Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2354

Chapter 2354

Li Qiye and the Kui patiently waited by the pond, far away from the uproar that is outside .

He reached a zen state in order to derive the myriad laws, searching for the great mysteries - something that he is capable of doing regardless of the location .

In fact, he had no fear of being disturbed because of his unshakable dao heart . Even if someone were to break his meditation, he would be unaffected and could come back to his wits in an instant with no chance for qi deviation . Wu Bingning and Ling Ximo risked their lives needlessly earlier .

The Kui also meditated with lightning currents flowing on its body, issuing thunderous crackles .

Coinbeasts were different from the animals outside, perhaps a unique type of existence only found in Moneyfall . Their origin was a mystery .

The Kui was frighteningly strong, a king of the coinbeasts . Moreover, its divine bloodline destined it for greatness .

However, it was different from a regular divine beast, such as its father and mother . After reaching a certain level, the latter would gain an amazing intelligence .

Unfortunately for the Kui, coinbeasts didn’t share the same path of evolution . Thus, it still relied on instincts, even when it came to cultivation .

The reason for it being here was due to an awaiting fortune - one that could transform it from this beast shell . It simply followed its instinct without possessing more information .

Because of this, it has always tried to reach this place . All ended with failure until today .

“Splash!” After a while, something finally happened inside the pond . Bubbles started appearing on the surface .

Normally, bubbles would pop soon after reaching the surface but this wasn’t the case . They actually sank back down and looked like water pearls .  

“Ooo!” The Kui came back from meditation and excitedly cried out .

It didn’t take long before the pond was full of them . Strange enough, the water didn’t spill over at all even when the bubbles took over .

Despite wanting to jump into the pond, the Kui still looked over at Li Qiye .

He finally opened his eyes and smiled: “This is a type of fate . Very well, you go first or there won’t be anything left after I’m done . ”

“Ooo!” The Kui instantly jumped into the pond, creating a huge splash .

“Is this necessary?” Li Qiye shook his head after seeing the eager beast .

It quickly calmed down and meditated while inside the water . Long hair started to grow, or so it seemed . It was in fact strands of lightning coming out of the beast, around the size of a needle . These strands began to penetrate the water bubbles, turning them black . Upon closer inspection, one would find that it was actually a ink-like liquid streaming from the beasts to the bubbles via the lightning strands .

After being filled with the black liquid, the bubbles floated up to the surface and finally popped .

However, the black liquid didn’t flow back in the water . They started floating like smoke and after sizzling noises, they were burned into nothingness .

The longer the beast stay in the pond, the more bubbles floated up and more black liquid being incinerated . The quantity of bubble in the pond never decreased because new ones would rise from the bottom .

As time passed, less and less liquid flowed out of the beast until there was none .

“Boom! Boom!” The strands of lightning disappeared, replaced by golden ones now, as bright as gold .

“Splash!” The beast jumped out of the pond . It was flashing with the same golden glow; its skin had turned into the same shade . It emitted a unique aura, becoming even more powerful and nobler than before .

It started beating its chest, resulting in thunderous rumbles .  

“Ah, ah, oh…” The beast uttered strange sounds to Li Qiye, almost human-like . It had undergone a transformation . If it could truly escape this beast shell, it would gain intelligence and a new form .

Li Qiye smiled after seeing the excited beast: “Yes, yes, it is worth celebrating . Maybe after you shed this shell, you will be able to see the world outside . Of course, there is a long way to go with no guarantee of success . ”

The powerful beast still didn’t quite understand this . Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind though .

He raised his hand and all of the bubbles in the pond suddenly left and started to float in the air .

Next, he pushed down his hand and the entire pond collapsed, revealing a clear maelstrom around the size of a mirror .

After separating it from the earth, he made all the bubbles enter the whirling phenomenon like dumplings being thrown into a boiling pot .

Finally, after a loud bang, the spin of the vortex slowed down since the bubbles came together to form something akin to a crystal ball .

His eyes became serious after seeing this: “I’ve found what I came for, it is time for a meeting . ”