NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 10.2

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Chapter 10 (2/2): A Villager Ready To Talk With Me

I looked through the short term job sections of the site with trembling hands.

If I cant earn enough points then the villagers will fall at the end of the month. I need a job by which I can earn enough money to reach my goals by the end of the month.

There are almost no short term jobs and even if they those present, I dont have the qualifications for them.

Convenience store jobs can range from few months to half a year but Its been a long time since I had a conversation with anyone other than my family.

There are some manual labor works but Can I do it? Can I do the work in harsh conditions?

I dont have much time. I should hurry up and find a job.

The short term jobs are around the neighborhood are scarce. The main problems are that this is the countryside and I lack the driving license for automobiles.

I should checkout the job magazines as the Internet seem not to provide me with a good choice.

I dressed and ran down the stairs.

“Oh…Are you going out?”

“Yes. I’ll be back soon.”

I replied to my mother and headed out on the bicycle.

】 I don’t care about the eyes of my neighbors today, even though they look exact same as before.

I got few magazines with job information on the bookstore and convenience store.

I met my mother while returning to the room. She seems to be surprised after seeing the magazines in my hand.

I started circling the jobs which met my requirements with a red pen. I narrowed down the options and searched about them on the net.

Even in an easy part-time jobs, communication skills are necessary.

“The dinner is ready.”

Listening to my mothers voice from the ground floor made me wake up from my dream like state.

I noticed it was now quite dark. It looks like I was pretty concentrated.

When I reach the dinner table, my parents and sister were already sitting there.

My sister was still wearing her office suit.

“You returned early today.”

“Is there a problem?”

She talked to me in tight tone as usual.

In the past, there was a time when I she used to say “I will marry my brother”, but now the relations have degrade to such a state.

“There was not much work for today.”

“Oh, uh…Okay”

I was surprised that I was able to talk casually.

..Really. Until now whenever something happened, I acted as if I was in a bad mood and use to go back to my roo.. I refused to talk to my sister because I was afraid.

When I get to my seat, my sister looks over to me. Is she confused because it has been a long time since we ate dinner together.

“Hey, mom. Is there some good occasion today. There are more dishes on the table than usual.”

After being mentioned by my sister, I noticed that number of dishes were higher than usual. It must have took a long time to cook each of them.

I haven’t noticed it until now but I have started to study cookery recently so I have started to understand some facts.

“Yes. Did you both know? Yoshio is looking for a job.”


What are you saying suddenly!! I was so surprised that the tea which I was drinking entered my trachea.

“Well, yes”

“He finally got motivated to do something.”

My father raised his eyebrow and both my father and sister looked over to me.

Dont look over here like that. I am feeling shy.

“First of all, it’s just a short-term part-time job.

“Anything is fine. It’s good to be motivated.”

My chopsticks come to halt after hearing my fathers comment.

My fathers behavior seems as if he is talking to some regular employee

“Older brother has changed recently. Perhaps….he found a lover??”

“No, that is not the reason to get Yoshio motivated.”

Why is my mother denying it before me?

However, last time my sister called me Older Brother was a very long time ago. Now she usually only says “Hey” or “I’m in the way”.

I fell quite uncomfortable from the conversation so I turn away my gaze. My cheeks have become slightly red due to embarrassment.

“Is it is related to a village that recently sends things to you.”

There are occasions when even my father get the parcel from the village of fate even though the number is really small.

“Well, Yes..although I’m helping the village, I just want to give something back to them or It will look bad”

‘This is not a lie’

My parents believe that I am helping with the development of the village of fate. [There arent technically wrong :D]

It seems convincing enough as I regularly receive things without paying anything in return.

“Village of Fate? What is that? I don’t know about it.”

My sister doest try to hide her curiosity and leans on the table towards me.

“These are bad manners. Mom will inform you later on. Eat the food while its warm.”

My mother lightly smacked my sisters forehead with her chopsticks.

I am afraid of my grown up sister. Lets leave the explanation to mother.

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