Martial God Asura - Chapter 4672

Chapter 4672: Seal!

After Zhang Yingxiong left, Chu Feng approached the Lady of Dao Sea to ask her for a favor. So, the two of them returned back to the palace together with Wang Yuxian to continue treating the latter’s injuries.

Chu Feng took out the black box he had taken out from the Asura Graveyard and presented it to the Lady of Dao Sea.

The black box had a bizarre appearance, and there was a blood-red talisman paper pasted on it. The talisman paper was an extremely powerful seal that suggested that the entity sealed within the box was no ordinary entity.

However, what was the most frightening of all was that the box was actually shaking nonstop, as if the entity within had already come to life and was threatening to break free.

“Young friend Chu Feng, is this the entity you took out of the Asura Graveyard?” the Lady of Dao Sea asked.

“That’s right,” Chu Feng replied frankly.

This was the request he was hoping to make out of the Lady of Dao Sea.

In truth, he wasn’t planning to share it with anyone else as it contained the secrets of the Asura Graveyard, but the object sealed within was simply too terrifying. Chu Feng knew that what he could do alone was severely limited, so he thought of seeking the Lady of Dao Sea’s help to assess what was inside the box.

“This box is indeed extraordinary. I can’t tell what’s inside either. In my opinion, I think we should open the box to check it out,” the Lady of Dao Sea replied.

“Elder, this entity sealed within the box looks incredibly dangerous. I’m not sure whether it’s a wise idea to free it from the seal.”

It was not that Chu Feng didn’t trust the Lady of Dao Sea, but he was simply too apprehensive of the entity that was sealed within the box. He was worried that he would let loose some terrifying monster which even the Lady of Dao Sea was unable to curb, giving rise to a calamity.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you are a skilled world spiritist yourself. I’m sure that you have already noticed that the talisman paper is unable to keep the entity sealed for much longer. Isn’t that the reason why you sought my help?” the Lady of Dao Sea got straight to the point.

Chu Feng didn’t refute her words. However, he still felt that it was too dangerous to open it like this.

“There are two solutions here. I can pay a visit to the Wretched Black Demon and demand an explanation from him. However, based on my understanding of that fellow, even if I’m able to defeat him, it’s unlikely that he would reveal the secrets of the Asura Graveyard to me. However, this seems to be the safest measure at the moment.

“Other than that, there’s actually an ancient sealing formation in the Dao Sea at the moment. This sealing formation doesn’t work on cultivators; it’s aimed to seal off demonic beings and entitys. If this entity is dangerous, the sealing formation would surely keep it bound and restrained. I’ve already used it to seal off quite a lot of demonic entitys, so I’m still rather confident in its prowess.

“We can place the entity in the ancient sealing formation first before opening it. If it’s as dangerous as you think it is, we can simply leave it sealed in there. Of course, this is just the suggestions I have. If you have other ideas in mind, you may feel free to act on your own. This box is yours, after all,” the Lady of Dao Sea said.

“Chu Feng, give the ancient sealing formation a try anyway. Even if the ancient sealing formation proves to be too weak, it’ll at least buy us enough time to make our escape. Besides, the entity in the box might not necessarily be as dangerous as we think it out to be. What if it’s a gorgeous woman like this Queen inside? If so, you would have really lucked out!” Eggy said.

Despite her words, Chu Feng could tell that she didn’t feel good about the box too and wanted Chu Feng to get rid of this baggage as soon as possible.

Since the Lady of Dao Sea was willing to lend him a hand, this was indeed a good opportunity to deal with the box.

“Elder, I’ll be counting on you then,” Chu Feng said.

So, the three of them descended into the depths of the Dao Sea, to the point where the rays of the sun no longer reached and everything was pitch-black. Even the lifeforms in the region were extraordinarily large and bizarre-shaped.

Venturing further downward, their field of vision narrowed, and even the senses were gradually dulling out. If not for the Lady of Dao Sea leading the way, Chu Feng might have already lost his way by now.

Finally, they arrived at an area that looked ordinary at first glance. The Lady of Dao Sea took out a spirit formation key, and a spirit formation gate swiftly surfaced.

Passing through the spirit formation gate, Chu Feng found that he was still at the bottom of the sea, but different from before, it was no longer dark anymore. He assessed his surroundings and found that he was currently in an underwater ancient city.

The ancient city, down to its every tile and plant, emanated the aura of the Ancient Era. It was a remnant of the Ancient Era that had been perfectly preserved through the ages to this very day.

The three of them proceeded ahead, and Chu Feng soon discovered the ingenuity of this remnant. There were many trials and traps in place that would claim a person’s life if he were to let his guard down.

However, the Lady of Dao Sea was able to navigate the area with ease.

Chu Feng had a feeling that this remnant was a place the Lady of Dao Sea chanced upon by coincidence, and it could very well be the reason why he chose to base herself in the Dao Sea.

However, considering that the Lady of Dao Sea had already claimed this place for her own, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Chu Feng to probe too deeply into this.

Soon, they arrived at a grand old hall.

There was a plaque outside of the hall with the words ‘Monster-Sealing Demon-Subjugation Hall’.

Entering the hall, the first thing that Chu Feng noticed was the absence of a formation within the hall itself. However, upon closer look, he noticed that there were complicated runes inscribed on the floor beneath his feet… and that was actually the formation itself.

The surrounding walls consisted of rocks of similar sizes stacked on top of one another. Some of these rocks had picture carvings on them while the others were blank. These picture carvings depicted different beings, but they were all terrifying monsters.

“Chu Feng, what do you think? Is this ancient sealing formation reliable?” Eggy asked.

“I can’t see through it, but it’s indeed a formidable sealing formation. If even such a formation cannot seal off the entity inside the box, I don’t think that there’s anything else I can feasibly do about it anymore,” Chu Feng replied.

“Then there’s no need to hesitate anymore. Let the Lady of Dao Sea do it then,” Eggy said.


In truth, Chu Feng already had no plans of backing down ever since he decided to follow the Lady of Dao Sea here.

“Young friend Chu Feng, please place the object over there,” the Lady of Dao Sea gestured to the center of the hall as she spoke.

Chu Feng immediately did as he was told before returning back to the Lady of Dao Sea’s side.

The Lady of Dao Sea took out another key and held it in her hand. A mystical power began emanating from the key. It firstly engulfed her body before fusing with it.

Then, the power began seeping into the ground beneath, causing the runes inscribed in the floor to begin glowing.

With this, the ancient sealing formation had been activated.


All of a sudden, ghostly howlings echoed from all around. They were coming from the picture carvings on the wall all around. The faces on the wall seemed to have come to life, and they released piercing shrieks.

They were swimming frenziedly within the wall, looking incredibly frightened of something. As terrifying as their voices sounded, there was a hint of fear in their tone.

“This is bad…”

The Lady of Dao Sea also frowned at that moment.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Wang Yuxian asked anxiously.

“The picture carvings on the wall are monsters that have been previously sealed. If the entity inside the box is able to instill such deep fear amongst these monsters, there’s a good chance that the entity inside carries great malice,” the Lady of Dao Sea said.

“Elder, what do we do?” Chu Feng asked.

“Young friend, you should take your box away with you and seek another way out of this,” the Lady of Dao Sea said.

“What does that old woman mean? Is she backing off at this critical moment?” Eggy immediately began berating in displeasure.

It was clear that the Lady of Dao Sea felt that this matter was beyond her ability and wanted to wash her hands clean out of it!


Chu Feng also had no intentions of forcing the Lady of Dao Sea too. So, he took up and prepared to pick up the box.


It was then that the black box suddenly jolted forcefully.

Chu Feng’s body immediately froze in place as he eyed the box in graveness and unease.

The earlier jolt had caused the blood-red talisman paper to fall off, causing the black box to slowly pry open.