Invincible - Chapter 2705

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As soon as Huang Xiaolong arrived, the welcoming party sent by Yin Ming arrived. The number of people he sent over only numbered in the tens, and the person leading them was a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint. He was a skinny old man who repulsed everyone around him with a sinister look plastered to his face.

In actuality, the skinny old man was the overseer of the Yin Borer Race, and his name was Long Xiang. His name held an auspicious glow, and he was addressed as Overseer Long by everyone in the race.

As the overseer of the Yin Borer Race, even First Resurrection Primal Ancestors didn’t dare to look down on him.

A smile appeared on Overseer Long’s face when he met Huang Xiaolong. “Young Master, I am Long Xiang and I am the overseer of the Yin Borer Race. My lord has ordered me to welcome you. Young Master must be tired after traveling all this way. So, we have prepared a feast for you in your palace. Please, follow me.”

“That’s Overseer Long of the Yin Borer Race! He actually smiled at the human! Who is that guy?!”

“Who in the world is he?! Why did Overseer Long personally head out to welcome him?!”

Several experts who came for the ceremony stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock when they noticed how Long Xiang treated him.

Long Xiang was known for his sinister look, and his dead fish face was known to all. No one had seen him smile in the past tens of millions of years, but now, a smile could be seen on his face while he greeted a human they had never seen before! Of course, his smile wasn’t anything to look at. It was hideous.

Huang Xiaolong spoke casually in response, “You can return and tell your lord that we have a place to stay. There is no need to trouble him.”

Even though he hadn’t seen the face of the masked man in the memories of the woman who had tried to poison him, he knew that the final boss behind her was someone in the upper echelons of the Yin Borer Race. If it wasn’t the Yin Borer King, it would be someone on Elder Ming’s level. Since that was the case, there was no need for him to receive the ‘goodwill’ prepared by those of the race.

It didn’t matter if the Yin Borer King didn’t personally show up to greet him, the Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion. But he dared to send some random subordinate over to waste Huang Xiaolong’s time. Not to mention the fact that Long Xiang didn’t even address him correctly as the Mansion Master!

Even though Long Xiang was smiling, he was mocking Huang Xiaolong in his heart. With his identity as the overseer of the Yin Borer Race, he felt no need to show Huang Xiaolong any respect. Calling Huang Xiaolong ‘young master’ was more than enough to show his respect.

After hearing how Huang Xiaolong rejected their arrangements for him, the smile on Long Xiang’s face disappeared in an instant.

“Young Master Huang, this… The Lord has ordered for me to treat you like our esteemed guest… Please don’t make things difficult for this old man…”

The smile on his face resurfaced, and it became even brighter.

After hearing Long Xiang’s way of addressing Huang Xiaolong again, Long Jianfei no longer suppressed the anger in his heart. With a single slap, he sent Long Xiang flying into the distance. “Didn’t the old man tell you to address my young master as ‘Mansion Master’? Who the h*ll are you to address yourself as ‘this old man’ in front of us? F*ck off!”

Long Jianfei’s actions alarmed a ton of people who were staring at the scene, and they failed to process what just happened.


Long Xiang, the Overseer of the Yin Borer Race, was sent flying by the human’s subordinate?! The other party also called the Yin Borer King ‘old man’!

No one dared to believe what they just witnessed.

Even the experts who came along with Long Xiang had no idea how to react! They didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong’s subordinates would make a move on Long Xiang without any warning.

They were in the Yin Borer City for god’s sake!

That was the headquarters of the Yin Borer Race!

When Long Xiang finally crawled to his feet, he felt his head spinning as he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of awfully yellow teeth. Long Jianfei might have held back, but it was enough to cause a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint to suffer from serious injuries!

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong’s group, Long Xiang snapped, “How dare you! Long Jianfei, you dare move against me?!”

As the overseer of the Yin Borer Race, he had seen Long Jianfei in the past. He knew that the other party was the ancestor of the Dragon Fish Race, but he wasn’t expecting to be attacked in the Yin Borer City.

When Long Jianfei heard Long Xiang calling him by name, a chilly light flashed through his eyes. Long Jianfei sent another slap flying towards Long Xiang, but a black palm descended to stop Long Jianfei before he could teach Long Xiang a proper lesson.

However, Huang Xiaolong made his move to stop the black palm from descending.


The Yin Borer City shook and everyone received a huge shock.

“What’s going on? Who’s crazy enough to fight in the Yin Borer City?!”

That was the first thought that flashed through everyone’s mind.

The moment Huang Xiaolong stopped the giant black palm from interrupting Long Jianfei, Long Jianfei’s slap connected with Long Xiang. If the slap Long Xiang previously received was something that caused him to reel, then the slap he received now sent him smashing through the earth.

Everyone stared at Long Jianfei as their jaws dropped in shock before turning to look at Long Xiang.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the experts of the Yin Borer Race who came along with Long Xiang, and he growled, “Take him, and get out of my sight. Tell Yin Ming that I’ll pay him a visit tomorrow.”

When the experts of the Yin Borer Race heard what Huang Xiaolong said, they no longer dared to speak as they grabbed Long Xiang before retreating.

“Young Lord, I acted out of line,” Long Jianfei apologized to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and sighed, “You should have killed him.”

Long Jianfei’s eyes widened slightly.

Ignoring those around him, Huang Xiaolong brought the rest and left.

The bustling street turned empty in an instant and no one dared to block Huang Xiaolong’s way.

When the members of the Yin Borer Race brought Long Xiang back for emergency treatment, Yin Ming’s expression was extremely ugly. He sat in the inner hall of the palace, and darkness energy shattered everything around him.

“Huang Xiaolong is truly outrageous!” Yin Ming growled.

The black palm that had descended was from him, and he was planning to test out Huang Xiaolong’s strength.

It went without saying that Huang Xiaolong’s abilities had exceeded his scope of imagination. With his previous attack, he had planned to seriously injure Huang Xiaolong and everyone in his party.

However, it seemed as though it wasn’t possible.

Elder Ming chuckled, “As the Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion, it goes without saying that he’ll be angry when you send Long Xiang down to greet him. Not to mention how Long Xiang disrespected the kid when he went over…”

Duan Feng, who had remained silent all this time, revealed an amused expression as he spoke, “He’s just a Seventh Heaven True Saint. However, he managed to stop your attack! He’s pretty strong. When we capture him tomorrow, we have to properly examine him and dig out all the secrets in his body! We’ll kill him after we discover the source of his strength!”

A sinister light flashed in Yin Ming’s eyes, “I have to rely on Brother Duan Feng tomorrow. However, who was the one who tried to poison him with the White Fog Nightmare?” Evidently, Yin Ming wasn’t the one who did it.

Slowly turning around, he looked at Elder Ming.

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