was also a terrifying Godking.

Another Godking was the Yu Ancestor’s father, or the Forefather Yu’s son. He was also another powerful Godking. 

Unfortunately, these two Godkings were no longer in this world. Their lives ran out among the slow path towards the grand dao.

Just think about it, a clan that wasn’t an imperial lineage actually had five Godkings and one Emperor Assailant. Despite its small scale, its power and prestige were mighty enough. These Godkings were the reason why the Yu Clan had an illustrious position in the Grand Sea.

After seeing the forefather, the ancestor bowed again and said: “Forefather, I’m afraid we are facing a strong enemy. He had climbed on our twelve scales and used it power.”

“I know.” The forefather slowly nodded: “Who is he?”

“A junior named Li Qiye. He came from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect with no real backing to speak of.” The ancestor busily answered.

“Li Qiye, Cleansing Incense.” The forefather murmured these two names and fell into quiet contemplation.

“He came with ill-will. First, he seriously injured our descendant and tortured him. Then he tore apart my grandnephew’s arm. This is a very aggressive man. Right now, he’s using our twelve scales to destroy the Skyfire Warships. I’m afraid he’s coming for us soon.” The ancestor worriedly said.

His nervousness was understandable. Li Qiye came aggressively and seemed to be aiming for his clan. Moreover, he has heard of Li Qiye’s title as well, Fiercest and the notoriety accompanying it.

“Elaborate.” The forefather inquired.

The ancestor told Yu Zhan’s story again and how he and his uncle were taught a lesson by Li Qiye. They reported the matter to the clan master and the clan master, in turn, reported it to the ancestor.

After hearing this, the forefather gently waved his sleeve and said flatly: “Let the juniors take care of their own problem. The boy is to blame for not being skilled enough and lose. Tell him to train harder. The only thing to worry about right now is the twelve scales.” He frowned after saying this.

“Hmm…” Ancestor Yu mulled over the statement as well. He was a bit surprised that his grandfather didn’t want to step up for their descendant. However, he didn’t dare to remark on it because his grandfather was much more insightful than him. He surely had his reasons.

“It’ll be a problem for Fiercest to have control over the twelve scales. We need to eliminate this to avoid further complication.” Ancestor Yu said.

The forefather took his time thinking before answering: “Nothing is surprising since there are many great yet hidden masters in the world. However, in our generation, there should only be two people who can completely understand the twelve scales.”

“Which two?” The ancestor said.

“The first is Gu Zun from Heaven Suppression. His talents are virtually peerless.” The forefather replied: “If he really wants to, he can definitely understand the mysteries within. It’s just that Mother is still around so he doesn’t want to antagonize her.”

“Who is the second then?” The ancestor didn’t doubt Gu Zun’s talents. After all, this was an eonic genius.

“The second… you won’t know this person, no need for me to waste words.” The forefather’s eyes flashed for a bit but he refused to answer.

This astounded the ancestor. Just what kind of terrifying characters could this be that even his grandfather didn’t want to comment on?

“Li Qiye comes with menacing intent but he’s probably not on the same side as Gu Zun.” The ancestor said quickly: “We’re on the same side as Heaven Suppression with good ties with Ye Jiuzhou’s people. Gu Zun doesn’t need to aim for us, plus, Li Qiye also erased Gu Zun’s shadow on the scales.”

“We can’t predict Gu Zun’s actions with an ordinary perspective.” The forefather shook his head: “To call Gu Zun a genius is not unreasonable but to call him a stubborn madman is fine as well. A simple junior like you can’t speculate his thoughts.”

The ancestor obediently kept his mouth shut.

“Mother will be out tomorrow. Select a few descendants and let them see her because she might not see your group again later. As for Li Qiye, she’ll make a decision.” The forefather said.

“Her Venerable wants to come out!” The ancestor was ecstatic. Though the world knew that she was finished with her cultivation, she still hasn’t left her meditation. No one in the mansion was qualified to see her outside of Forefather Yu.

“Go.” The forefather ended with a wave of his sleeve.

The happy ancestor took a deep breath and bowed again before turning to leave.

“One more thing, no need to be so close with Soaring Immortal. We do not walk on the same path with them.” The forefather added.

The ancestor was dazed for a while. He eventually calmed down and had to comment: “Soaring Immortal indeed wants to befriend us. If we have an ally like them, the benefits will come.”

In fact, the seniors in the clan knew of Yu Yulian’s crush on Long Aotian and were happy to see it coming to fruition. Even Ancestor Yu wouldn’t mind her marrying into Soaring Immortal.

The forefather raised his voice: “What do you know?! In the eyes of Soaring Immortal, we are only tools to be used. Just shallow juniors like you are qualified to talk about an alliance with Soaring Immortal? Hmph, allying with them will bring about a sect-destroying disaster.”

“Well…” The ancestor hesitated and didn’t know what to say since deep down, he wanted to form this alliance.

“Just keep this in mind, no need to investigate any further. You’ll understand in the future, our foolish descendants cannot accomplish anything great, understand?”

The ancestor bowed deeply: “Your grandson will bear this in mind.” Even though he didn’t agree with this view, he was still very respectful towards his grandfather.

In the deepest location of the mansion was a forbidden area. The Yu descendants weren’t allowed here because this was their ancestral grandmother’s living area.

There was an old and simple shrine here that have experienced countless years and beaten by the weathers.

“Squeak.” The tightly-shut wooden doors finally opened. An elderly woman with white hair running down her temples came out. Nevertheless, one could still see that she was an amazing beauty judging by her current elegant demeanor.

She walked to the garden and looked at the flowering old trees and sighed disappointedly: “Old man, the trees we planted have blossomed but you are no longer here, leaving me all alone in this world now.”

“Who?!” Her eyes suddenly became serious during this sentimental moment. Her entire being changed and a mighty aura erupted just like a general that has swept through the nine heavens!

“The grand dao is always a solitary path, you’re not the one alone.” At this time, a young man floated over and said: “Qingfeng, long time no see.”

The old woman was shaken to hear the greeting. Her eyes that were exuding frightening light widened as she stared at the young man in disbelief.

“Is, is this really you?” Her voice was trembling.

“Who else can control the twelve scales besides me? When I changed your constitution back then, you also had the same expression, one that didn’t believe in miracles.” It was Li Qiye who answered with a smile.

“Your Excellency, it’s really is you!” The old woman shouted emotionally.

“Yes, it’s me.” He sentimentally spoke while looking at her: “It has been a while. Time is truly cruel.”

1. I messed up. Taijun is a feudal title for an old woman that I haven’t seen before. It’ll be Matriarch Yu. Was debating between matriarch, matron, and dowager. Went back and manually corrected like 40 chapters, sigh. I need that auto-correcting feature so bad.