Mad God - Volume 5 - Chapter 7

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I nodded seriously, according to what Mink had described, it should be the only female capable of transforming into a Fallen angel——Miu, who brought her men into the Beastman Country.

“Mink, continue.”

“Yes, young master. After we discovered their changes we took out our weapons and confronted them. But they were simply too terrifying.” Mink’s eyes flashed with intense fear. “That speed and power is impossible for a human being to possess.”

I coldly snorted and said: “They’re not of the human race.”

Mink nodded, “Only now do I understand that they were actually Fallen Angels from the Demon Clan. Brother centaur was the first one to rush in, his actions preluded our demise. My eyes could only capture the flashing of faint shadows, before  the sky rained brother centaur’s blood. He collapsed with a miserable shriek. My eyes reddened, we all were brothers that grew up together, so I immediately prepared to rush out to avenge my brother whilst whirling my axes. But Wolf stopped me, pulling me back while yelling us, ‘They are not people we can fight against, immediately retreat!’ We fought while retreating, but all of us got separated. Everyone tried their best to stop them from chasing us. But one after another, our brothers fell. Wolf protected me, but was also severely injured. We finally arrived here and propped up this large rock to make a hole underneath. Only because of this rock were we able to escape from the enemy’s pursuit.”

“Then what happened to Black Dragon?”

“Black Dragon was somehow controlled by that bewitching woman and she rode away on him. She told her subordinate to leave no one alive, I never saw her afterwards.”

I answered, “Thanks!” The bloodred chi around my body was producing crackling noises, “Be at ease and take a rest. I will not allow our brothers’ deaths to be in vain; I will make the Demon Clan pay the price with their blood.”

Mink’s face suddenly spasmed, his eyes filled with horror, he raised his right arm and pointed towards the sky while crawling backwards. With a trembling voice he said, “It’s them, they’ve come back.”

I looked to where he pointed. Indeed, there were four fallen angels flying in our direction.

I waved my hand and struck Mink, making him faint. Intense hatred flushed away my reasoning. With a furious roar, I put strength into both of my feet – Whoosh – I leaped into the sky. I activated “Violent Dance of Mad Dragon”, my body transformed into a crimson red dragon and greeted them.

After going berserk I could use 200 percent of my strength, so a monstrous amount of chi was rushing towards the enemy from Black Sable’s sharp point.

The cool and chilly energy waves that were emitted from my body instilled fear into the Fallen Angels. They reacted very quickly. The four of them formed an arc in the air, and with their highest speed, each of them sent a black energy ball. The four balls combined, before speeding at me.

My current self didn’t even know how to dodge, I clashed with the energy ball head on.

With a gigantic bang, I was sent flying by the strong shock of dark magic. I spat out a torrent of fresh blood midair.

There were four Fallen Angels after all, they are not something I could handle alone.

Panzen let out a loud roar, flashed over to me, and caught my body. The powerful momentum forced him back more than 10 steps before coming to a halt.

He was secretly shocked at the power of the Fallen Angels; not only did he discover that I suffered a disadvantage when fighting them head on,the aftereffect alone was so powerful that he was unable to maintain his stance.

Silvin appeared in a flash, blocking our silhouettes with their body, preventing the enemy from take advantage of our weakness to mount their attacks.

The four fallen angels descended to the ground 20 meters in front of us. They seemed to be astonished that I could still stand up. One of them noticed Mink and smirked as he stepped forward, “No wonder we couldn’t find him, he was hiding under this rock. If this red light hadn’t directed us here, he could have gotten away. Ha, you all walked right into our trap.” His voice made my ears sting.

My berserk transformation allowed my meridians to heal rapidly. At this moment, my dark magic brought me back to my senses.

I stood again with Panzen’s support, while furiously glaring at the enemy. My voice was ice cold as I forced one word out after another, “So you were the Bastards who slaughtered my subordinates.”

The Fallen Angel was surprised to see that I still possessed the strength to fight. The Fallen Angles observed me carefully before the oldest said, “That’s right, we slaughtered them. You all must be their companions. This is great, we can sweep away the trash and return home having completed our mission.”

I shook my head, my voice filled with malice as I said, “You won’t be returning anywhere. This place is your grave! You shall pay for my subordinates’ death with your own lives.”

“Ah! Then you must be the one the princess was looking for, but the princess said……”

I snorted couldly, “The transformation right? Silvin, Panzen, You will lend me a hand, won’t you?”

After regaining my senses, I knew that even after transforming into the crimson angel I couldn’t handle four fallen angels, who were in their top conditions, at once. But it would be another story if Silvin and Panzen were to help me. They could easily take care of one each, and coupled with my strength, there was a great chance we would be able to defeat them.

Gin took off his cloak and threw it aside, while Silvy said with a voice full of hatred, “No problem, Lay. These scoundrels dare do as they please in the territory of us, beastmen. Today we shall avenge your subordinates, no matter what.”

Panzen seeing that I recovered, released me and lifted his hood, his nine heads swaying constantly, “How dare you go wild in my territory. You almost made me the culprit. Count me in, I will help you take care of this pile of scum.”

Silvin and Panzen’s ferocious and bizarre appearances briefly stunned the four Fallen Angels. They never thought that Beastmen Tribe also consisted of such strange and terrifying races.

I nodded satisfied, “Ok then let’s transform together, let them see for themselves whether Beastmen are easy to bully, Darkness condense in mine soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood!

I chanted a transformation spell. Within my body the dark magic was becoming frantic and agitated and, gradually fused with the Mad God Chi which had completely filled my body. Suddenly, two crimson wings appeared behind my back. I felt my body brimming with endless strength, the intense internal injuries which I received during the previous clash were immediately suppressed.

Silvin also began to chant. It was the first time I heard their transformation spell, evidently it was to increase our side’s momentum.

Gin chanted: “Sun, oh cousin who bestows warmth upon Mother Earth, please grant me thy endless power!”

Silvy chanted: “Moon, oh cousin who hath brought light upon darkness, please useth thy endless brilliance to cleanse mine body and soul!”

Then, they both simultaneously chanted, “Awaken, the blood of the Wolf God that lies dormant!

Silvin let out a long, loud howl at the sky, as their body and fur rapidly grew. They quickly turned into their most powerful state; a four limbed, gigantic, wolf that flickered with gold and silver colors. Their formidable energy caused the surrounding shrubs to be crushed. It seemed their source of power was unexpectedly through the absorption of the essence of the Sun and the Moon.

[EN: Not sure why the author put the last line in here, as Layson has seen them transform twice before.]

Panzen, not one to fall behind, simultaneously chanted with all of his nine heads: “Water, Earth, Fire and Wind[Air], the purest forms of energy existing in nature, please ignite the desire within me. Awaken, the blood of the Serpent King that lies dormant!

He rolled to the ground, as his body and heads quickly grew to almost tenfold their original size. He actually cultivated from the energy of nature. The four Fallen Angels, upon seeing such eerie transformations, were immediately frightened and flew back hundreds of feet.

Panzen’s recently recovered nine gigantic heads swayed in the air, as he took the lead and issued an attack.

An endless torrent of 3rd and 4th rank elemental magic shot at the four fallen angels. Even with their speed, they couldn’t dodge this kind of all-encompassing attack. They struggled frantically, as they tried to dodge the wave of magics.

Had Mink not fainted, he would have been thoroughly shocked. He would have recalled something from our transformations.

Silvin and I rushed forward, charging at two of the fallen angels. I went for the oldest one. After the transformation, my speed surpassed Silvin’s by quite a bit. Carrying red light filled with deathly aura, I wielded Black Sable and charged at my enemy like lightning.

To my surprise, that Fallen Angel actually managed to block my powerful strike. Although he was sent flying, I sensed that I hadn’t dealt any damage. I judged that this fellow had to have already cultivated to the sixth tier of Demonic Arts otherwise, there was no way he could have come out of the first exchange unscathed.

My previous victory against four fallen angels was primarily due to the fact that the enemies were already injured. My transformation also caught them off guard, and with my lightning fast speed, I was able to take advantage of their confusion and kill them all quickly.

But this time was different. Although I had transformed into the Crimson Angel, compared to a Fallen Angel who cultivated to the sixth tier of Demonic Arts, I was only at a slight advantage. To kill him was not an easy feat.

No one knew that the Fallen Angel was even more surprised than I was. He had just broken through to the sixth tier in Demonic Arts not too long ago. He had Initially surmised that nobody besides the Dragon General could match him in combat. Yet here in the Beastmen territory, a place where he thought he was unrivalled, he was at a disadvantage after the initial clash!

After exchanging hundreds of blows up in the air, I gained the upper hand, and he was only able to defend passively.

Silvin’s combination of magic and chi attacks caught their enemy unprepared. That Fallen Angel whom had only reached the fifth tier of Demonic Arts, was beaten to a pulp. It was obvious that he couldn’t hold out much longer.

Panzen exhibited his true strength during the battle. Even I, who had transformed to a Crimson Angel, could clearly feel the gap in our strength.

Panzen fought head on against the two other Fallen Angels who had reached the fifth tier of Demonic Arts. They were confronted by a range of magic attacks, poison gas, and physical attacks from nine snake heads, were now badly battered and could only resist by standing back to back.

So far, we had the absolute upper hand. If Myu was here, I guess even she would not be able to prevent us from executing our revenge.

The death of my brothers continued to stimulate my brain. As my attacks grew wilder, Mad God Arts were continuously executed.

“Hundred Splits of Mad Shadows.” The sky seemed to turn red. Countless red shadows which centered around the fallen angel madly pounced at him. That fallen angel, seemingly in his forties was unable to defend against my attacks anymore. He was penetrated by the red shadows numerous times, and his body suddenly exploded, turning into a rain of flesh and blood, fluttering around in the air.

At the same time, Silvin also launched their final attack, once again displaying their ultimate technique – Silver Gold Tornado Explosion. Their opponent, who simply had no time to gather his full power to block, was torn to pieces.

Long before I launched my final attack, Panzen had already started casting a Meteor spell. Right at the moment Silvin’s opponent got torn to pieces, a gigantic stone, similar to a small mountain started falling from the sky and was about to land.

The remaining two Fallen Angels’ eyes showed fear and despair. One of them suddenly revealed a firm look, as he exerted himself to toss his companion out of the circle, roaring: “Hurry! Return and report this. Oh most wondrous God of Underworld, I am willing to exchange mine flesh, soul, and everything I have for thy greatest power! Come, you monsters, let’s perish together. ‘Taboo. Bestowment of the King of Hell!’”

I was shocked when I heard this incantation, it had gone beyond Dark Magic. My Demonic Arts did include some chants to seek the “King of Hell’, but these magics were classified as ‘forbidden’ spells. I was truly surprised to see this fallen angel execute it.

That fallen angel’s body was slightly transfigured, his wings had turned grey, and his eyes changed from black to white. His body rapidly swelled. But at this time, the meteor had already come crashing at his head.

I roared loudly, “Careful!” Turning into a blood shadow, I charged. I stood between Panzen and that fallen angel.

Before the small mountain was able to crush the fallen angel, he created a violent explosion from within his body. Oddly, there was no splashing of flesh. But, a circle of grey energy suddenly spread outward, and the level 7 earth-element meteor spell was devoured by this grey energy.

[We mistranslated the meteor chapter as lvl 6 magic, it is actually a lvl. 7 magic.]

I clenched my teeth as I turned into a crimson dragon and greeted the cloud with my “Violent Dance of Mad Dragon”.

Silvin was a bit further away, so they could only support me with magic, while Panzen angrily roared, and enveloped me with countless magical defenses.

At last, that confined grey energy and I clashed together.

I didn’t feel the clash of energies, I only felt as if I was weakening. I did not know what was corroding me. The attack power of “Violent Dance of Mad Dragon” was quietly melted. It was so painful that I spewed a few mouthfuls of blood, and Panzen’s magic defenses were also disappearing layer after layer.

The grey energy went through my body, it was as if it took away my power completely.

The berserk transformation instantly disappeared from my body, the breath of death surrounded me. The turquoise in my pocket turned extremely hot and a thick green light permeated my body. With the green light exploding, the grey energy turned weaker, but I heard a breaking noise; the turquoise had been destroyed in order to protect me.

With a blood-curdling screech, I fell unconscious, and suddenly I fell from the sky.

But due to my resistance, the grey energy was slowly vanishing. By the time it arrived by Panzen it was only a very thin layer, and was completely canceled by his magic.

Panzen swung his big tail, and caught me as I was falling from the sky.

The grey energy continuously expanded, and the surrounding, trees, bushes, rock and everything bulging out of the ground, vanished silently under the deadly shadow.

All this happened in a split second, but since Silvin, Panzen, Mink and I stood in a line to resist, we didn’t receive any lasting harm from the spell.

That Fallen angel who decided to sacrifice himself, didn’t think that his sacrifice would be in vain.

At the same time he threw away his companion, his companion was surprised, and shouted in alarm, “No!” This moment of delay decided his fate; it was too late to escape, and he, like the surrounding rocks and plants, vanished under that grey energy.

In the circumference of 300m, aside from the roughly one meter thin line which I defended, everything else turned into a flat desolated land, there was not a single sign of life.

Panzen transformed back to his humanoid form, carrying me who looked abnormally pale, he stared blankly while not being able to say a word.

Gin said, “ How is Layson’s condition?”

Panzen’s whole body trembled, his mind went blank. Wrinkling his brows he said, “Not bad, he is still breathing, he’s just heavily wounded. That power was too terrifying, if Layson hadn’t resisted it, I’m afraid, I..…  ”

Thinking along this train of thought, he started shivering, his heart was full of lingering fear.

His judgement was very accurate, even with his valiance and toughness he would have been unable to defend against that massive power, after all that power did not belong to this world.

At the very last moment, if I hadn’t attacked with my full power, with all kinds of defensive magical barriers coupled together with my berserk mode, the Fallen Angel transformation and the massive release of life force from the turquoise gem, I fear that even I would not have been able to stop his destruction.

Slivin sighed, “Layson is a righteous and passionate man, today he wronged you, so count this as his apology. Hurry, let’s take him into the cave to heal him.”

Panzen carried me into the cave, “Actually, I never blamed him, anyone would lose their reasoning if they encountered such a scene. He handled it very well.”



The king of the underworld, Hades, wore a loose grey robe as he sat straight on his throne, the handsome mighty face revealed a smile with a trace of pleasure. A circle of white symbols encircled him, constantly revolving. The grey sparkling crown emitted a small portion of grey energy and then the surrounding white symbols dissolved, as they sunk  into his imposing body.

“Remarkable! I never thought that someone from that world would seek me out with such sincerity; he was truly determined to throw away his flesh and soul. Very well, this energy that was dedicated to me feels very comfortable. Thanks to him I was also able to take a peek at that world. Lucifer, that person who seeked my power had your presence in him. It seems, you have quite a number of believers in that world.”

The Demon God, Lucifer possessed power second only to the king of the underworld. He lightly beat his six wings, floating until he was right in front of Hades and bowed, “All those who believe in darkness and the dead, are your most faithful believers.” However, he secretly cursed the fallen angel who increased the King of the Underworld, Hades’, with outer energy. His hope of taking over the underworld had become even more distant.

Hades was clearly pleased, so he did not pay attention to Lucifer’s expression, “Yes, you spoke well. But this devoter wasn’t that strange at all, it was his opponent who startled me.”

Lucifer was stupefied, he asked, “What kind of creature would have possibly startled my lord?”

Hades wrinkled his brows, the handsome and mighty face revealed a hardly detectable  bewilderment, “Can you believe it? The opponent of the believer who borrowed my power survived the believer’s final attack.”

Lucifer exclaimed, “What? How could there be anyone in that world who could have possibly survived 1/10000-th of your power? Even if the amount he resisted was merely 1/10000-th, it is still quite astonishing.”

Hades nodded and said, “Yes, I was also quite shocked, the human who took the lion’s share of it, was filled with powerful life force, at the same time, his body possessed both your energy and that of Diamandis’. Very strange, most beings aren’t able to resist even the smallest part of my power.”

Lucifer’s expression darkened, he silently murmured, “Diamandis, are you perhaps in that world? You must know how much I miss you.”

A grey light flashed, and Hades appeared in front of Lucifer, “I wouldn’t have too much hope if I were you. That day Diamandis was defeated by three Seraphim. There is no way that Diamandis could have survived. I’m sure you know this better than me. You must know, we have signed an armistice with the God race, we cannot afford to enter that world. We can’t begin the war solely because of your selfish wishes. After all, we have not yet finished preparing. You should train more instead of worthlessly searching.”

Lucifer bowed and said, “Yes, my lord.”

He had indeed promised, but was Lucifer really a being who stood by his words? After all, he was the one who had betrayed the Realm of Gods and fled to the Underworld.


One of the five Seraphim, Raphael, had a face that was so charming that no words could describe it. He flapped three pairs of snow-white feathered wings as he respectfully hovered in the centre of the God Temple.

“Lord Divine King, a moment ago I suddenly felt the invasion of the energy of the Underworld towards that world. I was wondering if this was the foreshadowing of the underworld’s invasion, thus I have specially come to report this to you.”

A gentle voice came from the innermost white barrier of the God Temple, “You worry too much, I too felt the presence of Hades, however that was only because he lent a small portion of his power to that world, there is no need worry.”

Raphael was doubtful, “Although we have been on peaceful terms with the underworld for so many years, I have a bad feeling about it.”

The gentle voice was delivered once again, “I shall take note of this. In eight years we will once again conduct the once-in-three-thousand-years-battle of for the younger generations of the two realms. Be well prepared, and pay attention to the opponent’s movements. Meanwhile, tell Bailie, to watch our little princess closely, there mustn’t be any mistakes, my lovely daughter is our hope of prevailing over the underworld.”

“Yes, my lord. May I take my leave now?”

“You may.” The Supreme God watched the leaving figure of Raphael as he murmured to himself, “Who will the Demon Realm send as their participant? Hades himself does not posses any sons… Oh daughter, you must not disappoint me!”


I gradually woke up from my coma, I felt flabby throughout my entire body, and I was without the slightest bit of strength.

Panzen’s excited voice came to me, “Ah! Layson, you’ve finally awakened!”

I opened my eyes to find Pazen’s nine heads near my side, staring at me attentively.

Silvin and Mink came running too. Silvin asked urgently, “Lay, how are you feeling? Is there any discomfort?”

I understood that he was asking if I had any internal injuries. I concentrated to check my body. Dark magic had seized my Yintang. Although my energy was a bit lacking, it was still very active. However, the mad god chi was extremely weak; I could only feel a trace of it in my dantian. But I believed that with my cultivation, it wouldn’t take long before I would be able to recover to my original state.

TL: Yintang is an Acupuncture Point

I shook my head and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not dying yet. I will fully recover after some time.”

Panzen said emotionally, “Layson, thank you……”

I managed to lift my hand to stop him from speaking, “We are brothers so you don’t need to say anything, this is what I should do. If it were you, I believe you would have done the same, no?”

Panzen seriously nodded and said, “The moment you defended against that attack for me, I knew that I have gained another utmost sincere brother, I, Panzen will treat you as my best brother from now on, no matter what difficult situation we may face, we brothers will overcome it together.”

I nodded with pleasure, “Yup, no difficulties can stop us, oh my brothers……  I’ve finally avenged them for the most part. Myu, just wait, I will make you pay double of what you owe me.”

Gin suddenly said, “How about we become sworn brothers, since we are already brothers, wouldn’t it be better to have a status?”

Panzen said with pleasure, “This is a good idea. From today onwards we three will be brothers, for better or for worse.”

Silvy wasn’t pleased, she pouted, “What three brothers, what about me?”

Panzen hurriedly put up a smile and said, “Of …, of course, how could we have left you out. Then us four ‘brothers and sisters’ it is.”

I shook my head, “No, it should be five ‘brothers and sisters’, there’s Mink too.”

Mink immediately opened his mouth wide, “I….. How can I? Young master, I’m your escort!”

I smiled at him and replied, “But you are also my brother, and only you survived from so many brothers. And I also promised Wolf too, that I will take good care you. Then it’s settled, do you guys have any objections?”

Gin said, “Of course not. Well, let’s start now.”

Mink was surprised, “Right here?”

Gin nodded, “Of course, we don’t need any thing like a ceremony, sincerity and heart are all we need.”

Panzen was the first to kneel down, “I, Panzen.” Silvin complied and knelt, “I, Gin.” “I, Silvy.” Under my encouraging gaze, Mink knelt onto the ground, “I … , I, Mink.” I faintly smiled, lying there I said, “I, Layson.”

In unison we said, “Under the witness of all things in this world, we will become ‘brothers and sisters’, henceforth care for each other, and together, we will enjoy blessings and we will endure misfortunes. If I violate this oath, I am willing to be cursed by the heavens, and die being struck by five thunders.”

After the pledge, each of us revealed a joyous smile. My former sadness vanished. I said, “Since we have become sworn brothers and sister, who’s the oldest and who’s the youngest?

Panzen raised his head high and said, “I for sure am the oldest one, I am a hundred and twelve years old.”

Given that Mink had already guessed the identity of Panzen and Silvin, he was still so shocked by Panzen’s age that he swayed a little, and almost fell down.

Silvin did the same by raising their heads and sticking out their chest, “We are ninety-seven years old. What’s so great about hundred and twelve, that’s just eating a few more years of rice.”

Mink murmured, “I’m twenty-one years old. Everyone that will come to know of your age will instantly think that you are monsters…… .”

Panzen and Silvin both angrily glared at Mink simultaneously.

Mink was frightened and shivered, he didn’t dare to continue.

I shook my head as I said, “I’m eighteen this year.”

Panzen delightedly said, “Then it’s set that I’m the boss! Haha!’

Gin and Silver whispered, “What’s so great about that, in many places boss means pimp.”

Hearing what was said Panzen was angry and was about to act against Silvin. I hurriedly stopped him, “Alright, stop fooling around. Mink is the fourth and I’m the fifth. Gin, Silvy, how do you place yourself? Is it second brother and third sister? Or is it second sister and third brother?”

TL: In china there is a lot of emphasis on who’s older and who’s younger.(edited)

Gin and Silvy stared blankly at each other, not one of them could utter a word. They were born at the same time, how could they determine who’s older?

Gin suddenly spoke, “Of course I’m the second elder, I’m sure that I came out before her.”

Silvy said, “Puh, what nonsense. Did you witness it when you were born? Did mom and dad tell you? Of course I came out first! I’m the second sister.”

Both of them started fighting without a sign of stopping.

I said with a headache, “Alright, can both of you stop fighting? I have an idea.”

Gin and Silvy asked at the same time, “What is it?”

I said, “Silvy, you’re going to marry Gin one day, which means you will be my sister-in-law. Since that’s the case, why don’t we call Gin second brother, and we’ll call you second sister, what do you guys think?”

Silvy poured, “Me marrying him? Humph! But your idea still isn’t bad, let’s do it this way then.”

Gin snickered, “You don’t want to marry me? Do you think you can run away?”


“Enough, it’s decided then. Panzen is the eldest brother, the two of you are second brother and second sister, Mink is the third brother and I’m your fourth youngest brother.”

Panzen laughed while saying, “Good. Now you little two’s, come massage this big brother.”

TL: Two also means idiot.

Gin and Silvy were enraged and bared their fangs as they walked towards Panzen “Fine, we’ll massage you.”

Seeing their fierce expressions, Panzen was so scared that he backed off a little, while waving his hands he said, “Never mind, i’m fine. These old bones of mine still want to live for a few more years.”

I suddenly said in a heavy tone, “Stop quarreling, we need to leave this place quickly and go to the Beastman Imperial capital.”

Gin asked, “Why?”

I sighed, a cold gaze flashed across my eyes, “Have you ever thought of the reason, why the Demon Clan dispatched people to kill my brothers?”

Gin thought for a while, “I think, it must have something to do with you forming the Beast God religion.”


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