Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 757

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Chapter 757: Is There a Reward?

Ye Shengge’s second personality was like an insensible girl to him, so Ji Shiting was willing to watch her grow with his tolerance and patience, but he wouldn’t have any evil thoughts about a young girl.

Especially when she was repulsed by the opposite sex.

However, Ye Shengge was different. She was a mature woman, and to him, her every move and smile were seductive, making him unable to resist.

Ye Shengge blushed as she looked into his dark eyes.

However, she was very satisfied with that answer.

“Okay, you’ve passed.” She nodded.

“Is there a reward?” His voice was hoarse and lazy, and his hand was already moving downwards.

Ye Shengge grabbed his wrist and glared at him. “There’s no reward. I’m here for lunch!”

After lunch, Ji Shiting didn’t return to the company but went to the study. Ye Shengge didn’t want to take a nap early in the morning, so she stayed in the study with him.

Ji Shiting had an impressive collection of books on his bookshelf but most of them were social science books and professional books, and most of them were in foreign language. She found a book called ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ after a long time of browsing so she took it off the shelve and sat beside him excitedly.

Ji Shiting was still staring at the computer screen. He wrapped his left hand around her waist and looked at her a few seconds later.

He looked at the title on the cover and raised an eyebrow. “Why aren’t you reading the script?”

He remembered that she had been reading the scripts and doodling on them whenever she had time. Ji Shiting would read her notes sometimes. He could tell that she would put in effort into every role she was given and spend a lot of time getting herself prepared for it.

Her outstanding performance on set wasn’t just because of her talent.

“Well, I’ve quit, haven’t I?” Ye Shengge said nonchalantly.

“Did you call Chu Dongyang?” Ji Shiting asked.

“He said he’ll talk about it after he finds someone who can replace me.” Ye Shengge flipped the page of the book.

Ji Shiting hugged her tighter and nodded.

He continued to work, and before long, he felt a weight on his shoulder.

Ji Shiting turned around and saw that the woman had fallen asleep on his shoulder. The book in her hand was tilted to the side, and her breathing caused light air currents to flow around his neck.

The curtain was open, and the warm afternoon sun shone in, making her face look gilded.

The man curled his lips, let her lean against his chest and stood up with her in his arms.

Ye Shengge was jolted awake.


“I’ll take you back to your room to sleep,” the man said. “Go to sleep.”

Ye Shengge hugged him tightly and buried her face in his chest. She was already sleepy when Ji Shiting put her on the bed.

Ji Shiting covered her with the blanket, looked at her quietly for a while before turning around to leave.

It wasn’t difficult to find Xiao Ruilang, and Ji Shiting got the address shortly after.

He called Feng Jing and soon arrived at Xiao Ruilang’s residence.

Xiao Ruilang came to the living room after hearing the news. He smiled and said kindly when he saw Ji Shiting.

“What a rare guest! Why did you come to see me, Brother Shiting?” He smiled and asked the servant to serve tea.

Ji Shiting sat down on the sofa expressionlessly with a burning gaze in his eyes.

Xiao Ruilang sat down across from him, looking rather subservient.

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