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Chapter 22
On the roof of the building, the wind is very strong, it is cloudy and there is no sun .

At this moment, Xiao Luo was surrounded by six men with iron rods .

"I still want to say that since I am a student, I should do what students should do . Don't learn from the gangsters and hooligans in society . Now, 'I am a society ruled by law . ' Your actions are already challenging the law thus I have the right to dissuade you from doing so . " Xiao Luo earnestly advised .

It was just a game, and he really didn't want to lecture these people .

"Are you fucking going to make me laugh to death? This isn't the time to tell us about the law, stupid!" The boy with acne laughed loudly .

The others followed with laughter, they were looking at Xiao Luo like they were looking at a mentally deranged idiot .

Xiao Luo bowed his head and said helplessly, "It seems there is no way out . "

The boy with acne turned pale and shouted in a low voice: "Of course there's isn't, go ahead, beat the sh*t out of him!"

The rest of the five people lunge .

Looking at them, Xiao Luo's expression slowly became cold . When he rushed to the front of the boys, the iron rods in their hands were swung over . His body instinct was to step back and avoid it, then there are two more consecutive iron rods waving at him . He also calmly avoided them . Almost all the attacks he would subtlety and effectively took action and dodge them .

The five people was in some consternation, they did not expect Xiao Luo would be so agile .

However, after avoiding their round of attacks, Xiao Luo took the initiative to attack instead . In his eyes, any move of these people was very slow, so slow that he could clearly capture the veins standing out on the back of their hands and the fluttering of their hairs .

"Wooshing ~"

His hands are like two attacking poisonous snakes, with extremely fast speeds . The moment he caught two men's wrists, he gave it a hard pull . His strong arm force directly made the two men fly out .

The two men felt that the rod in their hands was stuck by a speeding truck and dragged them . Their whole person fell to the ground with their chins flat on ground . Their front teeth fell off directly, blood spattered out of their mouths, and shrieks sounded the rooftop .

A boy was just holding the iron rod high above his head and was about to hit Xiao Luo's head, but suddenly he found that the iron rod could not be swung . He looked up and saw a big hand holding the iron rod like pincers . It was Xiao Luo's .

No matter how hard the boy tried, the iron rod did not move .

"Ahh . . . give it up!" The boy cried in horror .

With a light snort, Xiao Luo's arm gave a slight tug, the iron rod was easily took over by him . He then stepped forward, his shoulder severely hitting the other's chest .

"Peng ~"

The man only felt as if he had been bumped by a bull . His insides trembled violently at this moment . His body was thrown back completely out of control . He fell to the solid ground three or four meters away and cried miserably .

Seeing his side instantly losing three, the acne-covered boy's eyelids beat violently, the other two people was also in a mess . They felt fear and thought that it was impossible, they didn't expect Xiao Luo to be so fierce .

Xiao Luo breathed a sigh of relief and said in a faint voice: "If I reason with you, you will give me some iron rods to frighten me and get me into fighting . I mean, who won't? So, let's just have a good time if we play, alright! "

His voice sounded forceful .

If Xiao Luo think that he's just a smiling angel, then he is now an evil and bloodthirsty devil in the eyes of these people . The three boys were scared back a few steps, their hearts undulated greatly, their breathing became fast and short, and their foreheads were sweating with nervousness .

"Chen Jie, go, hit . . . hit him!"

The voice of the boy with acne was shaking as he cried to the handsome boy beside him .

Chen Jie then pushed up the other guy beside him: "Xie Bin, you go!"

The boy named Xie Bin has been pushed out, instinctively he want to return, but he grinded his teeth, crustily he walked toward Xiao Luo and then rushed up .

Xiao Luo did not wait for him and swung his arm, the iron rod in hand severely whipped towards the others neck .

"Peng ~"

The guy felt like his whole neck has been severed . He fell back a few steps and falls to the ground . His body is convulsing uncontrollably .

Fierce, precise and ruthless, leaving no room for manoeuvre!

Xiao Luo was deadpan, his eyes were as cold as snow .

"Gu Dong ~"

The boy with acne and Chen Jie couldn't help but swallow hard and burst into a cold sweat . They looked at him with horror .

They were scared, and this time they "really" were horrified . The other party is simply non-human . The six of them who specialize in sports are actually nothing to him at all . This is also too fake .

Xiao Luo suddenly took a step towards them .

The two men were so frightened that they could not even hold the iron rods in their hands anymore and it fell to the ground with a thud .

"What, scared?"

Xiao Luo approached them step by step, there's a mocking smile on his face .

"You . . . you don't come here . It's against the law to hit people with iron rods . Aren't you afraid of the police, the police will be coming to arrest you?" The boy with acne warbled .

Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes and sneered, "Now you know you're breaking the law? What have you been doing? If you reason, I'll reason with you . If you fight hard, I'll retaliate with hard methods . Is there anything wrong with that? "

Hearing this, the two men felt like crying . They were specialized in social sports and believed that they could walk sideways in the school as much as they want, but they never expected to kick such a hard board . No, what hard board is this? This is clearly a malicious stubble!

"We apologize, you . . . you don't have to behave in such a way!" Cried Chen Jie in horror .


Xiao Luo shook his head, he coldly hummed, "Too late!"

His words just fell when the iron rod in his hand greeted the two without mercy . They screamed like pigs .

On the other side, in the dormitory Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai made a painful psychological struggle amongst themselves, finally they defeated their fear .

"I started the trouble . I can't let Luo Ge get beaten . I should go up and fight with them . " Xiao-fei Zhu said gnashing, he picked up the stool and rushed to the roof .

"Luo Ge, hold on, I'm here!"

Ding Kai has little courage . So, he slaps himself in the face in front of a big mirror, imagining that he was slapped by someone else . With the help of this anger, he raised his courage, he also picks up a mop in the toilet, and yells at the top of the building .

They rushed to the top of the building and were dumbfounded .

Xiao Luo stood in the center like a straight pine tree, while the six people who had just come to find fault all lay on the ground, wailing bitterly, and their iron rods littered the floor .

What is going on here?

It's not Luo Ge's masterpiece, is it?

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai could hardly believe their eyes .

"Why did you get up here?" Xiao Luo threw his iron rod on the ground and walked towards them .

Xiao-Fei Zhu subconsciously lifted the stool in his hand: "To help you!"

Ding Kai nodded in agreement like a chicken pecking rice .

"What help? I told them my reason, and they were honest to their faults!"

Xiao Luo looked back and swept a look at the six people . His face is permeated with sunshine, his smile was harmless, but in the eyes of the six people, it was but the devil's smile . After meeting Xiao Luo's eyes they immediately bowed their head down . They did not dare to look at him .

They will never forget the fear that this guy had induced in them!

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai can't believe that what Xiao Luo said as reasonable . Reasonable? They can easily tell by the wounds so how can this be reasonable?

"One vs six, my God, is Luo Ge an reincarnation of a great general?" Xiao-fei Zhu muttered to himself, shocked .

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