Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2664

Chapter 2664

Li Qiye didn’t emit any rambunctious divinity and blinding aura right now . However, all could feel his terrible rage . This fiery anger engulfed all of Imperial, seemingly wishing to refine it to ashes .

Systems, masters, and everything else wouldn’t be spared . Imperial itself would become a casualty of his wrath . Its inhabitants were naturally nervous and panicking, truly experiencing fear .

They came to realize his destructive potential . Even the most revered existences would be killed if they were in his way . This guy clearly could destroy a system with a single move right now . Just one glare could scare a god to death .

Provoking him meant starting a massacre . Not only the provoker would die but so would his sect and system .

Feeling afraid wasn’t embarrassing at all . Knowing when to back off was better than being destroyed .

Sun Lengying and his friend tried many evasive maneuvers but it was useless . Li Qiye had refined space and messed up the boundaries of Imperial . Their escaping method looked like child’s plays in comparison . They were moving extremely fast but in Li Qiye’s eyes, they were barely moving faster than snails .

Nevertheless, the two soared ahead because the Mu System was only inches away . Just getting there meant accomplishing their mission .

“Who are those two?” Many Eternals in Imperial were surprised to see the cloaked figures .

They could see that the two were peak Eternals, judging by their speed . Alas, that’s still not enough against Li Qiye . Eternals were insignificant before his apocalyptic wrath .

“They must have truly crossed the line to piss Fiercest off so badly . This will drag their sect and system into the mix, everyone’s gonna die . ” One Eternal shook his head .

It was obvious that only Solar Daoist has a chance against Fiercest in the present day . Anyone else was simply courting death .

They must have touched Fiercest’s proverbial reversed scale in order to make him so angry .

“Still resorting to trickery before me?” Li Qiye only needed one step to catch up .

“Boom!” A massive wave erupted and spread at an unprecedented rate . It destroyed everything around it and even the stars and galaxies above .

Sun Lengying and his ally were shrouded in a sacred light . They took out dozens of defensive artifacts but still failed to stop the offensive wave .

“Bang!” Their treasures shattered and they were blown flying while vomiting blood . Their concealment methods were nullified as well .

Few people could actually handle one move from Li Qiye when he was serious . It was impressive that these two managed to stay alive . Nevertheless, they were bloodied all over and have revealed their true appearance .

“What?! Sun Lengying, and that’s Lucidity King, how can this be?!” Many were startled .

“I thought Lucidity King passed away…?” Some became dumbfounded .

The entire world knew about his passing . Who would have thought that the king was still alive and had no signs of illness?

The spectators glanced at each other . Rumors about the end of his life span had circulated for a long time in the past and that he could have died at any moment .

Because of this, no one was surprised to hear about his death due to a depletion of vitality . It was already a miracle for him to live this long .

However, he was perfectly fine once more so the crowd became astounded .

“Lucidity King is too treacherous . I saw him before and his life span was really over then, looking quite weak . What an act he put on . ” One grand alchemist said .

The king had asked the world for longevity medicine, so numerous famous alchemists have been invited to make longevity pills .

They have visited and checked Lucidity King’s pulses, noting that he was indeed on his last leg from all possible angles .  

It became clear that everything was a lie before, just an act for the world to see . Sun Lengying was his accomplice .

“I don’t get it, Lucidity King even passed the throne to Fiercest . Some even said that Fiercest is his illegitimate son, so why is this happening right now?” An expert murmured .

No one could make sense of this crazy relationship . Before his death, Lucidity King appointed Li Qiye as the heir and Sun Lengying helped him during the coronation . Now, Lucidity King turned back up and Fiercest wanted to kill him?

People exchanged glances, utterly perplexed .

“Where is she?” Li Qiye looked down on the world . Everyone else seemed like ants to him, even powerful Eternals like Lucidity King and Sun Lengying . They were no different than a common folk in his eyes .

“We got ambushed and someone else took her . ” Lucidity King calmly revealed since it has gotten to this point .