Infinite Dendrogram - Volume 14 - Chapter Aft

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Bear: “Prebear yourselves for the Afterword! I am the Bear, Shu Starling!” 

Fox: “And I’m the Fox, Tsukuyo Fusou! We’re the survivor duo, aren’t we?” 

Bear: “...Hngh!” 

Fox: “Hey?! What was that backhand for?! You’re taking this way too far!” 

Bear: “This is the unbearable punishment that awaits those who casually make a killing in the main story.” 

Fox: “I-I did, but that made KoB’s wallet thinner and damaged Dryfe’s econo—” 

Bear: “No excuses! Kodachi!” 

Fox: “Sunsleep Ink Shroud!”

In response to Shu’s kick, Tsukuyo donned the cloth of night. 

Shu, however, didn’t miss a beat in his attack, figuring that he could break through it even if weakened by it. 

But then, another layer... another wall of night was formed. 

That was another one of the variations of the Lunar Divider Field — the “bowl.” 

The wall of night that appeared between Shu and Tsukuyo was intended to surround him. If he tried to jump over it, she would surely attack him with her ranged “swallow” attack. 

Despite that, Shu faced the wall closing in on him with an indomitable smile. 

Then, after equipping the first form of his Embryo on his left hand, he—

Fox: “Hold on! This is an afterwooord! Stop stooop!” 

Bear: “...Mrgh. We almost started a fantasy match-up that hasn’t even happened in the main story yet. That’d be beary bad.” 

Fox: “How troublesome. You can be really over the top, you know that? Few people just burn down entire forests like you did.” 

Bear: “I won’t bear such comments from someone who’s constantly greedy.” 

Fox: “How ruuude. Ah. Look at that. While we were doing this, the time came for the author’s actual comments.”

Thank you for your purchase, dearest readers, I am the author, Sakon Kaidou. 

Our world at large is still being ravaged by the coronavirus. Are you all doing well in spite of that? 

Various events all over the country have been canceled, and Dendro was affected by it in some ways, as well, but I suppose that this truly is the time for perseverance. 

I can only hope that our events will return to us next year or the one that will follow. 

Anyway, this volume was about Ray’s first deadly encounter against an “Apex,” who also doubled as the strongest enemy he’s yet faced. 

I will leave it up to you readers to decide whether the outcome was a victory or a defeat. 

If there is something I can say as an author, it would be that Ray protected what he had to. 

This is unrelated to the text within this book, but I would like to point out that both color pages in this volume show Nemesis as a high-rank Embryo — the change in clothes that came with the evolution, as well as her fourth form — The Black Mirror. 

Taiki did a wonderful job on both pieces, and I cannot thank him enough for it. 

14 volumes have been released over 4 years, and looking at Nemesis on the color pages made me really feel how much she’s grown. 

Though, she hasn’t changed much on the inside... 

Besides the main story, there is the side story, Crow Record, which recently completed its first major arc. In the newest release that just came out, there should be the start of a comical water survival arc with swimsuits included. I was quite tired of all the seriousness, so I will make this one as fun as I can. 

The manga adaptation reached the end of Figaro and Xunyu’s battle, paving the way for Franklin to enter the stage. There might be some enjoyment to be gained from reading his lines in Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s voice. 

Please continue supporting Infinite Dendrogram in the future. 

With that in mind, volume 15 should be coming early-to-mid 2021. 

Please look forward to seeing what happened during the battles around the assembly hall.

Sakon Kaidou

Fox: “He went and announced the next volume by himself!” 

Bear: “Well, we both did it a bunch of times already. I can bear it... Speaking of which, where’s Cheshire and Xunyu?” 

Fox: “Cheshire couldn’t come ’cause of some urgent business, while Xunyu told me that she’s really busy with volume 15.” 

Bear: “...I’m gettin’ some déjà vu here.” 

Fox: “Anyway, there weren’t many people here this time, but just look forward to volume 15, okaay?” 

Bear: “Get yer claws on it as soon as you can.” 


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