Chapter 405: The Storm Of A Marriage

Keep in mind that a Jewel Sovereign would not throw out empty words, so anyone who heard these hints would be scared out of their mind.

It was not difficult for a Jewel Sovereign to kill a young disciple, especially if he personally took action when they were outside.

Lu Baiqiu, as a Region Lord, had experienced many things. She felt a chill after hearing such a blatant threat. Li Qiye would truly be in danger if a Jewel Sovereign like Elder Lin wished to do such a thing.

“Threatening me?” On the other hand, Li Qiye was still calm as he leisurely smiled: “I actually want to see how you will carry it out. Elder Lin, take your leave. I have made my decision regarding this marriage. As for your idiotic disciple, Yan Long, he is not worthy of my woman. A fool like him wants to taste a swan’s meat? Not even in his next life would he be able to do so.”

“You!” Elder Lin’s expression became quite agitated. As a respected elder of the Thousand Carp River, a Jewel Sovereign like him rarely went out to deal with mundane things. This time, he had to interfere because of his own disciple. However, this no-named junior refused his request and even dared to look at him with disdain. How could he not become furious and brimming with murderous intent?

Li Qiye remained calm and relaxed against Elder Lin’s frightening murderous aura, but Lu Baiqiu turned pale. She understood how frightening a Jewel Sovereign was once they decided to take action.

“Elder Lin is also here ah!” Amidst the surging murderous aura, a clear voice came from outside. At this time, Lan Yunzhu was standing by the door and asked: “What business does Elder Lin have at this place?”

“My good niece, Lan.” Elder Lin converged his murderous aura and said with a smile: “Nothing, I am only chatting with Young Noble Li for a bit. If you have returned, then I won’t bother the two of you!” Having said that, he turned around and left.

After he left, Lan Yunzhu looked at Li Qiye who shrugged and said: “It is nothing, just a good old threat. Little Girl, being your fiance isn’t easy. I am in quite a bit of pain, so you will need to offer compensation.”

Lan Yunzhu sternly glared at him and then unhappily said: “Since when did outsiders dictate my marriage!” Of course, she was referring to Elder Lin.

“Heh, not necessarily. You are the river sect’s descendant, so do you think they would actually let you marry an outsider?” Li Qiye smiled and slowly continued: “I know you truly want to marry me, but there are a few things that you have no control over.”

“Bah, there’s no need to praise yourself, who would want to marry you!” Lan Yunzhu angrily retorted, then she lightly added with a glimmer of stubbornness in her eyes: “My marriage shall be decided by myself!”

“Can you deal with the old men from your sect?” Li Qiye smiled and asked. As the descendant of the river sect, her marriage was certainly a difficult matter to resolve. Despite it being her personal business, the sect would definitely interfere.

Lan Yunzhu looked at Li Qiye and said: “Senior Brother Yan Long may have some elders supporting him, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any at the sect as well! Don’t worry, Grandpa Yang will support us.”

“Grandpa Yang?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and asked while looking at Lan Yunzhu: “A person from your Soaring Remembrance Village?”

Lan Yunzhu nodded and replied: “Yes, Grandpa Yang is part of our village’s oldest generation. At this moment, he is also a high elder in the sect, so unless an ancestor comes out to interfere, Elder Lin and the others will not have any say either!”

In the Soaring Remembrance Village, males had the surname Yang while females carried the surname Lan. Moreover, the village didn’t have just Lan Yunzhu as a genius since they had produced many big characters before her. The “Grandpa Yang” Lan Yunzhu referred to was a high elder of the Thousand Carp River as well as her dao guide.

“Hey, are you trying to use me as a blade?” Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “To put it frankly, you just don’t want to marry Yan Long or a different martial brother, so right now, you chose not to cancel this marriage. You’re trying to use this chance to escape your own problems! Little Girl, this is the internal struggle of your sect, it has nothing to do with me.”

Lan Yunzhu looked back at him and countered: “So? Are you afraid? If you are, then you can choose to leave now. I won’t blame you, and I will deal with my own problems.”

Lan Yunzhu’s oath beneath the Dream Wishing Tree of the village was not only because of her parents’ egging, she also wanted to use it as an excuse to escape the forced marriage from the sect elders. She didn’t want to marry any brothers in the sect, including Senior Brother Yan Long.

It just so — very conveniently — happens that Li Qiye obtained her promissory jade pendant and got embroiled in the internal strife of the Thousand Carp River.

“Afraid?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but reveal a natural smile: “The Thousand Carp River alone is not enough to scare me. However, there is a saying — with merits come rewards. If you want to use me as a tool, Little Girl, then don’t you think you should give me something in return? How about this, you will warm my bed tonight!”

“Go to hell!” The blushing Lan Yunzhu angrily kicked forward, but Li Qiye easily dodged it.

“Little Girl, stop being so unladylike. Don’t be so rude like this!” Li Qiye reached out and slapped her butt, then he said with a laugh.

While Lan Yunzhu was shaking with anger, Lu Baiqiu was chuckling because, in her eyes, the two of them seemed to be flirting like a newlyweds.

While Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu were going back and forth with each other, the Thousand Carp River had a meeting with all the elders. This time, it was personally led by the sect master, Daoist Bao Gui.

“Regarding this engagement… How about we let Yunzhu herself decide?” Daoist Bao Gui started the meeting.

This was met with strong opposition from many elders, and one of them stated: “Big Brother, how could we treat such an important matter so trivially? This is not only about Yunzhu’s marriage, it also involves our Thousand Carp River’s rise and fall in the future!”

“Sect Master, a junior cannot decide this matter.” Of course, the biggest opposition came from Elder Lin, Yan Long’s master.

Elder Lin gravely said: “That junior, Li, came with unknown intentions. Perhaps he’s even malicious. If he meant harm to our sect, then wouldn’t it be the same as leading a wolf into our home? Not to mention, our sect is an emperor’s lineage and Yunzhu is our future dao descendant. Her status alone demands a very strict selection for her match.”

“Brother Lin makes a lot of sense!” Another elder echoed the sentiment: “Big Brother, we cannot take this matter lightly. If that Li fella really does not want to cancel this marriage, then we can just use force. He is just a nobody so he cannot cause any turmoil.”

Daoist Bao Gui frowned against such conduct and shook his head: “Forgetting the fact that Yunzhu won’t agree to such actions, it is also not appropriate for our Thousand Carp River. We are an emperor’s lineage, we have not fallen to the point of committing such a vile deed to degrade our patriarch’s prestige.”

“This matter has to be decided by Yunzhu. In the end, this is also a part of fate, so if Yunzhu feels that they are not a good match, then it still wouldn’t be too late to dissolve it. However, if Yunzhu likes it, then old men like us shouldn’t necessarily reject it. It is not so bad to let that little fella into the Thousand Carp River. By doing so, it will sever Yunzhu’s mortal worries so that she can reach the peak in peace in the future.” Not all the elders opposed this marriage; some were actually supportive.

“That would also be fine.” Another elder continued: “This marriage was decided by fate, so maybe it is a good thing for Yunzhu. The grand dao is long with dwindling roads; if she can find the right dao companion to walk together, then it will be quite beneficial for her future path.”

Although this matter seemed to be about a simple marriage, it was an internal battle within the sect. And of course, as the sect’s descendant, Lan Yunzhu also had the support of quite a few elders and even a high elder.

“This is foolishness!” Elder Lin’s attitude was very aggressive as he gravely said: “How could that Li brat be of any help to Yunzhu’s future path? Hmph, it would already be a blessing if he didn’t slow her down! If we were to talk about helping Yunzhu’s future path, then the dao companions most appropriate for her would be our sect’s young disciples.”

“For example, Yan Long is the best candidate. Yan Long’s talents are only weaker than Yunzhu’s amongst the younger generation. Not to mention, he had cultivated for a longer time with great experience and maturity.”

Elder Lin continued on: “How can anyone else be her dao companion if not our own students?”

Quite a few elders were dissatisfied with Elder Lin constantly trying to match Yan Long and Yunzhu together. In fact, he had once done this before but was rejected by Lan Yunzhu and the sect master.

Despite this setback, Elder Lin did not give up on Yan Long since Yan Long always wanted to marry Lan Yunzhu.

“Little Brother Lin, don’t bring up Yan Long at this moment. We have to talk about this engagement first.” Daoist Bao Gui gently shook his head and said.