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Chapter 14 Setting Off

Lute, age 9.

The middle of summer―kids from the orphanage, townspeople and merchants coming and going, were gathered at the town entrance.

We were seeing off Snow, who was going to magic school.

Besides her, a young girl from town decided to go work in the town near the magic school. The two of them were hitching a ride on a merchant’s horse cart who was headed for that town. Of course, they paid a suitable compensation.

Travelling to their destination town takes about 3 months by horse cart.

Also, the magic school was located in the north of the Fairy Human Continent (the continent where the main inhabitants are Humans and Fairies. The orphanage is also in the Fairy Human Continent.) So there is a lot of snow piled up. The reason they set off in summer, is in order to arrive at the magic school before snow falls for real.

“Lute-kun, are you sure you won’t come to the magician school with me? There is an Adventurers’ Guild at the town near the magic school, I will support us both by earning our living expenses.” “Support huh…… I don’t want to be a dependent.”

While feeling shocked, I stroked Snow’s head that was buried in my chest.

This year my body height had grown considerably, the difference to Snow’s had started to appear.

“Once I leave town and things calm down, I’ll write you a letter, if I have leisure time I’ll also come to see you. Snow should study to become a magician properly.” “……. I’ll write letters too, I’ll make time and come visit. Absolutely.” “Yeah, let’s look forward to that time.” “Let me sniff you for the last time, because after this I can’t sniff you again for some time.”

Without my acknowledgement, Snow sniffed me in front of people.

Because of company, I soon peeled her off me.

“Doing that in front of people is embarrassing, so stop it.” “Au, Lute-kun is mean.” “You can consider this an apology, but here’s a present from me.”

From the bag I brought, I took out a handgun and holster for Snow’s exclusive use, and handed them over.

“It’s smaller than Lute-kun’s revolver?”

It’s a “S&W M10” revolver with a shorter 2-inch barrel, in a silver finish

The holder the revolver hangs from is brown leather. It was a custom-made article, a “shoulder holster” that hangs from the shoulder, not the type that hangs from the waist.

It was not well suited for quick draws, but in Snow’s case it was for her self-protection after all. Even when she can use attack magic, the gun is convenient because it doesn’t require a spell, and can work in tight spaces. So for her self-defense, I chose the “shoulder holster” type that was better concealed.

Also, recently Snow’s breasts had grown again.

The highlight factor when big-breasted women use “shoulder holsters” is higher. So because of my own tastes I made that choice as a result.

“Even though the range and accuracy is lower because of the short barrel, it’s more convenient to carry, no? But in the end, it’s for self-protection so don’t use it wildly.”

Regarding the range and accuracy, I thought there was no need to consider it since it wasn’t intended for long-range sniping, but I warned her just in case.

Also, for the cartridges, I handed over 2 wooden boxes each containing 50 rounds. For a total of 100 rounds.

By the way, though I tried to have Snow make cartridges, she didn’t succeed even once. Probably it’s impossible even for Elle-sensei.

On top of not being able to imagine the powder, the cartridges’ thickness, length, balance―none of those can be skillfully made. It seems that magicians who only have the knowledge of this world can’t make ammunition.

“Thanks, Lute-kun. I’ll use it carefully.” “Don’t catch a cold or get hurt. Also, don’t do anything unreasonable.” Snow unexpectedly would run swiftly without thinking of the consequences.

That was the case during the goblin incident.

She smiled faintly with tears in her eyes, saying “I get it.”

Elle-sensei stood in front of Snow, replacing me.

“Snow has the talent of a magician no less than B-plus rank. However, absolutely don’t be haughty and humbly make effort. Okay?” “Yes, understood.” “Lastly Snow-san, you are by no means alone. There is Lute-kun, there’s also everyone at the orphanage, and also Sensei. So if life doesn’t treat you well, don’t overdo it, come back to this town. After all, this is Snow-san’s hometown, and the orphanage is your home.” “Ye…. hii, understood. Sensei, thank you very much.”

The tears that Snow resisted, flowed down because of Sensei’s words.

Not minding her surroundings, she clung to Sensei and cried.

Elle-sensei hugged her close like her actual mother.

After Snow calmed down, Elle-sensei parted with her. Holding the wooden boxes and revolver in her hand, Snow got on the canopied horse cart. Her luggage had already been loaded. From the drivers’ seat, the merchant roused the horned horses. The two horned horses slowly started walking.

“Elle-sensei, everyone, thank you! Lute-kun, absolutely write me a letter! Come visit me!”

With tears flowing down, Snow earnestly waved her hand.

Sensei and the orphanage kids, and also myself, kept waving our hands until the horse cart was out of sight.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


Early in the morning 3 days after I saw Snow off.

A horned horse was tied down at the orphanage entrance.

Two small casks were tied down, balanced on its back. Besides that some luggage hung there.

“It’s not like you have to go out this early…” “Because I’m weak to showy things like that time with Snow.”

I approached the back of the horned horse I borrowed and fastened the last piece of luggage, which is the AK47. Above the usual clothes I wore a mantle I just bought. On the waist, a gunbelt. All cartridges were already placed in the cylinder. For self protection the revolver is enough.

As for the horned horse, I planned to return it at the commercial city Tver, which was a 10-day trip away from town.

There is more luggage than Snow`s. But to hire a covered wagon and a driver would be too much of a waste. Hence I borrowed a horned horse to go towards the commercial city Tver.

If it’s a large city like Tver, there’s bound to be a horse cart I can ride with.

I need to pay an extra charge for the luggage and the trip will take an estimated 2 months

The magic school Snow went to is in the north with much snow. On the other hand I’m on the exact opposite , south――I aim at a city near the beastmen continent where Elle-senseis twin younger sister lives.

I will learn the ABC of Adventurers under her. And about 5 years after that. I plan to start a Legion for helping people and join with Snow when she graduates from the magic school.

Elle-sensei holds one envelope out.

“Inside is a letter of introduction and the home address of my little sister, never lose it.” “Thank you! I will put it deep inside my sling bag.”

I took the bag down from my back, opened it and stored the envelope in it.

Elle-sensei watches me and starts talking nostalgically.

“I’ll be frank with you now. To be honest, at the beginning, I disliked Lute kun.” “…eh please don’t make such a shocking remark so suddenly. I was disliked by sensei?”

I finished putting the envelope away and rebuked. She waved her hand with a faint smile.

“No its not like that. Its not dislike, it was hard. After all just when you were 3 years old you quietly listened to classes, raised problems at the magic lessons next you made the reversi game where you earned a lot of money.”

Certainly, if I look back on it, I had acted a little too unchildlike because of having some memories of my past life.

When I imagined what if my own child was someone like me, my shoulders became heavy.

About this time I noticed how much  trouble I caused Elle-sensei.

“But now I think I can be proud of Lute-kun. Being able to make a magic device that could defeat goblins, not being arrogant even when having earned a lot of money, and using that power for the world and for the people in the future, normally you wouldn’t think like that.” “No, that sort of thing… Its not something to praise to such extent.” “No, its truly amazing. I’m rooting for your dream from the bottom of my heart Lute-kun――”

And then Elle-sensei tightly embraced me like Snow.

Just like a real mother.

“I said it also to Snow-san, Lute -kun is also not in the least alone. There is Snow-san, everyone from the orphanage and Elle-sensei. So if it’s too hard, please come back to this town. Because this town is Lute-kun’s hometown, and the orphanage is your home.” “……Thank you. Elle-sensei.”

This is the reason for refusing to be sent off by others, except Elle-sensei.

My mental age is already over 30 years. However, this is because I had no confidence to endure that hot thing that filled my chest.

Be it the previous world or this world, it is embarrassing to show tears in public.

I separate my face from Elle-sensei’s chest and strongly wipe my eyes.

Little birds are singing, the early morning air hits my face and in the surrounding floats light mist. The sun begins to rise and the sky is painted in a clear blue.

About 9 years and a half―I think it’s a good day to be the first time I go out of the town I was raised in.

For a long time I’ve received Elle-sensei`s favor. “Greet my sister for me. Then, when you have settled down, turn up again. Breaking this contact is prohibited.” “Of course. Besides, once Snow and I have married, we will absolutely come and inform you.”

Although this is the beginning of a journey, it’s not like we will never meet again. So I call out to Elle-sensei cheerfully.

“Well then, I‘m on my way!” “Yes, take care. Take care of your health.” “Yes!”

I nod and start walking.

I mount the horned horse, pull the rains and slowly go forward.

When I looked back and waved my hand, Elle-sensei wiped her eyes with a finger and returned it with her best smile.

Just like this, I, Lute, formerly Hotta Youta, took my first step to fulfill my dream alone, bathed in the morning sun.


First volume end

Equipment: S&W M10(revolver) : AK47(assault rifle)




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