Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2705

Chapter 2705: 2705

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The glow on Li Qiye almost became full-fledged currents and began to go wild .

The emperor looked over at him and said: “Dao Brother?”

“It’s fine, I don’t need it . ” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I want to see what this person is looking at . Plus, it’s useless even if I try to shroud . ”

“What do you mean?” She was surprised .

“I told you before that I’m only a passerby and do not belong here . If a tribulation comes down, I’ll definitely feel the brunt because I have tested it before . ”

The emperor furrowed her brows because fewer than few have experienced the tribulations in Immortal Lineage . Tribulations normally never came down here .

“Plus, I’m not the same as any of you . I have seen and struck the villainous heaven, so when a large-scale tribulation descends, I’ll attract an extremely mighty one just like a magnet . ” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound as he looked upward .

The emperor became startled because she knew the level he was speaking of . The information hidden behind this secret was shocking . No one has ever done something like this in the history of Three Immortals yet Li Qiye had done it .

Strangely enough, Li Qiye seemed to be anticipating this: “Come, it’s been a while since my last world-destroying tribulation . Another taste will be nice . ” He smacked his lips .

The emperor smiled wryly . Anyone else would be stricken with fear before a heavenly tribulation but Li Qiye seemed to be excited . Just how tough was his mentality?

“Bump! Bump! Bump!” Something in the external space seemed to be bumping into the sky of Immortal .

This world resembled a closed-off fortress while the banging sound came from a mighty invader trying to break through the gates .

“What’s happening now?” The emperor became startled as the entire world trembled .

“This is the best thing about Three Immortals, the reason why it doesn’t normally have tribulations and still standing strong all this time . Everything else has been blocked outside, your world is an isolated one . Even this massive-scale tribulation is having a hard time descending . ” Li Qiye explained .

“Rumble!” Explosions continued with earthquakes everywhere due to an all-penetrating force from above .

“Boom!” Finally, a blast as loud as the detonation of a million thunder . Everything exploded and collapsed . The world was slightly pushed out of its balance and numerous people fell to the ground .

The sky instantly became bright again as if the gate above has been taken down .

“Boom!” The day returned with a terrible friend . Golden brilliance permeated like sun rays, giving everything a similar shade .

“Look, the tribulation is coming!” Someone shouted at this sight .

Sure enough, it looked like a dam has been broken with countless yellow bolts descending . The magnificent bolts looked like a golden ocean pouring down to drown Immortal Lineage .

“Rumble!” Each was as thick as a mountain range now with more than enough force to drill through the earth .

One of them crushed numerous peaks and a mountain range .

“Ah!” One Eternal thought that he wouldn’t be struck by it and couldn’t avoid in time . This dazzling bolt annihilated him, causing blood to splash everywhere .

“No!” Screams from the unfortunate masters echoed all over Immortals .

Some weren’t careful enough to hide so they became victims of these murderous bolts .

“Damn, just run for your lives!” The reckless experts were scared out of their mind and quickly concealed their presence .

The torrential bolts rained down and could attack their targets at any given time .

Several strongholds in Immortal became the primary targets . Nothing in the vicinity of these places remained unscathed from the barrages .

Sure enough, powerful barriers were erected, turning the inside into a separate domain to stop the terrifying tribulation .

Alas, the endless barrages of lightning bolts caused the barriers to vibrate uncontrollably with many ripples . Some eventually got taken down .

Li Qiye was also a primary target so thunderous explosions resounded near him .

It didn’t take long before the golden expanse turned into a superstorm . All the lightning bolts aimed straight at him and fired .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The area nearby got penetrated instantly . Mountains and rivers exploded into smithereens . The ground had thousands of large pits .

This terrifying tribulation could intimidate even the strongest master . They would shroud themselves and flee . This was common sense .

However, Li Qiye took the full onslaught without hesitation .

He opened his thirteen palaces and revealed his primordial tree . Supreme grand dao and endless vitality opened a separate domain .

“Come now!” Li Qiye laughed and bravely braced himself against the golden bolts .

The emperor in hiding nearby didn’t know what to do . Only Fiercest would commit to this domineering act . Progenitors themselves wouldn’t dare to face a tribulation of this level .

Nonstop detonations ensued . As his defensive lines grew stronger, so did the offensive barrages . More and more bolts gathered above him, never giving up until there is nothing left of him .

“Boom!” A section of his barrier faltered and one bolt pierced him, then another, and more… Blood naturally gushed out from the holes in his body .

He has been turned into a sieve . One could see the other side through these gaping, bloody holes . His blood and fleshy bits fell to the ground .

Even someone as strong as Li Qiye has been blasted to pieces .