Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Liar, Liar

“That’s right.” Sister Lan smiled. “Let’s end our interview here. Ms. Mu, I suggest you return to the lounge and call for more bodyguards when you leave.”

Sister Lan then gestured for the director to stop and left the stage.

Mu Xiaoya was confused. What was going on?

“Liar! Liar! You’re not Summer Wood!”

“Shameless! How dare you pretend to be Summer Wood!”

Mu Xiaoya’s face paled when she heard the audience yelling.

She quickly left the stage and went backstage. She saw Xiao Qi crying and Song Yihai breaking down. Her heart sank.

She grabbed Xiao Qi’s wrist and said, “What happened?”

“Sister Xiaoya, you… You remembered everything wrongly.” Xiao Qi looked terrified. “Why? Why did you remember everything wrong? I definitely prepared all the information for you on it!”

“Get lost! I prepared according to the information you gave me.” Mu Xiaoya was furious. “Do you think I would remember something like that wrongly? Am I that stupid?” she

Xiao Qi lips trembled but didn’t say anything.

Song Yihai stepped in and barked, “Let’s return to the lounge first.”

They were escorted back to the lounge by the bodyguards. Mu Xiaoya immediately took out the document from her bag, opened it and took a look. She then threw it at Xiao Qi’s face and said, “See, I remember it correctly!”

Xiao Qi took a closer look and almost fainted, “This… this isn’t the information I prepared! What happened?”

During the recording, Ye Shengge and Shang Tianyi were in the equipment room, and they saw everything that happened during Mu Xiaoya’s interview.

Shang Tianyi was thrilled. “This is such an exciting show! I’m laughing like crazy seeing how confident Mu Xiaoya is! But I can’t figure it out, Shengge. How did you do it? Even if Mu Xiaoya is dumb, the people around her aren’t dumb either. They’ll definitely prep her in advance!”

“It’s all thanks to Xiao Qiu. He found a chance to swap the information in Xiao Qi’s bag, and he made Xiao Qi leave Mu Xiaoya’s side at the right time.” Ye Shengge was editing the video of Mu Xiaoya being interviewed, and she smiled at Little Qiu.

Xiao Qiu didn’t look impressive, but he was capable. The equipment room was usually reserved for backup, and it was rarely used for recording shows. They didn’t know how Xiao Qiu got the key and brought them here.

Shang Tianyi winked at Xiao Qiu and said, “You’re pretty impressive, handsome!”

Xiao Qiu scratched his head and replied, “It’s not a big deal.”

Shang Tianyi said, “Even if the materials are changed, Xiao Qi will definitely check it before she handed it over to Mu Xiaoya. What would you have done if she found out?”

“Star Brilliance has the same domain name. We can get her template by hacking into Xiao Qi’s email,” Ye Shengge said. “It’s just a matter of the substitution. It’s basically the same as her original content. She won’t notice it unless she reads it carefully.”

Shang Tianyi nodded, “But I still can’t figure it out. How can you be so sure that Mu Xiaoya wouldn’t have found out? Is she an idiot? She’s been pretending to be Summer Wood for so long. Couldn’t she have done her homework in advance?”

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