Zhongfu Xiancheng, in a teahouse.

In front of a storyteller, surrounded by a bunch of cultivators.

"Who would have thought that hundreds of thousands of immortal cultivators would be in desperation!"

"Don't say Zhong Li Jingtian, the blood wolf he summoned is terrifying, no one is their opponent!"

"You have to know that the blood wolf is a mysterious immortal in adulthood, and his one is even more terrifying, reaching the earth immortal level!"

"As soon as the blood wolf came out, all the cultivators were in desperate situation, and there was no power to struggle."

"Guess what happened at this critical moment?"

Speaking of this, the book said that people picked up the tea cup and took a sip.

"Could it be possible that the gods and treacherous men came and killed Zhong Xuelang to the town with the shocking power?"

"The gods and treacherous people are really powerful, do everything they can to save us!"

Exclaimed and kept ringing.

The faces of the cultivators are full of worship.

When the storyteller heard this, he smiled and shook his head.

"You are wrong!" said the storyteller.

"Isn't it a **** and cunning man?"

"of course not!"

The storyteller smiled and shook his head.

"At this critical moment, a son of abundance and jade descended from the sky!"

"This young man, when he raises his hands, he brings his own principles."

"At least with one look, the blood wolves crawled to the ground, shivering!"

"At the most, the blood wolf was controlled by the young man, who threw Zhongli Jingtian down and bitten him fiercely. That scene is simply too much to look at!"

The words came out.

The sound of cold gas continued to sound.

"My God, the summoned beast was swallowed by a single look? Isn't it too powerful?"

"In this world, there are such strong people? Too awesome!"

"This son, I really want to visit him, who is he?"

Exclamations kept ringing, and it took a long time to calm down.

Finally, everyone's eyes fell on the storyteller.

The storyteller smiled and said, "What is this actually?"

"Tell you, the next thing is the highlight!"

"When Zhong Li Jingtian saw something wrong, he immediately took out the summoning talisman, and in an instant, it was crushed!"

"He summoned it, but **** blood wolf, immortal king level strength!"

"It's just a ray of aura that makes all the cultivators crawl on the ground, unable to struggle at all!"

"And at this critical moment, guess what?"

At this point, the storyteller paused.

"Stop it? Hurry up. Well said, definitely rewarded!"

"That's it, it's so unkind!"

The storyteller smiled slightly, "At this critical moment, the blood wolf of **** escaped!"



Is he afraid of that son?

Doesn't it mean that the young man is at least a fairy?

One thought to this.

Many people gasped coldly, and their bodies became cold.

Their hearts are beating violently, as if to jump out of their throats.

"Human race actually came out of Xianzun again? My ancestor!"

"What's his name, I must visit him!"

The exclamation sounded constantly.

Everyone has fiery eyes on their faces.

For a long time, everyone focused on the storyteller.

The storyteller stood up and clasped his fists at everyone, "Everyone, I'm sorry, there is something temporarily, I'll talk about it another day!"

"Hey, don't go, what is more important than making money, ten spirit stones, keep talking!"

"Yes, I'm afraid of missing your spirit stone? I also have five here!"

Soon, in front of the storyteller, there was a pile of spirit stones.

The storyteller put away the Lingshi calmly, and fisted at the crowd, "Since you are so generous, then I have to die with the gentleman!"

"According to my many inquiries, the young man's name is Sun Hao, and he is a celebrity beside the gods and treacherous men!" said the storyteller.

"Master Sun Hao!?"

"The celebrity around the gods? No wonder he is so strong, that's how it is!"

"In this way, as long as you have a good relationship with Son Hao, wouldn't you have the opportunity to meet the gods and treacherous people!"

"Of course it is possible! Where is Young Master Sun Hao, I am going to admire it!"

After the discussion, everyone focused on the storyteller again.

"You don't know what happened these days?" The storyteller was surprised.

"If you know, are we still here listening to you beep?"

"That's, these few days, I don't know what's going on, many of my friends have avoided me!"

"Me too, they seem to have made a lot of money, for fear of being divided by me!"

Hearing this, the storyteller smiled slightly.

"Tell you, because Young Master Sun Hao is selling immortal wine!"

"You friends who avoid you, must be the ones who bought the fairy wine!" said the storyteller.

"What? Avoid me when you buy a bottle of fairy wine? As for?"

"Yes, am I the kind of person who has never drunk fairy wine?"

"Really, people seem to disappear! I can't find them!"

When everyone was quiet, the storyteller continued to speak.

"You, only know one, but don't know the other!"

"Prince Sun Hao is a celebrity beside the gods and treacherous men. How can the fairy wine he sells be comparable to ordinary fairy wine?"

"According to my many inquiries, I learned a shocking news. Anyone who buys immortal wine can participate in the test of the gods and treacherous men. Once they pass the test, they can see the gods and treacherous men!"

"What does it mean to see gods and treacherous people? You should be very clear, right?"

The words fell silent.

There was dead silence all around.

Everyone's eyes widened, and they couldn't believe it.

Son Hao is actually choosing people for the gods and tricks?

Unbelievable, unimaginable!

If I learn this news, I have a good chance to meet the gods!

God, let me see Young Master Sun Hao!

"Master Sun Hao, where are you now?"

Everyone's eyes are on the storyteller.

The storyteller shook his head slightly.

"Since yesterday, Son Hao didn't come to Zhongfu Xiancheng again, presumably the selection has been completed!"

The words came out.

"Why? Why should I be outside these few days?"

"Heaven, this is such a good opportunity, so I missed it!"

"Supreme good luck, how can you leave me?"

All the immortal cultivators are beating their chests and feet, and regretful.

Not far from them, an old man sat there, drank his tea and wiped out his cold sweat from time to time.

Beside him, sits a woman wearing a veil.

This old man was exactly what Sun Hao played.

There is no way, in order to prevent people from recognizing themselves, let Ru Meng help herself to dress up like this.

Even the wolf did not dare to take it with him.

The red is too conspicuous, it can be recognized at a glance.

These days, I sell wine in Zhongfu Xiancheng, which can be said to have moved the entire Zhongfu Xiancheng.

Being famous should be a good thing.

The problem is that these cultivators are too enthusiastic.

One day, surrounded by a group of hot female nuns, the scene was out of control.

If it weren't for the dream, I'm afraid they would be torn apart on the spot.

No, I tore the clothes to pieces.

Then, they will definitely push themselves to the ground, and rush forward like a wolf.

The consequences are beyond imagination.

They are cultivators.

Although the appearance looks pretty watery.

But can't be fooled by appearance.



That's it!

Fortunately, when the dreamlike breath is released, they can be escaped by imprisoning them on the spot.

One day.

That's even more terrifying.

Surrounded by a group of big men, he kept calling his name.

They threw themselves the treasures, the fairy crystals.

It is more enthusiastic than fans on earth.

Fortunately, like a dream, a smooth escape.

After a few days of lessons.

Sun Hao clearly realizes that people are afraid of becoming famous.

Pretending to be cool for a while, there are endless troubles.

In the future, borrowing the power of dreams to pretend to be careful.

It’s best to escape immediately after you’ve installed the force and stop appearing again.

Now, by dressing up like this, I can walk in the fairy city of Zhongfu without being disturbed by others.

These days, walking in Xifu Xiancheng, there are rumors about yourself everywhere.

Moreover, these rumors are getting more and more outrageous.

Simply blow yourself into omnipotence!

The rumors are terrible, and I now deeply realize it.

"Rumeng, do you have it?" Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and asked.

"My son, there is no such restaurant!" Huang Rumeng nodded slightly.

"Go, let's go to the next teahouse!"

"Okay, son!"

The two quietly left the teahouse without attracting anyone's attention.


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