Chapter 824: Slaying Paragons

In the entire Stone Medicine World, very few people in the younger generation could challenge paragons. Ye Qingcheng was one and Mei Aonan another.

But now, Jian Wushuang was about to fight two paragons by herself. Everyone was eager to see the result. If the younger generation could challenge paragons, then this meant that a grand era was about to come. The new Heaven’s Will would appear and this world would be the playground of the youths!

“Die!” The Black-striped Ancestor and the Ancient Treeking attacked at the same time. One was an Early Era Paragon and the other a Rising Era Paragon; they both summoned their true fate weapons. One was a long whip that snapped through the sky like a flood dragon. The other was a shield artifact; taking a direct impact was akin to a mountain crashing down on you.

Their attacks were extremely tyrannical. They shattered the surrounding space and shook the entire county.

Amidst the dazzling lights, a phoenix’s cry resounded. Right afterwards, one phoenix after another soared up into the sky. They were all dazzlingly blinding as if they were coming back to life via fiery rebirth. In the blink of an eye, the sky was covered in images of phoenixes. Meanwhile, Jian Wushuang disappeared. Although the ferocious attacks from the two paragons struck these dancing phoenixes, they didn’t hit Jian Wushuang. One couldn’t see her among the countless shadows.

Shadow Phoenix Physique — this was Li Qiye’s creation tailored for Jian Wushuang. It had two amazing properties. The first was its elusiveness; the moment these phoenixes appeared, Jian Wushuang would disappear. Even a paragon wouldn’t be able to pinpoint her location.

“Pluff!” Right after the two paragons failed to land their attacks, an arrow was unleashed. No one saw how Jian Wushuang appeared right behind the Ancient Treeking.

The arrow turned into a formation that generated a rain of arrows. All of these powerful arrows aimed for the treeking.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The treeking immediately used his shield to block the torrent of arrows and shouted: “This little amount of power cannot hurt me!”

“Buzz!” A blinding arrow emerged amidst the action. The Nine Words True Bow gathered all of the worldly energy at this point. The force of the surrounding one hundred thousand miles was focused into the mantra “Fighter” and culminated in a supreme void piercing arrow.

The treeking’s expression quickly shifted. His shield also lit up with a dazzling divine light. It seemed that layers upon layers of defenses were created. At the same time, the treeking also quickly dashed away in order to escape this tyrannical arrow.

“Pluff!” Although he was very fast, he still couldn’t evade this arrow in time. It pierced his shoulder as the word “Fighter” disappeared.

The arrow carried a mighty force. Nevertheless, the Treeking was still a paragon. He was able to survive this arrow; the wound on his shoulder closed like tree bark, healing his injury.

“A junior like you can’t kill me!” The treeking cried out. Being harmed by a junior was greatly humiliating in his eyes.

Many felt a cold chill after seeing the treeking being able to withstand the damage inflicted by this arrow — his survivability was too great. Even if he stood still for a Heavenly King to continuously attack him, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to kill him!

The treeking was a very rare, enlightened tree. Although he didn’t have an immortal physique or anything, his survivability was quite frightening. He was able to withstand the onslaught of powerful treasures!

“Whoosh!” Right after Jian Wushuang’s retaliation, a whip that resembled a poisonous serpent stealthily aimed for her back. This whip from the Black-striped Ancestor came without any warnings, invisible just like a snake hidden in shadows ready to deliver a fatal bite at any moment.

However, Jian Wushuang once more disappeared among the phoenixes in the sky.

When she emerged again, she unleashed the “Formation” arrow. Another volley of arrows filled with killing intent aimed straight at the ancestor.

“Junior, eat this!” The treeking intended to rush forward and attack Jian Wushuang from behind in unison with the ancestor. However, the strange clanking of metal appeared. Universal laws in the shape of chains instantly sealed more than half of his body. Eventually, a series of arrows shot out from inside his body and sealed the surrounding space.

The king was completely sealed in the sky. No matter how enraged he was, he couldn’t remove these chains that bound him in the sky.

After Jian Wushuang’s “Soldier” arrow pierced his shoulder, the mantra disappeared. However, the effects did not end there. Jian Wushuang used the laws of the true bow and infiltrated the treeking’s body so that she could seal him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” On the other side, the Black-striped Ancestor moved extremely quickly. Although the indiscriminate arrows rained down on her, her dragon-like whip swung left to right and shattered all the oncoming arrows.

“Pluff!” After destroying all of the arrows, her whip appeared right behind Jian Wushuang out of nowhere. A cold glint flashed as it went straight for her back like the fangs of a serpent.

The phoenix images appeared once more to mark Jian Wushuang’s disappearance.

“Junior, what is so skillful about hiding!” The ancestor was both angry and alarmed. She couldn’t catch a glimpse of Jian Wushuang inside the phoenix images.

“Pffuff!” But after she uttered the taunt, blood began to spurt. An arrow was shot through her chest; no one saw where this arrow came from, not even the ancestor herself!

This was the mantra “All”, an invisible arrow. It was completely undetectable and flew without a trace. No one could even realize its existence, let alone stop it. 1

“Junior, you will die!” The ancestor furiously screamed and instantly revealed her true form — a gigantic serpent. She opened her mouth and spewed out a massive amount of poisonous gas. It instantly engulfed the sky seeking to kill Jian Wushuang.

Even the earth melted after coming into contact with the mist. This creeped everyone out; none of them dared to get close to the battlefield!

The ancestor’s poisonous mist was extremely terrorizing. This was her life poison, so unless there was no other way, she wouldn’t easily release it. This mist was not only capable of poisoning powerful cultivators, it could also melt many weapons and treasures.

However, the hymns of phoenixes continued to sound and their images continued to cover the sky within the mist, showing no trace of Jian Wushuang. Next was a series of plucking sounds. More “All” arrows shot through the ancestor’s body, causing blood to spurt everywhere. Nevertheless, this was not enough to kill the ancestor.

“Animal, come out and fight!” The ancestor was driven mad under the siege of stealth attacks. Even though she was very powerful, she was still at a disadvantage against the Shadow Phoenix Physique and the invisible “All” arrows. One successful ambush came after another while she continued to fail at catching Jian Wushuang!

Ultimately, despite bleeding in multiple areas, she was still a Rising Era Paragon. It wasn’t so easy for a Heavenly King to kill her.

People shivered after seeing this scene and the apparent gap between the two. Although Jian Wushuang’s archery was matchless, she was not as powerful as the ancestor, so killing her was quite a difficult task.

A paragon only needed one move to kill a Heavenly King while a hundred slashes from a Heavenly King might not be enough to slay a paragon!

Jian Wushuang eventually appeared again. She wielded her bow while her sharp gaze was fixated on the ancestor.

The ancestor stopped spewing out mist and sneered: “Little wretch, you finally dared to show yourself. As long as you don’t hide, I will tear you into countless pieces!”

After hearing this, Jian Wushuang’s countenance turned cold while her killing intent rose. The bow in her hand lit up like a blazing sun.

“Die!” The ancestor eventually launched an attack that could end the six dao and suppress the nine worlds. All things would be eclipsed when a paragon unleashes their mightiest attack.

“Zzzh!” The hymn of the bow appeared. The first four words of the full mantra appeared to form a complete phrase! They then turned into a sharp arrow capable of destroying all laws. Gods and devils would tremble before its might.

Soldiers and Fighters, the power of this arrow was indescribable. Nothing could stop its momentum and destructive force! It seemed that the atmosphere itself was completely frozen.

“Pluff!” After a while, the air began to slowly flow again. The bloody arrow from the four words pierced the ancestor’s head.

At this time, her most powerful strike was utterly defeated. Her eyes widened in shock as her huge snake body fell down to the ground with a huge bang.

The world turned quiet. Everyone was dumbfounded because although no one understood this one arrow, they could only describe it with one sentence — its appearance made them taste the sensation of death! It was as if even deities would not be able to stop this arrow!


  1. I spent a good hour last night trying to arrange the nine words mantra into an understandable form in English, but it is virtually impossible. The two languages are too different, ignoring the fact that the mantra itself is abrupt in the first place, even in the original form. In retrospect, I should have kept these in pinyin. It would have made life much easier. I don’t have a good solution for the full phrases while maintaining the order of the words since it won’t make sense in English.