Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba - Volume 2 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 : An unexpected meeting

Ouyang Tao could not comprehend the world of the nobles —— at least not now.

Tia was already twenty one. Among the nobles, it was the age of marriage already. At the very least, her marriage need to be confirmed already.

She was beautiful and the sole daughter of the current prime minister. Just these two points brought her numerous suitors. However, guys that were chasing her just because of these two points were all looked down upon by her. She would rather be a old spinster than be married to someone who was only seeking wealth and beauty.

However, as Tia’s father, Marquis Zha Kuyin did not think like this. Although he tried to respect Tia’s personal choice as much as possible, he still treated her as a political chip for marriage and continuously arranged meetings for her with potential suitors.

Just like the ball today, the main purpose of it was to let Tia “meet” the noble’s son. He was a member of the Magical Swordsmanship department. After a few greetings, Tia realised he was a typical guy that seek the influence of the Zha Kuyin family.

Because of that, Tia merely entertained him for a while before leaving promptly.

What made Tia sulk was that her father just promised her not long ago that he would not bother her with things regarding marriage before she completed her graduate studies. Although she knew this would only buy her some time, she refused to conform to the system……

Alright, all this might be rubbish or possibly just an excuse.

The reason she kept pushing away marriage matters was simple —— she had already found someone she liked.

He was a member of the Magical Swordsmanship Department and was three years older than Tia. When Tia first entered school, he guided her along a lot and soon, they were secretly in love.

It was “secret” simply because that senior was a commoner.

That was why, after graduation, the senior did not seek graduate studies, and instead went to serve in the Magician’s army. They also agreed that when Tia completed her graduate studies, the senior would use his military achievements to seek marriage with Tia from her father.

From what Tia had heard, the senior was performing quite well in the Magician’s army and even acquired several achievements under his belt. If all went as planned, when Tia completes her graduate studies, she would be able to marry her loved one.

Her only regret was that the Magician’s army had strict discipline and most of the time they were battling outside the country. Therefore, she was unable to meet him most of the time. The last time she met her lover was half a year ago. To a young lady, this was undoubtedly a form of torture.

She just had to endure for another three years…… Tia told herself. If only she could, she would not wait even three days.

Full of such thoughts, the young lady returned to her dormitory. Not sure why, she felt very tired and did not care of any lady etiquette and jumped onto her bed.

After lying down for a while, someone spoke in her room where there shouldn’t have been anyone else: “You’re still the same Tia. You’ll get fat!”

“Who!” Tia was surprised and at the same time grabbed the long sword by her bedside. She swept behind her but it was caught by the other party with two fingers.

“Hehe, what a quick strike. You’ve improved a lot.” The one that spoke was a blonde handsome young man dressed in the uniform of a high ranking officer in the Magician’s Army. It made him look suave.

Tia stared with eyes wide open for quite a while to ensure that it reality and not her hallucinations. Her lethargy was instantly gone and replaced with elation. She threw her sword aside, before throwing herself into the man’s arms: “Rem, I miss you so much!”

Even though the students of the three special departments did not have any morning lesson, Ouyang Tao still woke up punctually at 6 in the morning. He started his day with morning exercises. He practiced a form of ancient martial arts —— he could not use Elements magic and therefore had to learn something different for self-defence.

Why he chose this was actually Monica’s advice. She said that Chen Feng felt he had talent in martial arts. Therefore Chen Feng had decided to teach him a move each day.

In the backyard today, there was only Ouyang Tao. This was because Monica and Chen Feng were attached out on mission and would not return for a few days —— Honestly speaking, him alone in the huge dormitory felt very lonely. Having the two seniors, especially Monica, made it much more lively.

However, Ouyang Tao was still in a good mood as his battle group was forming up well.

There was already a leader, a Pharmacist, an Elemental Magician and himself…… Ouyang Tao had not expected it to go so well, recruiting four people at once.

Although the pharmacist skill still needed observation and the leader’s condition seemed weird, he believed that it was not a problem.

After finishing breakfast, Ouyang Tao prepared to go to the library. Then, he realised someone outside the fence of his backyard. She seemed to be waiting for someone.

Ouyang Tao opened up the fence and asked her: “Who are you looking for?”

“Hello, is Mechanical Engineering Department’s Ouyang Tao here?” The person speaking was a long haired girl who appeared to be a member of Medicines department from her school crest.

Although it was the first time they met, Ouyang Tao first impression was that she a Lady from a noble family.

Unlike Tia’s untouchable elegance, the girl who was called Liu Xinya gave off a more restrained and graceful demeanor. The smile on her face made her look more approachable and intimate.

“That’s me, is something the matter?”

She took a step back and bowed slightly, before saying courteously: “Hello, I’m a pharmacist named Liu Xinya and I want to join your battle group.”

There really was people who initiated to join. Ouyang Tao did not think that he would so easily gather five people, only……

“Medicines Department? But…… I’m sorry, my team already has a pharmicist.”

“I know, Annie right? She recommended me here.”

“Oh? You know each other?”

“Of course, she’s my classmate. Annie specialised in medicines while I specialised in scrolls.”

“Scrolls……” Ouyang Tao said and took out the thick file to look for her name.”

“No need to look at those.” Liu Xinya put her hand gently on the file, “Because I was on sick leave for one period, therefore, the information recorded is not reflective of my current skill.”

“On leave…… No wonder.” Ouyang Tao nodded as if deep in thought. Logically speaking, she was Annie’s classmate and should be in her second year too. If she wanted to look for a group, why would she proactively look for him? “However, the group isn’t confirmed yet, can you let me consider for a bit? Is it alright if I’ll contact you through Annie next time?”

“Sure. I’ll wait for your good news.” As she spoke, Liu Xinya bowed towards Ouyang Tao again before leaving. Her every actions, every expression gave off a very graceful beauty, giving out a strong impression.

However, Ouyang Tao kept feeling that there was something weird……

That’s right! Her eyes!

Ouyang Tao felt that the young lady’s eyes were a little weird. She was either staring at his eyes or avoid his line of sight.

Could it be his imagination?

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