Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 533

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Chapter 533: As Soon As I Call Her

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered. After a while, she nodded and said, “You’ve just been discharged. Go back and rest early.”

“Are you chasing me away again?” The man put a hand in her hair and stood up. “You want to run after flirting?”

“I’m not…”

“You rushed to me dressed like this,” the man said as he pinched her body. “It looks like you’re seducing me.”

Ye Shengge blushed and grabbed his hand. “Who asked you to come? I was too surprised, so I was impulsive. I thought…”

“Why?” Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed. “Did you think I was with another woman?”

Her lips moved, but she didn’t say anything.

“That’s why you forgot what you said once you got excited,” the man said slowly. “I thought you were really generous, but it turns out you still care.”

Ye Shengge felt suffocated.

“You’re mistaken,” she said. “I’m just worried if something happened to you…”

The man grabbed her chin, forcing her to look up and meet his dark eyes.

“The woman you met in the evening was the matchmaking partner grandpa arranged for me.” His voice was cold. “We’re both compatible, and her personality… seems pretty good. She even lent you an umbrella.”

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered. She didn’t dare tell the man that she had thrown away the umbrella when she got home.

“She’s the most suitable person for the women I’ve dated,” said the man. He suddenly smiled and said, “She’ll wait for me in the hotel as soon as I call her.”

Ye Shengge shivered and begged, “Ji Shiting, you don’t have to tell me…”

“Really?” His tone was cold. “I thought you would be happy for me after hearing all this.”

“Yes.” She blinked her dry eyes. “I… will indeed give you my blessings.”

Ji Shiting stared at her for a while and smiled, “Are you going to chase me away if I say I’ll sleep with another woman as soon as I leave?”

Ye Shengge’s face paled. Her lips moved, but she couldn’t say anything.

Ji Shiting wasn’t in a hurry. He waited for her reply, but he had already grabbed his phone.

Ye Shengge’s face turned pale.

[She’ll wait for me at the hotel as soon as I call her.]

The man’s words lingered in her mind, making her lose all her strength, but… she couldn’t ask him to stay, let alone spend the night with him.

“…I should go back,” she said. She stared at her toes and didn’t dare look at him. “You…”

Ji Shiting hadn’t expected her to be so determined. His pupils contracted, and for a moment, he wanted to strangle that woman.

He sneered, retracted his hand and made way. “Please help yourself.”

Ye Shengge walked toward the stairs, still feeling the man’s burning gaze on her back.

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