Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1882

After ignoring Tamedragon Child, Li Qiye returned to his peak. There was an old man waiting quietly outside before he could enter his room.

This was the captain of Eternal; he looked like an ordinary old man, like a next-door neighbor.

But one would be sorely mistaken to judge him only by his appearance. What was Eternal? The greatest ship in Exploration Grounds. All sorts of things happened in this place. Many ships have been robbed before by bandits but nothing had ever happened to Eternal. In fact, no one ever dared to even think about robbing it.

Thus, how could the captain of this monstrous ship be an ordinary person?”

After seeing Li Qiye, the captain bowed deeply and said with reverence: “I hope this tiny and wretched ship is okay for you, Sir. Please excuse any inconveniences.”

There were more than ten thousand passengers here. The captain wouldn’t even personally greet imperial successor. The best example was Jilin Princess who never got a greeting from the captain. But now, he was here in person.

“Got a problem?” Li Qiye glanced at the captain and said flatly.

“No, no, it’s nothing.” The captain quickly smiled and said: “Only asking if you would like this lowly one’s service, sir. If these bandits want to bother you, I can offer my assistance.”

Few things happening on eternal could hide from his eyes.

“The altar matter alone can’t attract your attention. The emperors behind you are experienced enough, this treasure might be valuable but not enough for them to send you here to check.” Li Qiye commented.

The captain was afraid of Li Qiye’s leisure tone. He quickly replied: “Sir, this is a misunderstanding. This lowly one doesn't’ have an ulterior motive.”

To be frank, this captain wouldn’t give a damn even if High Gods were to visit him. The fact that he was around Exploration Grounds for so long should be indicative of his power. Moreover, the ship had more than just one emperor as their backers!

But now, he was uncontrollably frightened of having offended Li Qiye because his emperors have warned him.

“Fart if you must, don’t waste my time.” Li Qiye coldly stared at him and said.

The captain smiled and rubbed his palms together to ease the tension. He pondered for a bit to find the right words before respectfully speaking: “This lowly one, this lowly one only has one question. Is, is that skeletal sword an Epoch Paragon Artifact?”

“You’re the one asking or the emperors behind you?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

The captain was in a tough position. He smiled wryly, not daring to reply.

“Go back and tell your master - indeed, it is a Paragon Artifact, albeit, only an imitation. I had the urge to mess around.” Li Qiye revealed.

This certainly horrified the captain. Just messing around was enough to startle the emperors behind him.

“Oh, so that’s the case. I see.” The captain said: “Sir, you are peerless with a dao reaching the heaven, such a supreme technique is only child’s play for you.”

Li Qiye was straightforward this time: “Okay, no need to flatter me. Leave if there is nothing else.”

“Of course, of course, this lowly one will stop bothering you, sir.” The captain respectfully bowed, not daring to show any slight before Li Qiye.

Even though he didn’t know of Li Qiye’s identity or which monster he was, more than just one emperor had warned him.

“There is something ominous on your ship.” Li Qiye spoke as the captain was on his way.

The captain stopped and smiled wryly: “Sir, you’re joking. Our Eternal is very clean after being protected by the emperors. Nothing impure or evil could get on.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye and said flatly: “The ship is certainly clean but your passengers might not be. You certainly know what you are transporting.”

The captain’s expression became frozen for a bit before a cough: “Sir, the passengers buy the tickets and this lowly one can’t exactly go through their luggage. As long as they do not cause trouble on the ship, we welcome everyone.”

“I see.” Li Qiye asked: “Then where are these aberrations going?”

“Sir, I’ll be honest. They’re going to Remote Wildland.” The captain had no choice. As the captain, he shouldn’t be revealing passengers’ information but he didn’t dare to hide it from this particular being standing before him.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold: “I see. Looks like all the forces in the thirteen continents haven’t given up on Remote Wildland.”

“”Ah, this lowly one doesn’t know much about this matter, I’m only the driver.” The captain didn’t wish to be involved in this issue.

“What about your emperors? Are they going too?” Li Qiye inquired again.

“Well…” The captain hesitated for a moment before answering: “That isn’t something this lowly one is eligible to know. But I have heard that something is stirring in Remote Wildland and some emperors are indeed going there.”

“No one ever stops wandering about that place. A few things there are truly tempting.” Li Qiye said leisurely: “However, go tell your emperors that it is best for them to stay the hell away from me! If they want to be cannon-fodders, I’ll be happy to drink their imperial blood!”

“This, this lowly one will send the message.” The captain trembled inside.

Normally, only emperors would threaten others, not the other way around, especially in a blatant manner like this. Li Qiye knew the existences behind Eternal yet he was still threatening them all the same. Right now, the captain could only think of one possibility - that the guy was supreme overlord!

Outside of these supreme overlords, no one else would dare to threaten the emperors behind Eternal.

“Good.” Li Qiye said: “Top emperors of their position should know the right choice to make. If they want to act like lower emperors and bring their wills here, I’ll still be happy all the same.”

The emperors behind Eternal were indeed very powerful. That’s why they were able to notice the imitation of True Bones.

In the end, the horrified captain didn’t dare to say anything else and bowed deeply again before leaving.

Afterward, Li Qiye stared at the horizon with a smile: “Very well, if emperors want to get involved at Remote Wildland, then let the storm rages, it’ll be much more lively.” With that, he entered the room.

Eternal’s speed increased after leaving Hope. Even though it stopped at several other points, there was no delay and left at the exact time. The ship also knew the way very well because it had been here countless times. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it had traveled through all the known paths.

Nothing happened during this portion of the trip so far, something Eternal has always been proud of - their smooth passage. 

Li Qiye didn’t leave the ships during the different resting areas. He continued to cultivate and think about the profundities of the grand dao.

In these last several days, Wu Fengying didn’t come to bother him. Who knows if it was due to the princess’ advise or she had finally learned her lesson after the previous defeat?