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Chapter 1182 - Lucius' Battle

Kora thought deeply about her family's past while still feeling like a toy in the hands of her nannies.

Forget it! No matter how many times she went over this procedure, she was still filled with the highest level of shame ever!

Not only did they strip her, but they also placed her on a table with her legs hanging up for all to see.

Oh my God! As they powdered her, her cheeks turned pink from blushing, but she still felt a little better about it today.

Fortunately, brothers Ren, Momo and Landon weren't there.

That's right. There were times that they would be here, making it all the more shameful when she got flipped, exposing her front or her bȧrė buŧŧȯċks for all to see.

She may be a baby. But the 12-year-old ȧduŀt her had never shown her nȧkėdness to another boy, okay?

Not to talk of the butlers too.

Kira wanted to die from embarrassment.


Kora performed her usual acrobatics in shame while they fiddled with her as if she was a doll.

She had to admit that a baby's body was so flexible that she could do splits comfortably and take on other weird positions without feeling a hint of pain.

She felt like she had no bones at all. Her entire body felt like one meaty pack.

Kora took deep breaths and gritted her teeth in determination.

Just a few weeks ago, she had learnt how to crawl. And she had heard the doctor say that it would take a few more months for her to learn how to walk, which made her so depressed beyond belief.

Who the hell would want to be crawling for so long?

No way! She had to force herself to walk, even though this stupid baby body kept kicking her down every time she tried.

With eagerness in her eyes, Kora began sitting with her legs apart.

From there, she leaned forward and 'firmly' planted her palms into the ground.

Alright. This was it. 

The nannies and maids watching all chuckled when they saw the determined princess.

To Kora, she might be thinking she looked fierce and serious.

But unfortunately, her puffy cheeks, tiny mouth, eyes and everything else only made her look as if she were pouting.

It was all so cute!


"Look! Look! The princess is trying to stand up again! As expected of his majesty's sister."

"Yes! The process is amazing! Even after falling more than 15 times yesterday, she is still more determined than ever to stand."

"Eh? Could it be that the princess wanted to walk fast in order to grow up faster? Could it be that she can think too?"

"No... That's not possible, right? The princess is just a baby who has no thoughts. So it should be more of a reflex."

"Yes! I think you're right. When I had my Thomas, he too started trying to walk after a while. I think they get easily bored with just sitting around like that."

"Yeah! That's true! Didn't the doctor say something like that too?"

"Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah."

Korea listened to everyone and didn't even bother to hide her actions.

She also knew that it was a reflex for babies to learn since everything in the world was exciting and new to them.

So why should she be afraid of being suspected?

If a baby saw someone put a knife into their mouth, that baby would eventually do it too.

It's the same as walking.

Some babies learnt to walk fast, while others were slow learners.

Thus, Kora took on the job with seriousness, just as Landon and the rest took their jobs too.

Her eyes glistened as she clenched her tiny fists in determination.

Yes. She had to walk before THAT DAY!

Why? Because she was going to be a Flower Girl!


With that, Kora was also busy like a bee.

And today, she got all dressed up because, as usual, her father would soon be here.

Kira looked at the clock and began her countdown in her head... 3... 2... 1...

An energetic Lucius pushed open the doors excitedly, making his way towards Kora, all dressed in a high-ranking blue military attire.

"My Little princess! How has daddy's girl been today?"

The maids stepped back with smiles on their faces while watching Lucius pick Kora up, Lion King-style.

Dammit! Ever since that animated movie, that's all everyone did to her.

She did love the movie... And in truth, it made her cry when Mufasa died. But that didn't mean that she would agree to continuously being hauled up in the air like this, okay?

With her tiny hands, Kora grabbed Lucius's sleeves tightly, and decided to bear it for a while.

After all, she could see how happy her father was.

In his mind, he obviously thought she liked it. And she didn't want to hurt his feelings because if he knew that all this time, she didn't, he would feel extremely sad and sorry as well.

Sigh... She had no choice but to be the bigger person between them both.

"Bluh. Bluh. Bluh." She began making strange sounds while stretching her hands at Lucius merrily.

"Oh? Is my little princess trying to say she wants daddy's hug?"

Lucius, who had been hit with even more happiness, carefully hugged his little princess and prepared to suit up for the battle ahead.

~Strap! Strap! Pap!

Lucius wore all the items in the house-father kit across his ċhėst and body.

Baby holder? Check! 

Feeding bottle ammunition holder? Check!

Cool dad sunglasses? Check!

Lucius looked like he was going to war, but for babies instead.

The sides of his belly belt had feeding bottles and powder kept there. And even the back had spare diapers, cloth, and other essentials.

And where was he going, you ask?

Well, he was taking his little princess to her first-ever meet-up with others her age.

They say it's vital for babies to be around other babies too.

But Lucius begged to differ!

What if those scrawny toddling boys kiss his Haight on the cheek or take a liking to her?

Lucius was ready to point a gun at any suspects he saw.

Want to hold hands with his process?

Dream on!

With that, he was ready for battle!


And so, this has been the day in the life of a Pampered Baymardian princess.

Will she ever be able to escape her doting dad and older brother?

Well, only time would tell.

Meanwhile, far away in one of the nearby empires, Henry was currently facing his own dilemma.


Who wants his life?!!!

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