Chapter 42 : Princess Can Only Be A Maid (2)

Li Shuang Yan had a suspicion that Li Qi Ye had seen the ancient formation somewhere else previously; however, she quickly dismissed this idea because the Nine Saint Demon Gate had to pay a great price in order to obtain this single copy of the broken formation that the Formation Progenitor had left behind. It could be said that, besides the Formation Progenitor had died in the Ancient Era, only their Nine Saint Demon Gate knew about the existence of this broken formation.

But now, Li Qi Ye, with a single glance, had been able to recite information regarding the broken formation as if it was something insignificant, and was nothing more than a lesson on memorization.

This made Li Shuang Yan frightened into being speechless for a long time; she had spent ten years of research, along with the guidance of many generations of great sages from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, yet all of this was only equal to a few words that were hastily spoken by him? Such an event greatly damaged her confidence.

Even the most heavenly talents weren’t able to understand the formation with just one glance, but Li Qi Ye had done just that. Li Qi Ye’s words alone could have defeated all of these geniuses. The worst part was, Li Qi Ye wasn’t a genius!

Li Shuang Yan didn’t know that Li Qi Ye had already seen the complete formation in its entirety during the ancient times, and that was why, upon seeing the ancient beast fur, his memories of the formation had resurfaced.

“Come here.”

At this point, Li Qi Ye leisurely beckoned for Li Shuang Yan to come closer.

Because Li Shuang Yan still hadn’t recovered from her shock, she subconsciously came closer to Li Qi Ye. She didn’t even know why she did it.

“Pow, pow, pow!”

Li Shuang Yan was still in a daze, so Li Qi Ye grabbed her, placed her over his lap, laid her down, and without any mercy for beauties, swung his big hand onto her butt several times; he caused it to numbingly burned.

“What are you doing?!”

Li Shuang Yan was like a cat that had its tail stepped on, as she jumped to her feet, and loudly yelled. Her face blushed red, and she angrily glared at Li Qi Ye.

As for Li Qi Ye, he just patted his palms in a comfortable manner, like it was a trivial thing to do, before slowly saying, “As my maid, you need to be aware of your situation. I can forgive the people around me, and favor the people around me; this includes you, even if you’re only a maid. However, you have to remember, never provoke me! Don’t think that just because you’re heaven’s favorite daughter that you can flip over the earth!”


Li Shuang Yan seethed with anger. She was the favorite daughter of heaven, and was the princess of the Old Ox country. In the past, until now, she’d always been in a high position, and no one had dared to be disrespectful towards her. However, today, a small man had mercilessly spanked her on the bottom; this sort of shameful thing truly made her tremble.

“Go, find a place in which to live by yourself.”

Li Qi Ye motioned with his sleeve to imply the departure of the guest, ignoring Li Shuang Yan’s feelings.

“You… Little man! You…! You better remember this!”

In the end, without knowing how to vent her anger, she enunciated each word clearly. She had always been superior, looking down below from her high position, and countless talented young men wanted to win her favor. However, today, Li Qi Ye said a few hateful sentences, and he then told her to leave; he didn’t even arrange her a place to stay. This really infuriated her!

Li Shuang Yan left with her arms waving angrily in the air; her royal highness, at the age of eighteen, was provoked by a thirteen year old boy to the point of wanting to vomit blood. Even she couldn’t believe it.

“Do not try to practice the ‘Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation’ any longer.”

At this point, Li Qi Ye’s calm voice echoed from behind:

“The formation on your hand is simply a small corner of the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation. If you force yourself to cultivate it, one day, you will be ruined by this formation. Even the ones that knew about it since the Ancient Era long ago didn’t dare to cultivate it on a simple whim; let alone you. If you truly want to repair this array, once your cultivation has matured, I will think about teaching you a thing or two.”

Based on the cultivation and talent of Li Shuang Yan, most people normally didn’t get the chance to ask her for guidance, and now a little man like Li Qi Ye wanted to guide her?

However, the four words “Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation” made her stop in her tracks. This formation was a legend left behind by many generations. Most people didn’t believe of its existence, but Li Qi Ye was talking about it like he had it grasped in the palm of his hand.

Even though she was curious, her anger had not subsided; nor her pride. Thus, she only scowled angrily, and she ignored Li Qi Ye. Then, she continued leaving.

Li Qi Ye didn’t care whether Li Shuang Yan was in a good mood or not; he simply sat in his chair in silence. Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation! How many years had passed? His lost memories suddenly resurfaced once he saw the corner of this broken formation.

In the warring era, against the Ancient Ming, how many people died in this formidable formation? How much of a price did he have to pay to build this formation?

This eternally invincible ancient formation; a formation that, once completed, would be bathed in the blood of many masters. Many immortal sages and himself spent their blood and sweat to create this formation.

In the devastating war against the Ancient Ming, for the Mortal World and all of the Human race, numerous masters had died in this formation. He controlled the grand formation, side by side with his brothers, generals, and comrades, to fight a heaven shattering battle; blood painted the sky.

He did not remember how many people had died on the battlefield, nor how many peerless masters that followed him had been sacrificed. He only remembered his pain, in silence, after the battle.

Time could erase everything, and time could heal all wounds; however, some memories could not be forgotten even through the passing of time because they are imprinted in the deepest part of the soul, never to be forgotten.

Li Qi Ye sighed, and he regained his composure. He did not allow himself to drown in emotions and indulge in the sentimental past. The past had passed, and the present was worth living. In this life, he would have the chance to traverse the Nine Worlds and personally repay some old scores; not only for himself, but for the people that had sacrificed themselves for him as well.


Li Shuang Yan’s visit to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was an important event; not only did it make the young male disciples sleepless, but it also made the upper echelon excited.

Only Li Qi Ye acted like nothing major had happened. He didn’t care whether Li Shuang Yan was going to leave or stay; if she was willing to pledge allegiance to him, then, in the future, he would reserve a spot for her next to him. If not, then so be it. He would not be missing capable assistants. Even without her, he could find a substitute; it was this simple!

This night, Li Shuang Yan was with a stomach filled with angry steam. Her teeth grinded, and she silently cursed Li Qi Ye. She didn’t stay in Li Qi Ye’s small mansion, and she also didn’t leave this place; however, she chose to create a small treasure building down from the corner of Li Qi Ye’s peak, and she entered inside. Although she did not live with Li Qi Ye, she also didn’t leave his peak.

With the arrival of Li Shuang Yan and Yu He, the biggest harvest was gained by Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren because they were in charge of the entire trip for Yu He and his people at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

This was no minor event because they could work alongside a Royal Noble like Yu He; they could ask him many questions about cultivation and his experience – this was a big benefit. The most essential thing was still Li Qi Ye’s words that allowed for Protector Mo’s and Nan Huai Ren’s positions to elevate greatly within the sect.

Yu He obeyed Li Qi Ye’s order, and he left everything for Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren to decide. They became the special envoys between the two sects.

One has to remember that before disciples, and even the Six Elders of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wouldn’t necessarily be able to meet Grand Protector Yu He. However, now, simple organizers like Nan Huai Ren and Protector Mo could directly meet with Yu He to discuss events; this meant that the relationship between the two sects had became more intimate.

The improved status of Nan Huai Ren and Protector Mo; this left many Protectors, Sectional Leaders, the third generation disciples, and even the second generation envious.

Despite all of the commotion, Li Qi Ye did not care. The most important thing to him right now was to refine his Dao foundation, not allowing any room for mistakes, and carefully cultivate towards flawless perfection. Once there was a mistake, this small mistake would be a fatal danger on the road of cultivation; especially when he faces the time of Life Reduction and the Fate Calamity. As long as his base was solid, with a strong Dao foundation, then in the future, he could go farther; he could exceed the apex.
(TL: Life Reduction is when the Life Wheel weakens, Fate Calamity is a fated time of calamity)

Many geniuses wanted to rush their cultivation ranking and they neglected their refinement of the Dao foundation; rushing for success caused the Dao foundation to have defects. In the end, they died in regrets during the moments of Life Reduction and the Fate Calamity.

This was why Li Qi Ye’s expectation for himself was very high. Even though the peerless Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law could increase his cultivation speed, he still limited its effect for a solid foundation. If he stopped his own suppression, then he could easily break through into the Inner Longevity rank.
(TL: Reminder: Palace Foundation, Palace Expansion, Yun Physique, Provision Palace, Inner Longevity, Heaven’s Mandate, Warrior Canopy, Purified Rebirth, Heaven’s Primal, True Deity)


Li Shuang Yan had stayed at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for seven days. Time had passed without any incidents, but this morning, Nan Huai Ren visited Li Qi Ye’s peak along with a middle-aged man.

“Senior, this person is Sectional Leader Zhou, an instructor at Cleansing Jade Peak.”

Nan Huai Ren immediately introduced the man to Li Qi Ye.

His senior only glanced at Sectional Leader Zhou once, and he nodded his head:

“What is the matter?”

Li Qi Ye’s attitude was arrogant in the eyes of Sectional Leader Zhou, and his heart was uncomfortable. He coldly scowled, but he didn’t say another sentence.

Nan Huai Ren quickly replied:

“The Elder has decided that senior will temporarily replace Sectional Leader Zhou as the instructor of Cleansing Jade Peak. Today, Sectional Leader Zhou brought along a list of disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak, as well as detailed information regarding them. The Elders hoped that senior would accept this decision.”

Sectional Leader Zhou was just silently listening. He, a Sectional Leader, was meeting him but Li Qi Ye didn’t show him any respect. He left the roster behind, and he then turned away without leaving any words or reminders behind.