Yuji Cave House.

An old man with the bones of Xianfeng Dao suddenly opened his eyes, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he looked kind.

He is Master Lie Shang-Yujizi, and one of the Nine Immortals of the Human Race.

"Wangxinglou Zhan Tianpeng pays homage to Senior Yuji!"

At this moment, there was a sound outside the cave.

"Come in!" Yu Jizi said.

Outside the cave.

Zhan Tianpeng's chest was stagnant, and he couldn't believe it.

After that, he took a big step, crossed the barrier of the cave and walked into the cave.

When I came to the center of the cave, I saw Yujizi sitting cross-legged on the ground with a smile on his face.

The look of kind eyebrows makes people feel like spring breeze, very comfortable.

"Meeting seniors!"

Zhan Tianpeng knelt down and saluted Yujizi respectfully.

"You are looking for an old man, what's the matter?"

Yu Jizi hugged her long beard and smiled.

"I came to see Senior this time, and I was entrusted by a peerless fairy!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Peerless fairy?"

"Since you have found a peerless immortal, why do you want to find the old man?"

Yujizi murmured to herself, her face unchanged, "What's the matter?"

"Senior, the peerless immortal wants you to pretend to be a **** and treacherous person and appear in front of the world!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"God and cunning man? This name has never been heard."

Yu Jizi secretly said.

"Is this trying to make the old man take the blame? It's beautiful!"

"Did the **** and treacherous man invade the sky and use this trick to blame the old man? Let's cross the sea?"

"This abacus can be really loud, and the old man won't let you succeed!"

Yujizi thought about it, but there was no expression on her face.

He looked at Zhan Tianpeng, smiled and said, "God and cunning man? How come the old man has never heard of this person?"

"Senior, the gods and treacherous people are actually names given by other immortal cultivators. This is how it is specifically..."

Then, Zhan Tianpeng said something.

Yu Jizi was stunned to listen, unable to believe it.

Save Jiangyang and kill the evil spirits.

Save the Jade Lake and kill the four generals!

Destroy the blood phoenix, slay Pharaoh, save the Western Mansion...

Which thing is not earth-shattering?

There are such characters in this human race?

If there were a few more such characters, how could the human race go into decline?

In this way, wouldn't the old man fight the demons and evil races?

How is this different from looking for death?

Humph, stupid pigs can do this!

"Senior, of course, you are pretending to be a **** and treacherous person, naturally it is not free!"

"I have a treasure for you, and I hope you promise!"

"If you do a good job, I can also take you to meet that peerless immortal, I think you will also be able to achieve amazing good fortune! Becoming a mysterious immortal, there is no problem!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

Hearing this, Yu Jizi almost laughed.


Little guy, what can you take out?

Also, what peerless fairy?

Are you sick? Human Nine Immortals, which old man hasn't seen?

Even Zhong Ion, dare not call himself a peerless fairy!

You still have a peerless fairy?

Ha ha.

Yujizi didn't change her face, she smiled and looked at Zhan Tianpeng, "Treasure, what treasure?"

"Senior, this is it!"

After speaking, Zhan Tianpeng took out a picture scroll.

Luo Liuyan exchanged this picture scroll with his own name.

This picture scroll had just been taken out, and Yu Jizi's eyes flashed with anger.

"Senior, this is my Wangxinglou treasure!"

Zhan Tianpeng presented the picture scroll respectfully.

"Heavy Treasure?"

"Is it possible that there is still a mystery?"

Yu Jizi took the picture and spread it out slowly.


He stood there stupidly.

"Xianmu, it turned out to be made by Xianmu!"

"Luxury, too extravagant!"

"It's worthy of Wangxinglou. It actually uses fairy wood as a paper chapter. It's really not comparable to ordinary forces!"

Not to mention anything else, the price of this paper chapter alone is worth 10,000 yuan!

Wait until the scroll is fully opened.

Yu Jizi opened her mouth wide and muttered to herself, shocked beyond description.

I saw that in the scroll, there were two fuzzy figures hugging each other, looking down at the mountains below.

That Ling Ran aura is extremely sharp.

At this moment, Yujizi felt uncomfortable all over, as if facing a peerless fairy.


The rhyme of Taoism is like a sea, rushing out.

Overwhelming, covering the entire cave.

At this moment, Yu Jizi's eyes widened and her breathing was not easy.

The heart seemed to jump out of his throat, extremely uncomfortable.

Becoming a fairy, I haven't felt this way for tens of thousands of years.

Write and paint yourself, although you can also have Taoist rhyme.

Compared with this painting, like fireflies and the sun, there is no way to compare.

"This painting must have been painted by a peerless fairy with a supreme fairy!"

"This kind of treasure, each pair is worth at least hundreds of thousands of immortal crystals!"

"Moreover, there is a price but no market!"

"He said he wanted to give it to me? No kidding, right?"

For a while, Yuji felt like a dream.

He looked at Zhan Tianpeng and said, "Are you sure to give it to the old man?"

"Of course!" Zhan Tianpeng nodded, "As long as the predecessors claim to be gods and treacherous men and walk the world! You can get this treasure!"

Claiming to be a **** treacherous man

This is obviously a huge pit!

If you dare to call yourself a god, you might be annihilated by demons!

If you don't call it a **** and treacherous person, wouldn't this supreme treasure slip away from under your nose?

Do not!

Must get it!

Thinking like this, Yu Jizi nodded secretly.

"So, if the old man doesn't agree, are you going to take the picture back?" Yu Jizi said.

"Not bad!" Zhan Tianpeng nodded.

"But, do you think you have this ability?"

After speaking, Yu Jizi waved his right hand, and a barrier instantly enveloped Zhan Tianpeng.

Zhan Tianpeng was imprisoned, unable to move at all.

"Hurry up and pass the letter!" Zhan Tianpeng roared.



Two figures flew upside down into the cave without control.

These two people were just two old men who followed Zhan Tianpeng.

"Bo Fang, Bo Zheng!" Zhan Tianpeng looked shocked.

"Young Master, I...we..."

"Stop talking, in front of the fairy, we are not rivals!"

Having said that, Zhan Tianpeng looked at Yujizi, "Senior, do you want to kill someone?"

"Do not……"

Yu Jizi smiled slightly, "I don't have the guts to kill the people of the Zhan family!"

"The old man just trapped you here. After a hundred or eighty years, the formation will automatically break open, and you will be free again!"

"However, the old man must have advanced by leaps and bounds at that time, so there is no need to be afraid of you showing up!"

"Little guy, stay there, don't struggle!"

After speaking, Yujizi's figure flashed and disappeared instantly.

When he appeared again, he had already come to the south of the Taichu Mine in the Northern Territory.

Holding the picture scroll in his hand, his eyes bloomed with strange glow.


"With this pair of treasures, the old man will become a Huangxian, and it is just around the corner! In the future, he will become a Xuanxian. No, it is not impossible for an earth fairy!"

"Disciple, with this picture scroll, the old man can come in and save you!"

Yujizi looked at the mountains that rose from the Taichu mine, and nodded secretly.

Suddenly, Yujizi's face changed drastically.

The scroll in his hand trembled violently, as if to get out of his control.

"not good!"

Yujizi extracted the power of immortality and began to suppress it.

After a while, the picture scroll gradually stopped and quieted down.

"Good guy, you still have a temper!"


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