Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3628

Chapter 3628: Consequence Of Gluttony

Cold-eyed Lightning Sword has agreed to compensate Huang Qibing’s group for their lost mount. The latter had no choice but to agree.

He then cupped his fist towards Li Qiye and smilingly said: “Young Noble Li, I feel bad that I haven’t gotten the chance to welcome you to the academy. There is a student gathering coming up soon, will you grace us with your presence?”

Some students exchanged glances after seeing this clear attempt at recruitment. Someone like Li Xiangquan didn’t make friends so easily since few were qualified.

This was still the case in the academy. Thus, a few students took pride in being his associates. Now, since he tried to befriend Li Qiye, it showed that Li Qiye had value.

“No need.” Li Qiye refused right away.

“It is just a small gathering to welcome you, please reconsider.” Xiangquan didn’t give up.

“Not interested.” Li Qiye said before going back inside.

“Brat, don’t refuse face when given or fail to appreciate kindness.” A student in the back immediately felt indignation for Li Xiangquan. He shouted: “It is your honor to be invited by the senior brother, don’t choose the hard way…”

Xiangquan raised his hand and stopped this student from escalating the issue. The latter had to swallow his words.

The spectators started thinking about the implications.

“This Li Qiye is quite inconsiderate and arrogant, who does he think he is to not show Senior Brother Li any face?” One of them murmured.

“Because that’s who Li Qiye is. He even refused an invitation from Teacher Du. Who do you think has more weight, Teacher Du or Senior Brother Li?” Someone who had visited Myriad Beast Mountains replied.

The first speaker immediately shut his mouth after hearing this.

“He has offended too many people in Duality.” Another started: “How is he going to stay here?”

Most listeners felt that his response to Senior Brother Li was quite insulting. Very few dared to do so in Duality.

“Let’s go.” Li Xiangquan ordered and the indignant group left with him.

As they followed him, one of them said: “Senior Brother, that Li guy didn’t show you any respect. Your benevolence might be viewed as a weakness by others. You should teach him a lesson so others know that your prestige is unquestionable.”

“Right, that guy went too far.” Another chimed in.

“Don’t bring this up again.” Li Xiangquan waved his hand and stopped speaking. However, a lightning bolt flashed deep in his eyes.

The others naturally dropped the issue.


Back in the temple, the old servant has finished roasting the bull. The beef had a tantalizing fragrance along with a golden glow. The texture seemed to be both soft and crunchy. The glow made others salivate uncontrollably.

“Amitabha.” Suddenly, they heard a Buddhist chant.

“Looks like it is a fortuitous day for food.” Golden Cicada popped out of nowhere just like a phantom. A cowardly soul would have been frightened by his sudden appearance.

His eyes fixated on the glistening meat were as bright as two suns. He seemed eager to come for a bite.

“You seem hungry, want some meat?” Li Qiye was sitting on his master chair and leisurely said.

“I do!” The monk placed his palms together while saliva dripped out of his mouth: “Benefactor, we are truly connected by fate, let’s continue on this path?”

“Just eat if you want to eat.” Li Qiye revealed a friendly smile.

“Really?” The monk thought that he had misheard. What a generous guy!

“Of course.” Li Qiye replied: “The meat in front of you isn’t fake, it’s not paper nor an illusion.”

“True.” The monk scratched his bald head and smelled the meaty fragrance. The meat was definitely real.

“Then why are you hesitating?” Li Qiye smirked.

“Amitabha, thank you for your generosity. May the great Buddha protect you…” The monk placed his palms together and bowed.

He then threw caution to the wind, unable to resist the temptation, and rushed forward. He picked up the entire bull and started taking one bite after another.

“How’s the taste?” Li Qiye asked with a gentle expression, seemingly glad. This was the face of a hunter successfully catching his prey.

“Delicious, it’s crisp yet juicy, simply incredible, Amitabha.” Golden Cicada mumbled with his mouth filled with meat; his hands covered in grease and fat. He occasionally wiped them on his kasaya.

One finally understood while his kasaya had an oily appearance. He didn’t care about this great Buddhist treasure in the slightest.

The old servant shook his head after seeing this, speechless.

“Little Monk, I heard that your temple has plenty of treasures.” Li Qiye spoke.

“Treasures? There are quite a few.” The monk kept on eating and replied without looking at Li Qiye: “After all, our ancestors have gathered them for millions of years. Bodhisattva Cauldron, Myriad Buddha Diagram, Golden Dao Lotus… yeah, there are all types.” He forgot how to be discreet while chewing on the meat.

“Hmm, I’ve heard of them before.” Li Qiye went on: “But I’m more interested in dao bones recently, not Buddhist treasures.”

“Dao bones?” The monk swallowed a big portion and quickly responded: “We have a high-level emperor dao bone, it’s not bad, the dao rhythm is present as if the beast itself is still alive…”

“I’m not interested in that one, what about the god-level dao bone?” Li Qiye interrupted him.

“Our god-level dao bone…” The monk spoke without thinking but actually stopped this time. He became frozen - his teeth were on the meat held by both hands.

“Ahem, Amitabha, I don't know anything about a god-level dao bone, never heard of it being around either.” He dropped the meat and placed his palms together.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smirked and stared at him.

The monk became nervous after lying. He responded: “Amitabha, monks do not lie, I’ve never seen a god-level dao bone in Heavenly Dragon Temple. This is the absolute truth.”

“Sure, you’ve never seen it, this doesn’t disprove its existence.” Li Qiye said.

“Well…” The monk hesitated and smiled wryly: “I don’t know much about this, Benefactor. You’ll have to ask my master.”

“For me to take a trip to Heavenly Dragon Temple myself over this dao bone? I’m afraid that it won’t be so simple then, I might destroy your temple.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Amitabha.” The monk closed his eyes, not refuting Li Qiye’s claim.

“That’s why, Little Monk, I’m telling you now that I want this god-level bone. Two options, you will bring it to me or I’ll go and take it myself.” Li Qiye said.

“I... I can’t make a decision regarding something so important.” The poor monk looked helpless.