Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2284

Chapter 2284

The sage and her men were already retreating . After the impact, a torrent of debris scattered everywhere . They had to muster some power to destroy the flying rocks and mud waves .

It ended with them looking quite pitiful while climbing out of the mess . But this was still the best case scenario . If they didn’t run fast enough earlier, they would have been annihilated just like that imperial city . Of course, they were angry at Li Qiye but there was nothing they could do .

The spectators were shocked . This madman didn’t care about friends and foes, nearly killing the sage and the ancestors .

Since the imperial city was rendered to ashes, the momentum of Everlasting crumbled in whole . The disciples who became one with it were released and became paralyzed on the ground .

Some looked at the crater where their capital used to be . They felt despair and hopelessness . Everlasting would cease to exist from now on in Longevity System .

These survivors didn’t know how to feel . If the capital didn’t go down, perhaps they would have suffered the same fate as the victims before them - turning into blood . Alas, this was also the end of their kingdom and home . They looked up at the sky with an empty gaze, uncertain of what’s to come .

At this particular juncture, the entire system fell into a hush . All eyes were on the crater; people were coming into terms with the death of a kingdom .

Everlasting was the strongest military force here but it didn’t even put up a good fight . Nevertheless, Longevity Valley had made it obvious about the stability of their reign .

Contrary to the notion of declination, the valley’s power and resources far exceeded their imagination .

The portal back there was gone now, same with the bow user earlier . No one knew which ancestor this was or how strong . Serenity and peace returned to this reclusive sect .

“No!!!” After a long time, Everlasting Emperor regained his sanity and bellowed like a mad beast .

Though he was still alive, his life was meaningless since his kingdom was gone now . Moreover, he was the one who started this coup . He became the sinner, the true criminal behind the kingdom’s demise . How could he face his ancestors in the afterlife?

He roared and jumped off the altar . It didn’t take long before a bang was heard at the bottom . The guy committed suicide and became mincemeat .

No one really said anything at the moment . The supporters of Everlasting didn’t have the courage to run . Fleeing was useless right now .

A monk can run but not his temple . Their sects and kingdoms won’t be able to escape the incoming retribution . It was best to stay and await their punishment instead of making it worse .

No one could touch the valley right now after an example was made of Everlasting . Attempting to do so would end with utter demise .

Li Qiye sat back in his chair, assuming his lazy pose . The Wutong Phoenix Tree on top of Herb-plucking was gone too .

A stark contrast indeed, the destroyer of Everlasting versus this fella resembling a lazy kitten .

People found it hard to connect the merciless, mass murderer to the current him, someone akin to an ordinary mortal .

They became frightened . Perhaps destroying a kingdom was no big deal to him, no different from enjoying a meal .

The three sisters waited on him again, spoiling him like maids treating an emperor . Eventually, he asked the crowd: “Okay now, tell me, who is the leader of Longevity? I’m all ears . ”

Both the usurpers and loyalists glanced at each other . They didn’t wish to anger this madman after seeing his terrible means .

This was a tyrant, and a murderous one at that . Negotiation wasn’t his forte either .

“First Brother, you are!” One expert kneeled and shouted .

“First Brother!” The crowd kneeled down, including the usurpers .

They could have the courage to oppose Longevity Valley, but not enough balls to refute this guy .

“I see, we are of one mind then . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “But I’m not interested in being the leader at all . Someone else will do it, oh, they’re here now . ”

Longevity Sage and the ancestors landed on the altar just in time .

“Valley Lord . ” Many disciples kneeled to greet her .

The sage was still the master of the valley so all the representatives of the other systems performed the necessary social formalities .

Some shuddered while looking at her . There were rumors of her grave injuries a while ago but she looked perfectly fine right now .

This was clearly a play . Even if she was ambushed, her injuries were heavily exaggerated . The ancestors’ attempt at saving her was just a show as well . Because of this, Everlasting thought that this would be the best opportunity to attack and seize the reign .

Alas, the real victim here was Everlasting . They fell down the pit, and the saddest part was that they were the one who dug it .

If they didn’t start this war, Longevity Valley wouldn’t have been able to do anything despite being aware of this potential threat .

But now, a rebellion was an unforgivable sin . No one would say anything if the valley were to destroy Everlasting . The real schemer here was the valley, not Everlasting . Those who understood this felt a chill running down their spine .

“Alright, beauty, I’ve dealt with the disaster and toiled as an errand boy while all of you are reaping the benefits . ” Li Qiye looked at the sage and smiled: “The play is over . ” 

The crowd was stunned and stared at the two of them . Keep in mind that in terms of status, she was his master .

But now, he called her “beauty”, lacking the respect a disciple should show his master .  

One’s master should be treated as one’s parents . Such a lack of filial piety deserved punishment or even expulsion .