Chapter 783: Medicine Inviting The Heavenly Flame

While Li Qiye was refining behind closed doors, many people wondered what kind of medicine he was refining. After seeing his supreme dao of alchemy with their own eyes, they all believed that this seclusive refinement session aimed to create an incredible pill.

Although there had not been any news over the last few days about Li Qiye’s mountain, countless eyes were fixated on his abode.

Many were excited, and even God-Monarchs who didn’t want to show their faces were paying great attention. This was because he was able to create something that tempted even themselves… longevity medicines!

It could even be said that during this period, there were God-Monarchs who had gathered longevity materials just to ask Li Qiye to refine them!

Although they had taken longevity medicines many times already as God-Monarchs, they still yearned for Li Qiye to refine a batch for them.

In their eyes, Li Qiye’s longevity medicines were very likely to be the most effective when it comes to ignoring resistance. A God-Monarch speculated that if they used medicines from any other alchemist, there would be no effect at all.

However, the Alchemy Kingdom’s God-Monarch had inquired about this issue before. After five usages, he would still be able to live for three more years if he consumed the medicine. If they could prepare even better materials for Li Qiye, then with his abilities, perhaps he could even refine a heavenly medicine!

They weren’t counting on living for another thousand years. As long as it could pierce through their resistance to allow them to live for three and a half more years, that would be more than enough!

This extra three years on top of burying themselves in Blood Era Stones would allow them to withstand the erosion of the endless river of time!

With this being the case, God-Monarchs were paying sky-high prices to gather materials. Once this was done, they would beseech Li Qiye to refine the medicines. As long as Li Qiye was willing, they wouldn’t mind paying a monumental price as the refinement fee!

One day after another passed. Finally, Li Qiye’s Heaven Restoration Salve was about to form. The Myriad Heavenly Cauldron’s fire was about to erupt in a violent manner. It created a terrifying storm as if it wanted to break the cauldron. This fierce fire resembled countless volcanoes erupting at the same time!

Li Qiye was drenched in sweat while controlling the cauldron. Even though his blood energy was completely spent, he still frantically urged the Yin Yang Sea of Blood so that he could use its majestic energy to control the cauldron’s fire to maintain its powerful state.

“The heavenly flame is about to come!” Li Qiye shouted. He withdrew the seal of the pentagate and looked at the sky while taking a deep breath to prepare for the final gamble.

Seeing the changes in the sky, Li Qiye commanded: “Caihe, your turn now! Zi Yan, give her a hand!”

Yuan Caihe had learned Li Qiye’s technique throughout the process. She prepared herself to take command of the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron in Li Qiye’s place.

At the same time, the madam’s blood energy erupted as she placed her hand on Yuan Caihe’s back, ready to support her with the purest of energy.

“Boom!” The firmament shattered and Li Qiye shouted: “It is here. Begin!”

Amidst the action, Li Qiye withdrew his hand. Yuan Caihe was prepared to take his place and controlled the cauldron fire. Meanwhile, the madam did not hold anything back as her blood energy surged forward. After obtaining this energy, the fire became even more violent.

“Heavenly flame…” One of the people who had been keeping an eye on Li Qiye’s mountain saw the shattered firmament and said: “Li Qiye is refining an ointment right now!”

Many people were disappointed because they were hoping for him to refine some longevity medicine. No matter the era, longevity medicines were always very rare and precious!

“It seems that it’s not an ordinary ointment as it brought about the heavenly flame.” Despite the disappointment, the shattered sky dome still shocked many people.

Alchemy would bring about tribulations. The absence of a tribulation only meant that the particular medicine did not reach such a level. For example, longevity medicines of the saint level and up all suffer longevity reduction while the emperor level medicines undergo imperial warnings.

The tribulation of ointments was the heavenly flame. If the alchemist couldn’t handle the wrath of this flame from the heavens, then in the best case scenario, the cauldron could be destroyed. The worst case scenario would be death from being burnt to a crisp.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The heavenly flame finally came down in an overwhelming manner. The moment it appeared, it seemed to scorch the entire sky.

“Oh shit, what kind of joke is this!” An alchemist saw the color of the flame and was instantly horrified.

The masses in Alchemy City were shocked to see the heavenly flame from the sky. A Legendary Alchemist uttered in horror: “Karmic Flame, this is too unreal. A heavenly flame of the karmic level!”

Karmic Flame was the most daunting flame for cultivators! Although this fire was not the real Karmic Flame from ordinary cultivation, it was more than enough to dishearten people.

Someone took a deep breath and commented: “What is going on, an ointment bringing about Karmic Flame? Just what kind of ointment is this?” The crowd around him was in complete disbelief.

The flame went straight for the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. When facing a tribulation of this level, both the alchemist and the cauldron had to tackle it together.

“Go!” But how could Li Qiye give this flame a chance to attack his cauldron? At this key moment, he released the Phoenix as it went to meet the flame head on.

“Bang!” The heavenly flame was ferocious in its attack. However, the bird flapped its wings and accepted all of the fire. Under the control of the Death Chapter, the Phoenix was able to devour the heavenly flame entirely.

As it devoured the flames, its bones began to melt once more. This time, a different change occurred. The incomplete body of the Phoenix began to slowly grow.

Li Qiye didn’t only want to refine the Heaven Restoration Salve, he wanted to borrow the Karmic Flame to refine the Phoenix’s bones to strengthen its damaged corpse.

Only a karmic level heavenly flame would be able to restore this incomplete corpse since the Phoenix was an immortal bird.

Although it seemed straightforward with Li Qiye using the Death Chapter, this process was not so easy! Although this Karmic Flame was still weaker than the Brightflame Cauldron’s fire, the quantity was vastly different. The heavenly flame struck down like a surging river. An emperor flame couldn’t compare to this heavenly flame in quantity. This heavenly flame seemed to be endless, allowing the phoenix to be reborn with a new, albeit incomplete, skeleton.

This went on for a very long time, causing the people in the city to be tongue-tied. A Karmic Flame was already frightening enough, but it also persisted for such a long time.

“This kid is too scary. To be able to withstand a karmic level heavenly flame for such a long time, what a devil.” Someone murmured after seeing this scene.

Eventually, the heavenly flame disappeared, signaling the end of the tribulation. Yuan Caihe and the madam also withdrew their hands; they were both completely exhausted.

“Finally, success. Heaven Restoration Salve, I did not think that I would be able to refine such a medicine one day.” Even the normally calm Yuan Caihe became very excited after taking out the medicine.

Li Qiye also smiled as well. For him, this was not only a successful refinement, the Phoenix’s skeleton was also restored.

At this point, the skeletal bird was perfect once more. The broken fragments had been supplemented by the heavenly flame. A golden glimmer flashed throughout the entire bird, making it seem to be made out of pure gold. Its heart was jumping up and down.

“Finally done.” Li Qiye was also joyous as he looked at the bird. After this step, reviving the Phoenix would be much easier.

“If we can create its flesh and blood, then the Phoenix will have a chance for rebirth.” The madam emotionally murmured.

Li Qiye was able to get two birds with one stone during this refinement. Not only did he refine the salve, he also restored the skeleton of the bird. It was a great harvest.

“Good, job well done.” Li Qiye said with a smile. The madam and Yuan Caihe happily smiled back as well. This success made them very excited.

However, after finishing the job, they were not greeted by Tie Yi. Li Qiye looked throughout the building and found that Tie Yi was missing.

“This guy is really restless. He actually ran outside.” Li Qiye shook his head disapprovingly.

At first, Li Qiye didn’t care because Tie Yi had always been lurking around. However, after half a day had passed, Li Qiye felt something was wrong.

“This isn’t right.” He said: “If the old geezer saw the heavenly flame from the sky, then he should know that the salve was about to be completed.”

The salve was extremely important for Tie Yi, so he should have rushed back after seeing the successful refinement!

Yuan Caihe said: “Big Brother, Tie Yi is a powerful paragon. He should be alright.”

While Li Qiye was feeling that something was amiss, someone came to visit and insisted on meeting Li Qiye! Under such persistence, Li Qiye decided to meet him.

This was a stranger that Li Qiye had never met before. After this person saw that it was safe, he finally transformed and revealed his true appearance.

“Observant Monarch?” Li Qiye was surprised to see the person’s real appearance: “What happened for you to come here in this manner?” A sense of foreboding rose in his mind.

“Young Noble Li, things are not looking good. Something big has happened.” The monarch hastily spoke: “I came under the princess’ order to see you.”

“Yexue?” After hearing this, Li Qiye confirmed his suspicions.