Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Living Well

Ye Shengge blinked and admitted, “Yes, so what?”

“It’s you indeed.” Mu Yanhuai’s face was a bit twisted. “Unfortunately, I’ve disappointed you. Xiao Ruilang has invested in Star Brilliance, and Star Brilliance won’t fall. Instead, we have a chance of getting listed.”

Xiao Ruilang?

Ye Shengge pursed her lips, feeling a bit weird. She knew that this pervert wouldn’t let it go, but why was he using Star Brilliance as an excuse?

Was he going to make Mu Xiaoya compete with her again?

“Do you think Xiao Ruilang likes Summer Wood?” Mu Yanhuai enjoyed her shock and smiled. “No, he liked Xiaoya from the start!”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless. “Mu Xiaoya is your woman, and Xiao Ruilang likes your woman. Why are you so smug?”

“No, Xiaoya isn’t my woman.” Mu Yanhuai stared at her. “You are.”

Ye Shengge shivered.

“Shengge, you’ve vented enough, haven’t you?” He curled his lips. “I was blinded by greed when it came to me and Xiaoya. I apologize. She’ll be my sister from now on. She has Xiao Ruilang now, so you should be relieved. As long as you’re willing to return to Star Brilliance, I’m willing to give you the other half of the shares for free.”

Ye Shengge didn’t expect him to still be stubborn. She sneered, “I’m not interested even if you give me all of Star Brilliance’s shares.”

“Don’t be stubborn, Shengge.” Mu Yanhuai clenched his fist. “Can your sugar daddy give you a home? Can he respect your career? Does he really love you? You’re just a toy for him! Only I want to marry you!”

Ye Shengge almost burst out laughing.

Who did Mu Yanhuai think he was? He was willing to marry her… Should she be moved to tears?

“I’d rather be his plaything.” Ye Shengge said sarcastically. “As for whether you want to marry me… Sorry, I don’t care.”

“Ye Shengge.” Mu Yanhuai looked disappointed. “You weren’t like this when I first met you.”

“That’s right. If it was the current me back then, I wouldn’t have been fooled by you.” Ye Shengge sighed. “Fortunately, I’ve realized it now.”

Mu Yanhuai stared at her delicate face, and his anger and jealousy almost burned his rationality.

He had to admit that the woman had become more beautiful after breaking up with him. She exuded confidence and charm from within, and even her sharp-tongued manner of speaking seemed seductive.

Men were probably that cheap deep down. Back then, he wouldn’t even look at her when she listened to him and did whatever he said, but now, she never showed him any kindness, and he couldn’t let her go.

Mu Yanhuai gritted his teeth and said, “Shengge, this is the last chance I’m giving you. Perhaps your sugar daddy dotes on you now, but once he loses interest in you, you’ll be nothing!”

“We’ll talk about it when the time comes.” Ye Shengge enjoyed Mu Yanhuai’s flustered look, and her smile widened. “Don’t worry. I won’t look for you no matter how miserable I end up.”

“You…” Mu Yanhuai was furious.” What’s so good about him that you’re willing to give up your dignity to follow him? ”

“What’s good?” Ye Shengge thought for a bit and smiled. “Living well.”

She and Mu Yanhuai stood at the front desk, close to the door.

Thus, the conversation between these two was overheard clearly by Ji Shiting.

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