Chapter 812: The Beguiling Venerable

Things were exactly as Sheng Fei had recounted; the late master of the Tie Clan, or Tie Lan’s father, was a complete scoundrel. He came from a cultivation clan yet didn’t try to do anything useful and chose to be an idle black sheep. He even sold the cultivation manuals of his clan. However, his hobby was to look through ancient books and strange scriptures. He had read through all the books in their home and found some clues from his ancestors’ personal accounts and records. He speculated that there was still a great treasure in the Tie Clan.

At that time, he was driven mad from poverty. He had sold everything possible, including the ancestral home. If Su Mingchen didn’t buy it back, there would be no Tie Clan right now.

Due to his madness, he went around and spread rumors about the treasures in order to sell the ancestral home once more at a high price. However, no one believed this scoundrel and thought that it was only a madman’s ravings.

However, Sheng Fei paid attention to this since he was always interested in excavation. As a result, he wanted to buy the Tie Clan, but unfortunately, Tie Lan had no intention of selling!

“Brother Sheng Fei is right.” The venerable echoed the sentiment: “Would Li Qiye protect the Tie Clan if there wasn’t a great treasure? It is already declined with nothing left, so what is he trying to do? In my opinion, he is simply trying to take it all for himself!”

These words touched Sheng Fei’s nerve. He was an adventurer who loved digging treasures out from ruins. His blood boiled and his heart raced from the thought of the Tie Clan having some treasures.

“Damn that Li Qiye!” Sheng Fei bit his teeth once he realized Li Qiye’s greed. He wanted to snatch the treasure from Li Qiye’s hands.

The venerable reminded him: “Brother Sheng Fei, before Li Qiye can succeed, you need to seize the opportunity as well as the treasures.”

Sheng Fei shook his head in response: “Venerable, I am not overestimating the enemy and lowering our morale, but Li Qiye is no good samaritan. His schemes are so amazing that he was able to shake even the Alchemy Kingdom. I am not his match, so I can only wait for reinforcements from my sect. Hmph, at that time, I want to see just how he can get out of it!”

Despite his greed for the treasures, he knew himself quite well in that he wouldn’t be Li Qiye’s match. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have killed the marquis and apologized to Li Qiye.

“I’m afraid that if we wait till then, Li Qiye will have obtained the treasures and escaped already.” The venerable shook his head and smiled: “Plus, Brother Sheng Fei does not need to confront him directly, can’t you try to outsmart him?”

“Outsmart him?” Sheng Fei was already tempted by the venerable and had to ask: “Do tell, Venerable.”

“Brother Sheng Fei, there is a great saying — urge the wolves to bite the tiger. Of course, this comparison is not completely accurate, but you can use someone else.” The venerable smiled.

Sheng Fei became spirited and immediately asked: “How do we carry it out? Please show me the way.”

“Brother Sheng Fei, think about it. Li Qiye is arrogant and unbridled with enemies everywhere. I know that there are extremely powerful lineages looking for Li Qiye in search of vengeance!” The venerable said: “As long as you send news to them, they would be more than willing to attack Li Qiye!”

“This method is feasible.” Sheng Fei’s heart started to beat faster after hearing this suggestion.

The venerable continued: “There are many ways to deal with Li Qiye. For example, the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect; Brother Sheng Fei can try to ask them for help.”

“You think too highly of me.” Sheng Fei shook his head: “They would definitely listen to my first brother, but not me. Even though they do give me some face, I won’t be able to command them.”

“That is because Brother Sheng Fei is too honest.” The venerable smiled deviously: “This is not called commanding, but an alliance.”

“Keep going, please.” Sheng Fei humbly urged. He thought very highly of the Cloud Soaring Venerable’s intelligence since he was Ye Qingcheng’s advisor.

The venerable mused: “Brother Sheng Fei, just imagine this. Who is the Golden Crow Prince? He is the successor of the ravine, the crown prince of the Golden Crows. Once he takes control over everything, would the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect have any chance to earn his favor?”

Sheng Fei felt that this statement made sense. The ravine controlled the entire southern region of the Beast realm and reigned over more than ten powerful sects and countless lesser ones.

His first brother, the Golden Crow Prince, had always been imperious. Everyone knew that he was the future ruler of the ravine! Numerous lineages in the south wanted to please him, but it wasn’t so easy for these two sects to build friendly ties with him.

The venerable noticed that Sheng Fei was moved, so he quickly struck while the iron was still hot: “Brother Sheng Fei, you don’t need to belittle yourself. Given your innate talents, you only need more experience and opportunities. In the future, you will definitely become an elder, so the two sects should be more than happy to work together with you if they want a promising future.”

Sheng Fei’s mind swayed after hearing the venerable’s opinion. Perhaps this was not just an attempt for a treasury. It was just like the venerable had said, Sheng Fei indeed had a chance of becoming an elder, but this was in the distant future.

Moreover, he was missing an external force, unlike his first brother who could muster great support from many lineages with a single call. Items and people were readily available at his beckoning.

Although many smaller sects also tried to win his favor, Sheng Fei knew very well that these sects wouldn’t be able to do anything. Only lineages like the Sacred Demon Tribe or the Tombskull Sect carried some clout.

If he could gain the support of these two and earn their external backing, then he could definitely fortify his future seat as an elder with great influence!

“I’m afraid persuading these sects might be a difficult matter.” Sheng Fei mused.

The venerable smiled and said: “Brother Sheng Fei, you have an ace in your hand, or at least, you can create one.”

“Venerable, I’m all ears on how to create this ace card.” Sheng Fei asked humbly.

The venerable responded: “Brother Sheng Fei, just remember the fact that there are people looking for revenge on Li Qiye. Since you know his location, the alliance that would come from scattering this intelligence would be unimaginable. Since you are the master of this domain, even if a more powerful lineage wanted to find Li Qiye, they must rely on you.”

“Plus, I can give you another option. Have you heard of the Dragonfowl Tribe?” The venerable asked.

“The Dragonfowl is a powerful and mysterious demon tribe. I heard that there is a heaven-defying grand character among them who is working for Imperial Edge Mei Aonan.” Sheng Fei nodded.

“Brother Sheng Fei, you can secretly inform the Dragonfowl tribe of this supreme treasure trove! They will definitely come to cause trouble for Li Qiye, and at that time, even Mei Aonan will have to help you.” The venerable explained.

Sheng Fei was a bit hesitant after hearing this: “How could that be? I have no ties with the Dragonfowl. Plus, Mei Aonan wouldn’t give me that much face.”

“Brother Sheng Fei, you are misinformed about that.” The venerable responded: “I have heard my young master’s calculations before. Rumor has it that the Dragonfowl had a feud with the Tie Clan, so they will definitely not sit still if there is truly treasure for the taking. Think about it, if the tribe chooses to take action, then will the big shot from Mei Aonan’s tribe just sit there and watch? At that time when they come here to kill, won’t they need your assistance as well?”

Sheng Fei was startled about a particular legend. It stated that Ye Qincheng could divine both the past and present, so he felt that the venerable’s words made sense.

“But if that happens, Mei Aonan or at least the Dragonfowl tribe would own the treasures.” Sheng Fei pondered.

The venerable shook his head: “Brother Sheng Fei, since we are close enough, please excuse me for being frank; your view is too nearsighted in this matter.” He analyzed the situation: “If you could use this opportunity to take down Li Qiye, do you know what this means? It would be an incredible merit for your sect. You won’t only enjoy an astonishing fame but will also receive rewards from your sects, perhaps even a Heaven’s Will Secret Law!”

Sheng Fei was quite stimulated by hearing this. Although he was second among the younger generation of the ravine, he was still not qualified to learn secret laws. This remained one of his greatest aspirations.

“If you succeed, then all of the powerful lineages like the Sacred Demon Tribe and the Tombskull Sect will become your allies. Then, you will also be able to become the First Elder and do as you please. So what if Mei Aonan and the Dragonfowl take the treasures? The treasures are nothing compared to an achievement like this.”